Michael Moore’s Lies of Omission @MMFlint #OWS

Following the state of Georgia’s execution of Troy Davis, self-appointed OWS media spokesperson Michael Moore issued the following statement:

“I encourage everyone I know to never travel to Georgia, never buy anything made in Georgia, to never do business in Georgia. I will ask my publisher to pull my book from every Georgia bookstore and if they won’t do that I will donate every dime of every royalty my book makes in Georgia to help defeat the racists and killers who run that state. I ask all Americans with a conscience to shun anything and everything to do with the murderous state of Georgia.”

Here’s what Michael Moore said about the Sept. 30, murder by drone of Anwar Al Al-Waki – an American citizen  accused of ‘inspiring’ terrorism – and Samir Khan, a North Carolina man who had been accused of nothing.

” “

Here’s what Michael Moore said upon the mainstream media’s disclosure that Al-Alwaki was one of a number of Americans on a ‘hit list’ maintained by the CIA with the approval of President Obama.

” “

Here’s what Michael Moore said when the White House refused to produce evidence justifying the murder of Al-Alwaki:

” “

Here’s what Michael Moore said following the murder-by-drone of Al-Alwaki’s 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman, and 8 companions, mostly minors,  none of whom was accused of anything:

” “

Here’s what Michael Moore said about the 50+ civilians killed in the two attempts on Al-Alwaki’s life:

” “

See a pattern here? No? Well, read through the list again, and imagine if Bush were still in office.

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14 Responses to Michael Moore’s Lies of Omission @MMFlint #OWS

  1. Silence speaks loudly.

    Good post! Thank you for crafting it!


    Matt Zemek

  2. yes, Michael Moore is an insufferable windbag, insufferable as much for what he doesn’t say as for what he does, and a cynically calculating person who tries to present a radical social identity while preserving his marketability

    and yet . . . this may miss something important, namely that liberals and progressives have no choice but to support Occupy Together or otherwise be consigned to social irrelevancy

    the grassroots liberal and progressive support for the Occupy movement is pulling the institutional infrastructure along, and this may be the reason why there has been a much more aggressive police effort to break the occupations in places like Oakland, San Diego, Denver and even Nashville, an effort to shatter the movement before it gets too big to suppress

    • ohtarzie says:

      A customarily keen insight, Richard. I find myself taking a similar pragmatic view of the liberal riff-raff lately, though I am half-way through a post which takes Moore to the woodshed some more. I think he’s worth looking at since he has more or less assigned himself the role of speaking for OWS. He said as much the last time I saw him in Zucotti Square about a week ago.

      Certainly Moore is offering a lot of benefit to the movement in terms of publicizing and popularizing it. But though this does assist in ‘pulling the infrastructure’ along, it carries the risk of guiding the movement into institutionally-approved territory. He’s still pimping for Obama to the greatest extent that he credibly can, given his personal brand and the president’s horrible record. In his public remarks, he underplays the extent of public anger at Obama and when pressed on political outcomes, directs his remarks to Congress and the banks.

      It seems to me that Moore is very much hedging his bets on there not being a great shakeup in the political system itself and that it is in his interest to prevent any schism between OWS (and by that I mean the whole shebang from the vanguard on out) and the Democratic Party. In other words, he’s sort of a one-man Moveon.

      Still it is awfully nice to watch these hucksters trying to climb on board our train for a change instead of being lured onto theirs. Got a kick out of watching vapid rich boy Anderson Cooper blanche at Moore’s statement recently that Capitalism as presently constituted is evil. You don’t see that everyday.

      These police crackdowns seem like a pretty gross miscalculation. Someone in my Twitter feed aptly said that they look like a ‘game of police state Whack-a-Mole.’ They don’t seem to be playing that well with the public and they only steel the resolve of the protestors. The ruling class doesn’t seem to realize how common courage is. I think they may also overestimate the extent to which municipal police are willing to be their scapegoats. If I were them I’d cool it because the outcome is likely to be more solidarity and greatly eroded general respect for state authority.

      • I agree with your analysis of Moore and his motivations, and I would add another one: it is a good opportunity to keep himself in the spotlight and thereby enhance the marketability of his next venture. I’m always surprised at how few people understand that Moore remains an entrepreneurial entertainer, and must act accordingly.

