Arthur Silber Needs Your Support

Power of Narrative blogger Arthur Silber is in pretty dire straits on all fronts. He is having financial and medical difficulties and his computer is crapping out. His morale is in decline as well.

You can donate to Arthur via the PayPal button on his blog.

Also, per Arthur’s last post, there are other ways to help:

Amazon Gift Cards would also be most welcome, and I can use them for other needed household items in addition to a computer. I think all you need for a Gift Card is my name and my Amazon email, which is the same (arthur4801 at yahoo dot com). I had considered putting a computer on my Amazon Wish List and hoping for my own personal billionaire to come along and buy it for me, but I’m not even certain what kind of computer would be best at this point. I’ve never had a laptop, so maybe it’s time for that? (Would be handy for bedridden times, among other things.).

As the march of the Omidyarchist Zombies continues apace, Arthur remains one of the genuinely radical voices online, and a great influence on a lot of us. Please help him if you can.


Arthur Silber Checks In

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9 Responses to Arthur Silber Needs Your Support

  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    I only know Arthur Silber from his writings, he strikes me as a powerful voice in the wilderness. His insights have helped me to dispel any last vestiges of sugarcoating when I am tempted to think of our political elite as anything less than brutal, genocidal monsters. Btw, just heard Matt Taibbi is joining Greenwald & Co.

  2. LP Steve says:

    He’s had real problems with the PayPal deal. I sent him an Amazon gift card last week. It’s very simple to do if you have an account.
    Rock on, Tarzie. I lurk and learn.

    • Tarzie says:

      Do you know if I should recommend Amazon and remove the bit about PayPal? Does he prefer gift cards now?

      • LP Steve says:

        I only know what I read on Arthur’s site. For a time, he was recommending against using PayPal, and even disabled the button, because they were screwing around with him, holding up the money. If I recall correctly, there were even occasions when he didn’t get the money at all. Not sure what the current situation is. If he’s enabled the PayPal button, I would assume it’s working for him.

      • Tarzie says:

        Yeah, I believe he got that sorted.

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  4. Janice Golden says:

    dear tarzie,
    via Arthur’s blog, I came to read your blog, which I appreciate very much and have enjoyed reading since I first looked
    about a month or so ago.
    I signed on to your mailing then.

    I love Arthur’s blog and have become fond of him, himself. his writing and ideas are fantastically important.
    so I thank you for your notice here because I have been worried about him again even if mine with him is only just a e-relationship.

    I wrote and asked for his address because I don’t “do” the internet payment methods.
    I know he was slow in sending people his address because he said so more than once.
    still, it was weeks ago I requested his address and have not received a response.

    Arthur wrote to me once and gave me some good tips about my writing which is horrid by the standards.
    he was sweet to do so, but I don’t expect any more time from him to write to me except maybe a send from him with his address.

    if you can help me with this, it would be nice.

    maybe you talk with him? if you do, please tell him many of us are pulling for him.
    obviously it is ridiculous! and unjust, definitely, how he is struggling so much on his own.
    a writer and social commenter like him should be supported by our society!
    if only it were not such a stupid time.

    thank you, tarzie.
    if you can send his address, it’d be great, or at least a hello and best thoughts be sent his way.

    best regards, : )
    Janice golden
    rockland, massachusetts

    Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2014 00:18:27 +0000

  5. anabraxas says:

    “Do you know if I should recommend Amazon”

    Haven’t you read anything about Amazon’s warehouses in Poland where refugees work for a few dimes under the watch of violent neonazi goons, Tarzie? There’s been stuff written on this since the last 1-2 years.

    Man, Amazon is one of the most terrible online businesses, even worst than Google and Paypal… They’ve been cutting the grass below writer’s and publisher’s feet for a long time, forcing to cut down the price margins to ridiculous values, while the corporation has been making gigantic profits out of it.

    Please… basic ethics.

    For donations, Wepay seems to be alrite, though they also do business with Paypal, but apparently in a two-fold system (donator doesn’t have to be Paypal/credit card account holder), but I’m not sure if they respect people’s privacy.

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