How Joe Catron Celebrated The Supreme Court’s Same Sex Marriage Decision

Here in all its glory, is the full shrine the asshole Joe Catron built to himself out of the RTs of his “No, gay white people. Just no” tweet. The full story is here. Subsequent exchanges Catron had separately with Glenn Greenwald and me are discussed here.

In response to the Supreme Court’s recent decision on same sex marriage, a popular Argentinean cartoonist reposted a cartoon he’d done for the Sochi Olympics that evoked this iconic moment from the 1968 Games. Contrary to Catron’s reductive, deliberately divisive tweet, the cartoonist is heterosexual and works in mainstream media. Since he is not widely seen in the U.S. the comic would have come and gone quietly — just as it did the first time — were it not for wedge-drivers like Catron, who posted the cartoon out of context, admonishing “gay white people” for what he considers cultural appropriation.

Of course, if “gay white people” can ever be collectively culpable for a single cartoon, they were no more implicated in whatever offense this one caused than Joe Catron himself, who gleefully propagated it for several hours, inviting people to bang on queers and make the day all about themselves and their kneejerk, uninformed outrage. Congrats on going full 4chan when a white dude said jump, dipshits. This is what hegemony looks like.

Here’s the original tweet:


Catron’s shrine to himself follows, but first, lest any painfully credulous and sickeningly open-minded soul be at all confused about what the hateful, divisive asshole Catron and his pals are up to, check this Catron retweet, in reply to questions about the snow in the cartoon, confusing only to people who know nothing of the cartoon’s provenance:


Oh har har, those faggots do love them some disco!!!

This is what you call a tell. The motives are unambiguous. All those RT’s about appropriation? It’s bullshit. A white dude instrumentalized Black people to beat on queers and created division. For no reason. For no fucking reason at all but that he’s a self-promoting, homophobic shit who should be driven off Twitter until he apologizes.

Generous interpretations of this are not welcome. Don’t even try. I know hatred when I see it. In fact, I’m really unhappy that so few people have repudiated this asshole and made him feel like the hateful, divisive scum that he is. A left that would put up with this bullshit is nothing I wish to be associated with. Consider me uncategorized.

Now, following, the full 50+ screen caps I needed to get every single RT of his masterful, amazing tweet  the asshole Joe Catron injected into his timeline. It’s well over a hundred tweets. I invite you to read the whole thing, to get a sense of how people clearly felt invited to both accuse gay people of trivializing/appropriating their struggle — having been manipulated into thinking that this cartoon was somehow connected to the LGBQT community, when it wasn’t at all — and to trivialize the decades-long oppression of LGBQT people, which still includes the occasional murder, by the way, even in the U.S. But that’s ok I guess. After all “We give these mf’s an inch to rejoice with us, they take a mile!” Kill it before it grows.

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20 Responses to How Joe Catron Celebrated The Supreme Court’s Same Sex Marriage Decision

  1. lastwheel says:

    A point of accuracy, the artist didn’t make the cartoon for the supreme court ruling, he recycled an old cartoon he made in response to the Russian homophobia during the recent Winter Olympics.

    • lastwheel says:

      And the “I think it’s lights from a disco ball” was probably an earnest response to the question “why is it snowing”? Well, because it is snowing. The cliche I brought at first glance was confetti, others will perhaps see diffferent prejudices. Hard to seperate stupidity and mendacity here in this bizarre campaign of wedge driving.

      • Tarzie says:

        bizarre campaign of wedge driving.

        That’s an excellent description. Stinks of provocation. Gonna look at Catron in a whole different light.

      • lastwheel says:

        Tried to find out the timeline of hate retweeting for the cartoonists. This was early, not sure if it was the earliest and the name was familiar I think. Bec/ twitter is sucks Catron’s tweet never appeared in the search results. I searched for who had quote-tweeted the URL to the “offending” recycled cartoon.

      • Tarzie says:

        Great sleuthing. “Sing Barack” Lord. Pathetic. It’s interesting how they had bunches of somewhat conflicting objections: one, that neither of the queer dudes was Black and two, that historic event shouldn’t be appropriated on behalf of LGBTQ rights.

      • lastwheel says:

        Did you see mona’s tweet? It’s in your list I believe. Thought it would be relevant enough for you to comment explicitly. Mona gets around so it doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but she’s taken the black cause with gusto and she’s perhaps the weirdest/most notorious shill on twitter. The same goes for the whole hate train, can all be explained by group identity short circuiting higher level neuron function but I struggle to believe the media types don’t know very consciously what they are doing.

      • Tarzie says:

        I didn’t see any reason to single out Mona, especially since I’m always accused of dragging GG into everything — as if he’s not in everything!

        This does look like deliberate provocation. Catron seems very shady to me. Like a man with a job. And I think Mona is always a red flag.

        group identity short circuiting higher level neuron function

        I love this phrase.

