#BiggestLiberalAsshole2012: Heat 3 – Rebecca Solnit vs. Kevin Drum (@kdrum)

UPDATE: Rebecca Solnit has won this heat.


As I expected, Rebecca Solnit has proven hard to beat, despite the intensifying cacophony of liberal dump-taking on the internets as we get closer to THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER. Solnit handily won her round against Tbogg’s “Some Shit About Butt Hurt And Chicken Soup that is Truly Not Worth Linking To”

Facing off against Solnit’s “I Am An Ignorant, New Age Pompous Ass and Therefore Superior To You” , is Kevin Drum’s latest for Mother Jones, “So How Did That ‘Lesser Evil’ Thing Work Out for You in 2000”  in which Kevin Drum sort of trots out the ‘Thanks, Ralph” canard without mentioning names.  The real secret weapon of these people is their dedication to the same three or four stupid ideas and the unutterable tedium that ensues.

In case you don’t know who Kevin Drum is, please see the portrait I did of him some time ago in tribute to the consistency with which he manages to be dishonest, stupid and occasionally racist. He also manages to be among the most boring living fuckers alive in a realm where the bar for that is very very high.

So once again, Heat 3 of #BiggestLiberalAsshole2012

Rebecca Solnit’s “Oh My God, Am I The World’s Biggest Asshole or What?”

Kevin Drum’s  “Lying and Stupidity are Really Paying Off For Me

Remember to vote on Twitter with hashtag #BiggestLiberalAsshole2012. Other votes may not be counted.

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