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Greenwald Tries to Settle A Score, Fails

Today Glenn Greenwald tweeted this: A reminder that it's much easier to demand that *others release more documents than it is to release them yourself — Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) September 30, 2013 One reads this and instantly knows some … Continue reading

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Oligarchs Approve The NSA Debate. I Guess We’re #Winning

Careful readers who saw something in all my Fuck The Guardian posts beyond envy-fueled animus against He Who Must Never Be Criticized In The Same Way He Criticizes, surely could guess that I wasn’t even slightly surprised when I saw … Continue reading

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Cliffs Notes for a Pile-On

So there is something of a stir in the part of left Twitterland that I generally don’t have much to do with, and since happy mobs, like Tolstoy’s happy families, are all alike and not worth writing about, I’m not … Continue reading

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Dr. Rosen and The Snowden Effect

Jay Rosen is a professor of Journalism at NYU with a fairly large following, who, like most left media critics, never critiques establishment liberal/left media, and whose anodyne media analysis perpetuates myths about press freedom in the guise of critiquing … Continue reading

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My Reply To Glenn Greenwald’s Comments on my Last Post

It’s grimly amusing that after a post in which I faulted theĀ “determination with which [Greenwald] and his cultish fans smack down critics calling for more leaks, more technical information, less redacting, less subservience and greater accountability”, Greenwald replied to my … Continue reading

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