Rancid Open Thread: The Times Eulogizes A Fascist; Another Bogus Intercept Scoop

Still disinclined to do full fledged posts, but let’s freshen up the discussion a little. Here’s a couple things that found their way onto my timeline recently:

From the New York Times:
Licio Gelli, Italian Financier and Cabal Leader, Dies at 96 – Notice the headline doesn’t call Gelli a fascist, which is certainly the way in which he most mattered historically.

Of course the obituary goes into that, but the omission from the headline encapsulates the odd ambivalence you find whenever the msm contends with a ruling class reactionary. The Times calls this secret society-leading plotter of right-wing coups, murders and bombings, “buccaneering”  and says this:

But if Mr. Gelli was a scoundrel to many Italians, to others he held out the promise of stability in turbulent times, when the Communist Party was advancing at the polls and the economy was declining.

I love The Times‘  “to many”/”to others” construct where, say,  Italians who don’t think right wing plots and deadly false flags promise stability are peas in a pod with, well, fascists.

Elsewhere the obituary quotes Gelli’s lawyer claiming that this utterly irredeemable, career fascist slimeball  was a “‘scapegoat’ for the government’s own failings.” Y’know, for balance.  The Times makes no mention of Gelli’s likely ties to Operation Gladio and The CIA. That would be nutty conspiracism.

Speaking of the intelligence apparatus and its plots, The Intercept published its 10,000th blockbuster — based on secret documents! — that, in fact, simply aggregates information readily available from mainstream sources. True to form, TI also wraps these “revelations” in  dishonest, minimizing spin.

Promising juicy secrets from a document “thick with previously undisclosed information” that offers “rare insight into the spying capabilities of federal law enforcement and local police inside the United States,” the article simply adds largely trivial details about phone surveillance operations and techniques so widely known that even I was able to cover most of the same ground here and here.

The article is mostly about Stingrays and drtboxes, cell phone tower emulators that capture massive amounts of user data and which are in wide use by both federal agencies and numerous police forces. Regular readers may recall that I wrote about this when The Intercept and the rest of Snowden Inc. were crowing (albeit guardedly) over the end of mass telephone surveillance.

Of course, no Intercept blockbuster is complete without online discipline for the rightfully unimpressed, so those who dared to suggest that even the source document was old, were shamed in The Intercept and insulted on Twitter by Intercept staff and The FOG.

Thoughts on these comments or anything else that strikes your fancy are most welcome.

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92 Responses to Rancid Open Thread: The Times Eulogizes A Fascist; Another Bogus Intercept Scoop

  1. b-psycho says:

    It’s as if fascists are a figment of our imaginations, the way media ignores or whitewashes their existence.

    • Tarzie says:

      Or worse, not *all* bad. There’s still this Cold War residue that sees them as allies in the fight against communism, which of course is much much worse than fascism. Fascism always gets kid glove treatment, because Fascism is necessary to capitalism.

      • asmallweasel says:

        Which is why liberal American concerns about fascist Trump are all noise. Fascism is only acceptable over there, not here, in this country that definitely isn’t already fascist.

      • Tarzie says:

        Yup. It’s about aesthetics, not ideology. Trump’s fascism has bad optics. Unlike Obama’s and Clinton’s.

      • nosoyyo says:

        If you adhere to lesser-of-two (or more)-evils ideology then yes, all actions and all people can be weighed in some sort of pre-existing formula, though like you say below, only those with the correct image are actually weighed. Which is why usually the only people who can get a platform to challenge war and/or empire are lunatics, or they’re made to seem like lunatics. Because then clearly the lesser-of-two-evils argument doesn’t apply. Best is if they’re true lunatics and also racist, sexist, homophobic: then there’s no reason to listen to them. So the indefensible lesser-of-two-evils mentality is still only used when the person generally supports empire.
        (the latest sexist racist homophobic lunatic said, “We’ve spent $4 trillion trying to topple various people that frankly, if they were there and if we could’ve spent that $4 trillion in the United States to fix our roads, our bridges, and all of the other problems; our airports and all of the other problems we’ve had, we would’ve been a lot better off. I can tell you that right now.” (http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/12/17/speaking-the-unspeakable-why-the-establishment-wants-to-silence-donald-trump/) Mentioning the fact that he has made a few comments worth listening to — while highlighting the terrible person he is — is forbidden by the same people who espouse weighing the different actions when it supports their people. On the other hand, supporting and voting for and cheering for someone who oversees a kill list, has continued and started more wars than I can keep track of, who regularly commits war crimes, and who, in 2009 and again last week made sure to personally seal the devastating fate of the 20 quintillion humans and other animals on the planet, is approved of and expected. And the “intelligent,” “leftist” people who at least criticize Obama and Clinton (in non-election years), then think that Sanders is so different — even if his economic policies were as good as everyone says, you can’t support the M but oppose the IC. They go hand in hand.

