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An Interesting Look at the ‘New Newest Left’

So there is this response  to various calls — including Jacobin’s — for left renewal via consolidation, verticalism, alliance with liberals etc. I can’t give it a full endorsement because in far too many ways it typifies a lot of … Continue reading

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Oh. My. God.

Andrew Sullivan: “I’m struck too by his Niebuhrian grasp of the inherent tragedy of wielding power in an age of terror – a perspective his more jejune and purist critics simply fail to understand.” Don’t even be tempted to read … Continue reading

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Ezra Klein, Josh Marshall Summoned to West Wing, write Identical Opinion Pieces

[This is an updated version of my earlier post from today] Yesterday, NPR White House correspondent Ari Shapiro tweeted this: Today Josh Marshal published a piece called  “She Has to Go”,  which is all about Lois Lerner, the IRS official … Continue reading

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The Corey, Freddie and Erik Show

This is a supplement to my last post, mostly for entertainment purposes. Consider it a walking tour of the liberal waste dump if you will. I mentioned that Corey Robin mischaracterized a detractor. This is what that detractor, Bleeding Heart … Continue reading

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Freddie DeBoer Smears Again

The way in which a kind of left discourse I call pop anti-libertarianism proliferates in direct relation to the abysmal shittiness of Obama’s presidency merits at least one full post on its own.  Suffice it to say that the huge, … Continue reading

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