#BiggestLiberalAsshole2012 Heat 6 – @thenation editors (defending) vs. Charles Pierce @EsqPolitics

UPDATE: Charles Pierce (@EsqPolitics) has won Heat 6


Well if this contest has demonstrated nothing else, it’s that a lot of people really , really hate The Nation. As those who follow me might guess, this cheers my  Self-Satisfied-Upper-West-Side-Unprincipled-Asshole-hating heart no end and is reason enough to have had the contest.  Even the imbecilic murder-mongering of preening NatSec hack Michael Cohen (@speechboy71) was no match for The Nation’s Oct. 22, ‘Why We Endorse the Murder of Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi’ issue. Voting in Heat 5 was exceptionally high and still Cohen only received one vote.

As the votes poured in, I feared that perhaps no one could possibly exceed The Nation’s must-smell combo of lying, bullying, fantasy and shameless Occupy-appropriating. But then I remembered I had this same fear after Rebecca Solnit, who inspired this contest, won her second heat. Even jaded souls like me sometimes forget that where establishment liberals are concerned, there is no bottom. Like the oligarchs and baby killers on whose behalf they run interference,  they just get worse and worse, as a matter of simple cause and effect.

To demonstrate, I present for Heat 6, Charles Pierce, who writes about politics for Esquire magazine. Pierce has helpfully excreted “The Cynic and President Obama”, quite possibly the most entertainingly craptacular contest entry so far. Pierce’s style is something I call philistine gravitas. That is, he takes the long, anguished and, above all, literary road to banal, oligarch-friendly opinion, producing an effect similar to a grandiose, misanthropic drunk in the long-talk stage.

As with the Nation’s Oct. 22, issue, my Twitter pal @vastleft has produced an excellent, trenchant and exhaustive reader’s guide to Pierce’s essay. I needn’t belabor any points already made better there, especially since Pierce’s essay speaks largely for itself.

Voting in this heat closes Monday, Oct. 22. at 5 PM.

Vote on Twitter with hashtag #BiggestLiberalAsshole2012

Heat 6

1. Katrina vanden Heuvel and Co-Editors: The Nation’s Oct. 22, Why Obama issue featuring  “Re-Elect The President” and “Why Obama”.

2. Charles Pierce (@EsqPolitics) , “The Cynic and President Obama”

Recommended reading:

“#BiggestLiberalAsshole2012 Introduction and Rules”

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“Charles P. Pierce’s Cynical Defense of Obama” also at Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy.

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6 Responses to #BiggestLiberalAsshole2012 Heat 6 – @thenation editors (defending) vs. Charles Pierce @EsqPolitics

  1. Party Loyalist says:

    What makes Pierce’s tract especially repulsive is that he is just regurgitating boilerplate Democratic Party talking points, but they’re now covered with the viscous slime of pretentious literary conceit. If you’re searching for an interesting thought, it’s an excruciating, interminable goose chase. It’s truly a marvel of liberal assholery. I wonder if they will keep getting better as the election gets closer.

  2. ohtarzie says:

    That’s exactly right. Nothing new there at all. The talking points he’s dressed up are particularly obnoxious, too. The ‘Obama didn’t fail, you failed Obama’ thing is the worst!

  3. America has failed Obama. It must find sweet the bitter stench of droned afflatus. The Church Militant is drunk on Holy Sacrament. Pierce’s cynical “Ave Maria!” miraculously turns the piss of Liberal apologia into wine, and serve as the Blood of the Redeemer at Election Mass. CREDO QUIA ABSURDUM EST.

  4. LorenzoStDuBois says:

    I don’t have a Twitterer, so I can’t vote. If you’ll take it here, please accept a blanket vote for Pierce in this and all future contests. It simply can’t get any worse. The fact that not only an adult, but one who writes for a living, can pretend to claim a special aptitude for cynicism as opposed to everyone else* is enough to push him over the top.

    But the real kicker is that this grizzled, jaded, realpolitik, wizened, wry old salt in truth exhibits the full political sophistication of the silliest, most wide-eyed baby lamb that ever stumbled into the wolf’s den. The quaint idea that presidential politics in our era can be summed up in one complicated man’s struggles between himself and an inferior population, rather than the constant appeasements of a self-selected craven striver, held captive by a breakneck bureaucratic inertia, towards a screeching, bottomless, swirling pit of interests, is not only the opposite of cynicism, but renders the most ardent idealist a hope-forlorn pessimist by comparison. Multiply this by the ominous apparency that this is not the first such piece the vapid Bostonian has gurgled forth, by the sheer, pitiless, unrelenting wordcount, and by the moronic inability to reconcile that Baracko has acted ruthlessly towards the weak and obsequiously toward the strong, and, as I said before, it cannot be beat. It cannot be worse. It is the Ur-Text of pig-headed, preening, shallow-ender, glib, narcissistic, personality-worshiping, cloying, liberal self-love and the very essence of why the liberal, and thus the species, is in for a very dark night.

    *Pet peeve – people who tell me “I’m a realist.” Oh really? You mean you judge ideas according to how they will perform in the real world? You certainly stand in stark contrast to me, someone who doesn’t acknowledge reality at all and is committed to believing in things that don’t work.

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