  2. Roasty says:

    “when the Communist Party was advancing at the polls and the economy was declining.” Subtle redbaiting here too. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how these small little propaganda signals, aggregated over years & thousands of broadcasts/articles, are the perfect primers for making larger propaganda easier to pull off.

    Perfect example being an article on a mosque firebombing last week; stuffed into the end of the article was a subtle apropos of nothimg tie back to the SB shooting, phrased in such a way as to almost sound like a justification.

    • Tarzie says:

      Yup. Fascism in particular gets a really easy ride from everyone except ultras like us, because they’re rightly seen as potential allies against communism.

    • Lorenzo says:

      That whole article is full of little signals. “Buccanneering,” “scoundrel”; I’m surprised they didn’t throw “swashbuckling” in there to complete the dashing pirate imagery. And the references to cabals, Masons, and the Vatican rather than the CIA and NATO stay-behind operations complete the painting of Gelli as some sort of wacky historical curiosity. There’s really no lengths the ruling class won’t go to in order to whitewash fascism. I’m reminded of the WaPo providing Ahrar al-Sham an op-ed a few months ago; they’d give al-Baghdadi free column inches if there was a scary enough commie around.

      • Tarzie says:

        This is a really great parsing. You caught a lot I didn’t, like that “scoundrel” is in the same minimizing class as buccaneer. A “wacky historical figure” is exactly the portrayal. It almost seemed like they were describing a character in a novel, and assessing how interesting he was. The for many/but for others bullshit and that comment from his fucking lawyer completes the whitewash, shamelessly.

        Once you realize just how soft the soft spot the ruling class has for fascism is, you see this shit everywhere! That’s been one of the most surprising discoveries of our investigations, for me, anyway. Also the most terrifying.

      • Lorenzo says:

        The opening paragraph, where they minimize Gelli as a “self-proclaimed” fascist, sets the tone. It’s as though fascism is a lifestyle choice, about which an outside observer can’t make any determinations. You see the same thing today with neo-Nazis in Europe, euphemistically called “nationalists” since any more damning terminology is evidently too fraught. When it comes to even describing fascism, all that hunger for truth that allegedly motivates journalists seems to evaporate.

        That’s been one of the most surprising discoveries of our investigations, for me, anyway. Also the most terrifying.

        Absolutely agreed.

  3. This is why we can’t have nice things. It’s why the liberal left always toe the line with notions like not all cops etc. these banalities ensure that fascism (which was just auto corrected to ‘racism’…) is never outed. The scourge of communist sentiment is so anathema to the state and its requirement to protect and create private property all the time. You will never see MSM naming anything which undermines the authoritarian mission.

    • Tarzie says:

      It’s why the liberal left always toe the line with notions like not all cops etc.

      Yeah, I never thought about how stuff like “not all cops” makes sure the door to fascism is always open a crack.

    • davidly says:

      It’s more like, “Heaven forfend, *never ever* all cops/military/judiciary/pols.” Where I’m like, well, duh, a few good people infiltrate these forces regularly. So what?

  4. You asked on twitter what these recycled scoops are netting. I think at the most basic level, as you mentioned here, it’s inherently minimizing to report on already public information and present it as a scoop. Especially if that “scoop” is the product of a source currently inside the intelligence community. It makes it seem like there’s an active sieve, leaking all the information we really need to know about, which just so happens to be shit we already know.

    Also embedded in this kind of reporting is a feeling of alarm at what could happen here. It seems to accept Chomsky’s “freest country in the world” premise, and then proceeds to offer vague warnings, while also highlighting judges and the ACLU as some kind of resistance block. This kind of reporting almost seems designed to obscure the increasingly visible reality that law enforcement agencies are existing fascist entities murdering people in the streets everyday. I guess my point is the propaganda work being done here is to obscure the existing dystopia by warning people of a less threatening one on the horizon.

    I just don’t see how surveillance “revelations” presented this way can lead to anything but impotent hand-wringing. The fear and hysteria generated from glimpses of the surveillance state don’t seem to encourage any useful synthesis that may help people come to a coherent understanding of the way power really works and why. I imagine this kind of output will keep the intercept in business indefinitely, no matter how tired their performance is.

