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Oh fuck’s sake, Melissa Harris Perry started the Feud with Cornel West

I have been trying to avoid the particulars of the smear campaign professional Democrats are running against Cornel West, because, as I said before, the Michael Dyson piece that kicked it off is really a by-the-numbers smear, mostly unexceptional but for … Continue reading

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Cornel West’s Impermissible Opinions

So the smear campaign against Cornel West continues apace, and still far too many people — including people I like and respect —  are talking about envy, grudges and ambition, Michael Dyson’s motives etc. This is a minimizing, individualizing approach to what seems like a … Continue reading

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Michael Eric Dyson’s Hatchet Eulogy for Cornel West

As you probably know, sociology professor, radio host, MSNBC contributor and frequent visitor to the White House, Michael Eric Dyson, has seized the spotlight with a disgraceful hatchet job on Cornel West in The New Republic. Its title, The Ghost of … Continue reading

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Snowden Lays an Egg, a Statue Grows in Brooklyn and Manning Wins a Round

Seems like Snowden and his colleagues have been upstaging Chelsea Manning since the very first day he arrived on the scene. In June, 2013, Manning’s court martial had only just begun when boom, the first Snowden stories were published the same week, followed … Continue reading

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Chelsea Manning Is *Not* On Twitter

Contrary to much jubilation today, Chelsea Manning is not on Twitter. Her PR Agency is. There’s a difference! The official story is that she’s dictating tweets over the phone to a representative. Even if entirely true, which I doubt, a … Continue reading

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