#BiggestLiberalAsshole2012 Heat 5 – @Speechboy71 (defending) vs. @thenation editors

UPDATE:  The Nation Editors have won this heat.


So much liberal shit on the internet. So little time.

Is every election year this bad? I think not.

When a political class is tasked with arguing for a president who has done all the things they vehemently hated about the last president while also securing the right to have any of us killed any time anywhere, the only sane response is, well there isn’t a sane response.  Hence the liberal establishment is in the throes of a terrifying social psychosis, the main features of which are compulsive lying, waking dreams, glossolalia and retreats into narcissistic fantasies of an idealized self fusing with an idealized president.  It’s like Night of the Living dead except the zombies don’t eat people. They just terrorize them with an endless stream of lies, insults,  self-congratulation and psychotic drivel.

Zombie case in point, Michael Cohen (@speechboy71 on Twitter), who via a Blogging Heads chat, won Heat 4 in a tight battle against a theretofore undefeated Rebecca Solnit. Cohen might have won Heat 4 more definitively had several voters not recused themselves, claiming that watching a mirthful Michael Cohen chucklingly illuminate the brighter side of racist state murder was just ‘too sickening’ to allow their participation. For the rest, 18 minutes was cited by more than one as the very limit, and it is indeed more than enough with which to make a judgment.

For this heat, I recommend that people watch only enough Michael Cohen to get the full measure of his cringe-making self-regard and childishly inept arguing. After that, give a quick scan of this piece by Zack Beauchamp on Think Progress.  Beauchamp, in case you don’t know, is an up-and-coming young conformist, and has helpfully transcribed Michael Cohen’s ‘arguments’ about drones and Obama under his own by line. If he keeps it up, the War Party will give him the talking points directly, as it clearly does for think tanker Cohen.

Competing against Cohen in Heat 5 is the steaming pile of shit served up recently by the inveterately unprincipled, talentless Katrina vanden Heuvel (@katrinanation) and her colleagues at the Nation. I refer to the October 22 issue which, by way of its cover asks ‘Why Obama’  and, by way of its articles, evades and outright lies its way around the question. My Twitter buddy @vastleft has done the heavy lifting of unpacking this mess, by way of his most excellent evisceration of the editorial, ‘Re-Elect the President’.

The whole issue is in contention for this heat, because it is so jam-packed with everything horrible about the liberal establishment.  It seemed unfair to leave anyone out. Deepak Bhargava’s ‘Why Obama’, for example, is a stunning combo of shamelessly deceptive rhetoric, fear-mongering and almost insane ideations about Obama’s potentially dreamy second term. Nevertheless, ‘Re-Elect the President’  is a handy distillation of what the issue is and you need only read that to vote. I may be mean but I am not a sadist.

Vote with hashtag #BiggestLiberalAsshole2012

Heat 5

Michael Cohen:  “The Good Fight”  Bloggingheads discussion with Conor Friedersdorf

Katrina vanden Heuvel and Co-Editors: The Nation’s Oct. 22, Why Obama issue featuring  “Re-Elect The President” and “Why Obama”.

Recommended reading:

“The Nation’s Deeply Deceptive Obama Endorsement Editorial” at Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy.

“#BiggestLiberalAsshole2012 Introduction and Rules”

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4 Responses to #BiggestLiberalAsshole2012 Heat 5 – @Speechboy71 (defending) vs. @thenation editors

  1. nonviolentconflict says:

    Reblogged this on NonviolentConflict.

  2. @misesiantexan says:

    Thank you, I’m simultaneously laughing at your prose and senselessly shitting myself at the idiotic drivel you’ve covered, I’m violently ill at the content and disgusted at my fascination with the bipolar schizophrenic left wing clusterfuck I’m now reading.

  3. Party Loyalist says:

    I do think this election is worse than most with regard to repulsive liberal hypocrisy. “Progressives made real advances during Obama’s four years in office, and we can build on the lessons and struggles of his first term if he’s given a second.” What the fuck are they talking about? The real insidiousness of The Nation is that it’s still considered to have some left credentials. Has it gotten noticeably worse under Katrina vanden Heuvel? I honestly can’t tell. It’s like being on a train next to another train, and the other train is full of liberal assholes; are they moving to the right or am I moving to the left? And look how they embrace partisan electoral hackery. They so gleefully jump into that vile swamp, with some forced pandering to their more doubtful readers who might be concerned that Obama just carried out Bush/Cheney’s third term and he’s given no indication of changing course. Rest assured, doubtful liberals, we feel your pain, yet we Must Defeat the Republicans. Just keep chanting it with your eyes closed and your hands over your ears while the Democrats cut social programs, suck off their abusive Wall Street paymasters, increase militarism, shit on the torn and tattered remains of the Bill of Rights, etc. We Must Defeat the Republicans. We Must Defeat the Republicans.

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