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Fuck The Guardian: Part 1

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger is clearly a man who takes his time. Following the nine-hour shakedown of Glenn Greenwald’s spouse, David Miranda, by officials of Britain’s NSA satellite, The GCHQ, Rusbridger took to his paper’s blog ¬†and disclosed what NYU … Continue reading

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Gawker: Relax Everyone, Google Didn’t Rat Out That Hysterical Woman to The Government. It Was Her Husband’s Boss.

Y’know, Adrian Chen, like all the other cutting/pasting professionals at Nick Denton Inc is all about the ¬†cutter/paster integrity and we know this because when the NYPD tried to connect Occupy Wall Street to an 8-year old murder case, Chen … Continue reading

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Long Island Freelancer Scoops Guardian on Surveillance State Implications

IMPORTANT UPDATE: So anyone who thought I was too hasty in giving weight to Michelle Catalano’s story, detailed below, is perfectly within their rights to gloat. According to a recent piece in Gawker: the Suffolk County Police Department, which visited … Continue reading

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