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I Support “Terrorism” (The Word)

In the wake of a mass killing, there is always a conversation about the selective use of the word terrorism, which is undoubtedly a very worthy conversation to have. Unfortunately, on the left this conversation too often draws one of … Continue reading

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Conspiracy and Class Power

My my, there sure is a lot of dumb talk about conspiracy theory on the internet today, presumably because of Amber Frost’s dumb list of things that are much less good than the super-effective, not-at-all crackpot Democratic Socialists of America, “an … Continue reading

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I Confess. I’m a Mossad Honeytrap.

Oh Lordy. I should just let kerfuffles die on their own, but the last time I (sorta) did that, the kerfuffle lasted for two years. I’m writing this mainly for people who actually try to inform themselves before embarking on … Continue reading

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Is The Freedom Act a Stealth CISPA?

The American Everyman blog has been insisting since 2013 that the Snowden Spectacle would provide cover for passing CISPA, a bill that in its many different unpassed incarnations has been the bête noire of privacy advocates for some time. While I don’t agree with … Continue reading

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With or Without Section 215, Mass Surveillance of Cell Phones is Pervasive

Snowden’s piece in the The New York Times yesterday is a fitting epilog to the vulgar, cynical performance of democracy we have just been subjected to these past few days, wherein Congress and the commentariat rechristened The Patriot Act as The Freedom Act and … Continue reading

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