        It is pretty brazen of Moore to speak for OWS, and, ultimately, pretty irrelevant as he will only end up embarrassing himself as he invariably does. He’s a contemporary Fatty Arbuckle of the left. Each day brings challenges for the occupations, and empowers people to speak and act for themselves, regardless of what Moore says. I was skeptical at first, but the Oakland general strike on Wednesday looks more and more like a big deal. Of course, it won’t shut the city down, but I think people will be surprised at the extent of public participation as the Oakland Teachers union has apparently already endorsed it.

  3. ohtarzie says:

    That’s great news about the Teachers joining the the strike. That’s a big deal. As ever, Oakland seem to be the ones keeping the bar high, bless ’em.

    Not sure I agree about Moore being generally regarded as a clown. Certainly doesn’t appear that way when he shows up at OWS. I guess maybe I differ also on the impact of how this movement is represented in the mainstream, though I acknowledge that this impact is tempered by the movement cutting its own path.

    It’s important to remember that the movement isn’t just the occupiers and if it were, it would not likely last very long.

  4. A very cheap shot. It could leveled at anyone. What have you said about the murder of Ronald Madison? Please provide the quote where MM “says as much” that he is speaking for OWS. BS on the one man MoveOn line. Watch this and tell me he’s splitting the difference between OWS and the Dems. And he doesn’t need the exposure of speaking at OWS. There is hardly any coverage of him speaking there, and what there is, the audience already knows MM and will probably see his next movie regardless.

    • ohtarzie says:

      Oh my God, I can’t believe you thought that video proved your point.

      I masochistically watched the whole. It’s about as partisan as something can credibly be at this point. Fox News, Republicans, Climate-change deniers. Every liberal bogeyman.

      I hope you’re not a lawyer.

      • Okay, I went for ease of finding, than for best example. Sue me. I’ll hire a good lawyer.

      • ohtarzie says:

        May I ask what your purpose is here, other than to prove one of this blog’s underlying assumptions, which is that liberals are a pox on intelligent and meaningful dissent?

        You provided a link to a video that was presumably supposed to show me how truly non-partisan Moore is. The video was a very poor choice, since it proved nothing of the sort.

        You might as well just jerk off. Alone.

      • How’s FAIR for you? There’s a video of GG, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, and MM here: http://www.fair.org/blog/2011/05/11/noam-chomsky-on-democracy-now/
        I’ll look on YouTube for it, cause it’s a for-sale DVD.

      • ohtarzie says:

        Why don’t quote from it? Cite something that proves your point. Has anyone ever taught you how to formulate a simple rebuttal? The onus is on you to demonstrate that Moore has not been giving Obama’s innovations in killing people a pass. You should contend with the substitution analysis that I proposed at the end of my post.

        The dude’s an asshole until proven otherwise. So are you.

      • So gracious and reasonable! Thank you.
        Dissent to what?

  5. ohtarzie says:

    What I have said about Ronald Madison isn’t of consequence until I have Moore’s stature.

    I think a substitution analysis using Bush proves my point well enough for most reasonable people. Michael Moore has scrupulously ignored Obama’s orgy of violence and civil liberties shredding.

    As to Moore acting as a spokesperson: you only have my word for this but I was at Zucotti during one his visits. He said that his role in the movement was to help the mainstream media understand it, or words to that effect. He has appeared on numerous programs doing just that. Look it up on YouTube.

    I honestly don’t have the the stomach to sit through any panel hosted by the The Nation, an outfit that like Moore, has been working tirelessly to make this broad-based movement liberal. Note the stacked panel. The video you linked to is of much more recent vintage than when I posted. At that time, Moore was alleging both agnosticism on Obama, and the preposterous hope that this movement would make Obama ‘The FDR of this century.’ Moore is obviously going to have to improvise to stay relevant. If a harder line against Obama is now his thing, goodie for him, but it doesn’t redeem anything I have accused him of here.

    Try again.

    • I don’t like anybody’s silence on civil liberties shredding. But calling someone out for what he hasn’t said is wrong. And pointless. Anything similar to “help the mainstream media understand it” isn’t acting as a spokesman. Do you really think MM is so out-of-touch and egotistical that he would think of himself as a spokesman for OWS?

      The point of the FDR line, I’m educatedly guessing, is that labor and others went out and made FDR do it. That view admits that Obama isn’t a progressive, but he can be forced in that direction. Your really haven’t accused him of much here. If that’s the best you got, I don’t even have to try.

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