#BiggestLiberalAsshole2012: Heat 2 – Rebecca Solnit vs. TBogg

UPDATE: Rebecca Solnit has won this heat. Voting is closed.


So by an overwhelming margin, the giant dump Rebecca Solnit took all over the progosphere (or whatever the fuck those assholes call their shitty blogs and journals) won the first heat in #BiggestLiberalAsshole2012. The other piece in contention, Erik Loomis’s ‘Peace and Civil Liberties Are For Racists‘ (or something like that) was a worthy effort. However,  the general consensus seemed to be that Loomis had phoned his assholery in while Solnit’s was both more comprehensive and more impressively painstaking.

In Heat 2, Solnit goes up against @tbogg, a very accomplished competitor, whose assholery stretches back years and which he hones on a daily basis via Twitter and his blogging at the asshole cesspit, Firedoglake.  For me, his piece does not live up to the asshole promise of the title and is no match for Solnit, but I leave that to you. Remember to vote with the hashtag #BiggestLiberalAsshole2012. Other votes may not be counted.

Heat 2:

Rebecca Solnit: ‘Hey, Left-Wing, Stop Griping’  (also published as ‘Stop Leftsplaining’ and ‘A Letter to my Dismal Allies)

Tbogg: ‘Chicken Soup for the Butthurt Privileged Soul’ 

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