      • This is the first time I have ever commented here. Please be advised that I thought Joe Catron knew what he was talking about when he strongly implied some gay cartoonist and many other gay people where promoting that cartoon. After finding out otherwise I retracted my endorsement of his tweet.

        Moreover, he and I got into his appalling attitudes toward gays very heavily.

        And the next day I also had a set-to with Ali Abunimah (and some with Catron again):

        Thank you, and adieu.

      • Tarzie says:

        This is the first time I have ever commented here.

        Sounds legit.

        Please be advised that I thought Joe Catron knew what he was talking about when he strongly implied some gay cartoonist and many other gay people where promoting that cartoon.

        Ah. I’m so sorry that Catron led you to believe the conditions under which you’d divisively blame “white gay people” en masse for a crime against Dipshit Twitter laws, had been met. How many RTs are required? Four, five, ten? I know from experience that your bar for joining/inciting other pile-ons is super high.

        Moreover, he and I got into his appalling attitudes toward gays very heavily.

        I’m with Catron on having no obligation to celebrate something he doesn’t feel good about. The Dipshit Crusade he led on false pretenses would have been just as shitty on any other day. I couldn’t care less what this scumbag does or doesn’t celebrate. I also don’t care if Ali Abunimah celebrates either, though I do wish he and his pals could avidly hate SSM with less painstaking stupidity. And Abunimah lecturing people about privilege is very rich indeed. But y’know, Twitter, where the only privilege worth checking is whiteness.

      • “I’m with Catron on having no obligation to celebrate something he doesn’t feel good about.”

        If you think that’s what I was criticizing him for — for failing to celebrate, as opposed to sniping at those who are — you didn’t understand the exchange. In any event, my purpose here was merely to establish that I found and find Catron’s and Abunimah’s attitudes toward those who worked hard for and won SSM rights to be appalling. That Catron implied there existed a wave of gay Twitter tweeting a cartoon some blacks found offensive was also not acceptable.

    • Tarzie says:

      Ohhhh. Thanks. That’s a really important detail. Sorry for jumping on you. I just found yesterday so depressing and I couldn’t suss out what that tweet thread was saying. I don’t want you to step back.

      • lastwheel says:

        It’s the day of fucking dipshits being outraged at stuff their eyes cannot comprehend. People are so fucking stupid. Even if I had a self imposed embargo I felt the need to share:

      • Tarzie says:

        Don’t embargo yourself, dammit. I apologized.

        Thank you for that. The first good laugh I’ve had since this bullshit started.

  2. robertmstahl says:

    Gregory Bateson:

    1. There are those who eat to live
    2. There are those who live to eat
    3. There are those who eat and live

    Uncle Joe?

  3. Did there ever end up being any acknowledgment of how awful/misplaced this outrage was on the part of Catron? Any acknowledgment of the context?

    • Tarzie says:

      Nope. His argument — to the extent he even attempts one — is that some gays do appropriate and he saw “known gay sources” RTing the cartoon. Even if true, ridiculous excuse, obviously.

      Check out this conversation with Greenwald, where he actually attempts to defend himself if you haven’t seen it already.

      • All The Gay White People says:

        Greenwald’s line of questioning is a bit to generous to Catron in taking heterosexuality of the cartoonist as the only thing wrong with Catron’s statement, which lends cred to Catron’s weasley point missing defence.

        Catron’s comment blamed gay white people in general for this cartoon and blamed them exclusively, which was false, but it annoys me perhaps even more that Catron and his retweeters can just sneer at gay whites homophobically assumed to be uniquely responsible in place of being able to articulate what’s wrong with the cartoon. This is part of the beat-down culture that doesn’t even make arguments because anyone who prefers analysis to sneering is uncool, inferior, and part of the problem.

      • Tarzie says:

        Yup. You should check out Liniers timeline. Seems like a really sweet guy. Gives his own thoughts on appropriation. He pulled the cartoon, because it gave offense, but he explicitly refuses to apologize. Good on him.

        anyone who prefers analysis to sneering is uncool, inferior, and part of the problem.

        This is really well-observed. This weird combination of truly repulsive levels of moral indignation and complete lack of seriousness as to the ideas involved. Cultural appropriation theory has morphed into this truly bizarre *thing* that’s just a cudgel to beat people with. It’s based on the crudest, dumbest, least charitable interpretation of everything. Some of it is truly absurd. How does evoking an incident from 1968 that no one was thinking about, erase it? It’s appallingly stupid. They just throw out their little buzzwords and feel holy. The outrage is so learned. Were it not for shit-stirrers like Catron, the cartoon would have come and gone as uneventfully as it did the first time. It was a real asshole parade.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    This guy is appropriating appropriate.

  5. thombrogan says:

    On its own, the barrage of retweets was disgusting; but knowing the truth behind Liniers’ cartoon makes it even more agonizing.

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