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Is it cool to fag-bash an effeminate teabagger?

Today gay liberal Democrat John Aravosis posed the following question on his blog: Is it Fair to Make Fun of Michelle Bachmann’s Gay-Acting Husband? No doubt the question was inspired by odious attention-whore and liberal war-monger Dan Savage, whose recent … Continue reading

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Matt Taibbi on Thomas Friedman

Today on Twitter, Glenn Greenwald tweeted: Tom Friedman has long been the single most ridiculous figure in our political culture, and nobody will ever catch him. . . Which provoked me to hunt down this classic quote that I recalled … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald on Lesser Evilism

The following is from Glenn Greenwald’s remarks at the Socialism 2011 conference last week in Chicago. I found it in comments at John Caruso’s excellent Distant Ocean. The idea of working to reform the Democratic Party by electing better Democrats … Continue reading

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