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Notes on David Graeber and Conspiracism

Someone saw a flaw in David Graeber’s reasoning, and rather than argue the point, he weirdly attempted to smear me. @RosaLuxembourge but why am I even dealing with you? why don't you go talk to tarzie about how I'm a CIA agent. Bye … Continue reading

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Katha Pollitt, David Graeber Fight, Make Up, Put Libeled Marxists Behind Them

Color me manarchist — Gay Scapegoats for White Dudes Division — but I am having such trouble keeping up with the rules of our lofty left discourse. Here I am, still puzzling out how a bizarre Twitter orgy of misogyny and red-baiting fortifies women’s safety, when I come … Continue reading

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Ok not gonna throw in on the Jacobin/Sarah Kendzior thing, other than to recommend this and this by Freddie DeBoer, who is always at his best when the topic is Twitter mobs. Even if you don’t agree with him, I … Continue reading

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What We Learned From the Snowden Affair

Just a quick, throwaway pass. Honestly, dedicating too much analysis to this bullshit after a year is perilously close to the disease itself.  I invite my readers to contribute to this list in a similar vein. 1. There certainly are a lot … Continue reading

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Meet Your Civil Liberties Defender: The ACLU’s @csoghoian

Over the past year, the ACLU has really bent over backwards making itself the most ridiculous organization I ever once foolishly gave money to. Many of my readers are well aware of my immense admiration for Kade Crockford, the Director of the ACLU … Continue reading

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