Is it cool to fag-bash an effeminate teabagger?

Today gay liberal Democrat John Aravosis posed the following question on his blog:

Is it Fair to Make Fun of Michelle Bachmann’s Gay-Acting Husband?

No doubt the question was inspired by odious attention-whore and liberal war-monger Dan Savage, whose recent podcast made much of Marcus Bachmann’s effeminate speech patterns and even featured an exaggerated imitation of same.

Predictably,  Aravosis answered his question with a poorly written and poorly argued yes, to which I posted the reply below. Much merriment ensued, with liberals once again surprising me with their capacity for frothing lunacy and abject stupidity.  The ‘nailed it’ high-fiving spice they add to so much robotic stupidity is funny at first, but quickly becomes nauseating. Anyway, I’ve moved my reply here where it belongs.


First of all, The line between homophobic sniggering and calling out hypocrisy is always way too thin in these cases of allegedly gay conservatives. It becomes especially pernicious when the most Uncle Tom elements in the queer community are leading the pack. The Larry Craig case was particularly disgusting in this regard, when official gays got the threefer of smacking down a conservative closet case, pathologizing anonymous sex and old guy bashing. That the conditions of Craig’s entrapment and arrest went largely unexamined tells you all you need to know about the current gay movement and its liberal fans.

Second, the problem isn’t the hypocrisy. The problem is the policy. Gay-bashing is not worse or better depending on who the basher fucks (or thinks about fucking) on their free time. If you want to challenge Bachmann’s and her husband’s clinic, do so in a critical way. Suggesting that Bachmann’s husband is gay just degrades the debate as well as panders to latent homophobia in liberals.

Every time you introduce a fallacy into a discourse, you open the door to more fallacies. I know it may sound hard to believe — but Bachmann’s husbands cock really is not relevant. Isn’t that amazing??? His penis and what he wants to do with it IS NOT RELEVANT to the discussion of whether his clinic is a good thing or a bad thing or whether or not his wife should be president. For details, see Aristotle. Jesus Christ, what do they teach in schools these days?

Finally, liberals calling out hypocrisy is very rich indeed, when you consider the extent to which they indulge it in themselves and their leaders. Forced to choose between MB’s hubby’s hypocrisy and the President’s, I’ll take MB’s hubby, if only because as yet he has not been empowered to incinerate Afghan/Pakistani/Yemini/Somalian civilians, suck corporate cock, imprison whistleblowers and gut Social Security and Medicare.

I know, you poor little wounded/disappointed/betrayed liberal person, it’s hard at times like these to focus on the devil you made and empowered when the DNC dangles tempting little hate baubles like what an egregious little sissy Marcus Bachmann is. But focus you must or things will only get worse. In the constellation of dire concerns, all but  a total dipshit knows that MB’s husband and, indeed MB herself, are the least of it.

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3 Responses to Is it cool to fag-bash an effeminate teabagger?

  1. Walter Glass says:

    Never get between a Democrat and an opportunity to score some cheap political points against a Republican. Anyone who thinks Michele Bachmann is the biggest threat to this country is simply not convincible.

    Brilliant points here.

  2. ohtarzie says:

    Thanks, Walter. Agree on the cheap political points, though I foolishly expect better from gay folks than a campaign that is so nakedly conformist and homophobic. I can’t believe what deluded tools my fellow queers have become. This is what happens, I guess, when you make militarism 50% of your agenda.

  3. Michael says:

    I think I’m in love. Bookmarking this blog right now.

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