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A Radical Look at Free Speech

I am not ashamed to admit that when the Erik “OMG Can You Believe What an Asshole I Am?” Loomis kerfuffle first erupted, my immediate reaction was to first conclude “Hang the little fucker out to dry” and work my … Continue reading

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Authoritarian Asshole Erik Loomis’s Free Speech Problems (@ErikLoomis)

Erik Loomis is a liberal history professor at the University of Rhode Island and the kind of career dipshit we love to hate around here. In fact, Loomis actually competed in Heat 1 of our #BiggestLiberalAsshole2012 contest,¬†for equating anti-Kill List … Continue reading

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Greenwald vs. The Vampires

Glenn Greenwald had quite a good post in The Guardian today addressing recent claims that the heretofore fawning members of the ‘progressive media’, or as they’re known round here, Vampire Liberals, are about to get tough on Obama. Greenwald doesn’t … Continue reading

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