Matt Taibbi on Thomas Friedman

Today on Twitter, Glenn Greenwald tweeted:

Tom Friedman has long been the single most ridiculous figure in our political culture, and nobody will ever catch him. . .

Which provoked me to hunt down this classic quote that I recalled from Matt Taibbi’s Exile days:

Not quite understanding his role as the mindless lapdog of the globalization movement, the mustachioed tool of chuckling corporate interests, he has clearly come to believe over the years that his success is rooted in his literary style and his personal magnetism. It’s a little bit like a husband who’s so used to his wife’s habitual affections that he comes to believe over time that his paunch and his bald spot are actually sexy. And so every now and then he’ll parade around the house in a pair of bikini briefs, or spray whipped cream on his nipples, never suspecting and never in danger of finding out just exactly how ridiculous he looks.

The full quote is  in the Exile archive.

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