      • robertmstahl says:

        “…don’t seem to encourage any useful synthesis that may help people come to a coherent understanding of the way power really works and why.”

        It is NOT random, although, “it” may be nothing more than an arithmetical progression, serial in other words, an agenda in overdrive. If “self-perpetuation” is the buzz word of the day, what direction is this going, the self-perpetuating “news cycle of John Wayne Gacy set free in the amusement park,” the ecological ignorance. Cormac McCarthy doesn’t think there is hope. Neither did Samuel Beckett. Is change on the horizon?

    • Tarzie says:

      I imagine this kind of output will keep the intercept in business indefinitely, no matter how tired their performance is.

      TI will be in business so long as PO foots the bill and, of course, he’s happy with this kind of toothless dissent. What billionaire wouldn’t be? There’s nothing else that will keep them in business. As a commercial enterprise, it’s a complete flop and it would likely fail if opened to private donors. They’ve chased away all but the hardcore cultists.

      • Sir Semi-Rancid says:

        Now hear this: Now hear this:
        First Look is about 26 months old, and the Intercept 22 months, so while I agree with the concept of criticism, especially of the constructive or potentially constructive bend, I think it’s too soon to completely know where the culture and direction of it is headed. I don’t think PO had it completely planned out and from looking at it play out it seems like he is roughing it to some extent. Such is life, and given what the other options for media are and how ridiculously uncritical they are, I think it’s worth cutting him some slack for even making the attempt to act out what apparently is some kind of “citizen kane” emulation complex or something.
        Analysis ends, now. Spock out.

    • Sir Semi-Rancid says:

      To be fair to the Intercept, I believe it is a 501c4 or c3 (don’t really care which…) non-profit and thus part of the “non profit” industrial complex, which, though certainly interlinked with the “O.G.” military industrial complex, is not really “in business” in at least the more traditional, trying/needing to make a profit sense, so far as this commenter is aware.

      Agree that there is a lot left to be desired from the publication, but imo it could be something pretty damn good in maybe 10 years if the people (person?) behind it dig in, stay the course, and perhaps smarten up in ‘this’ or ‘that’ ways.

      Bullet 3: Before using/invoking the term MSM too often, let us perhaps perchance take a moment to note that this blog constitutes a form of media and is pushing a narrative of sorts, so let that just be said towards the end of not being trapped in a relationship of reaction toward other “streams” of media. Such a relationship can have a way of lowering the level of debate in this “stream” down to the level of the others.

      Y’all got a stream. Enjoy the stream.

      • Tarzie says:

        To be fair to the Intercept, I believe it is a 501c4 or c3 (don’t really care which…) non-profit and thus part of the “non profit” industrial complex

        Already observed without you and more accurately. A billionaire’s vanity/disinfo project is hardly part of the NGO industrial complex. And at the risk of being as annoyingly pedantic as you’re being, “in business” has a generic usage, which simply means still running. It’s not incorrect to say The American Cancer Society is still “in business” for instance.

        but imo it could be something pretty damn good in maybe 10 years if the people (person?) behind it dig in, stay the course, and perhaps smarten up in ‘this’ or ‘that’ ways.

        You just can’t resist this bullshit, which each time you offer it, shows your complete misapprehension of why some media enterprises stick and others don’t as well as a really really gross crediting of TI’s pedestrian pseudo-dissenters and their billionaire patron with qualities they don’t have. Please fucking stop with this lecture and the implicit assumption that you have something to teach me or any regular reader of this blog about The Intercept, putz. You don’t.

        Y’all got a stream. Enjoy the stream.

        Ok, Dad! Can I have the keys to the boat?

        What the fuck are you even saying here? That there’s not a mainstream media? If you’re going to be all splainy on “lowering the level of debate” perhaps you should stop with the repeated sales job for The Intercept and your painstaking cluelessness about why it exists and who’s running the show.

      • Tarzie says:

        Are you Glenn or Mona or one of GG’s houseboys? Or are you just a fucking ignorant tool that thinks he’s way fucking smarter than he is? Whoever you are, please leave for good. You dumb everything down every time you’re here. Perhaps if you’d hazarded a response to the post, you’d be less annoying. But you didn’t and you never do, and I would not be at all surprised that you didn’t read it or anything else on this blog.

  5. Sir Semi-Rancid says:

    We agree PO is running the show. I have never been to either Glenn or Mona’s house, so no. I get value out of this blog most when it’s in it’s own groove and not just going off on other media sources. Not to say some of the media criticism isn’t great because it occasionally is but for my 2 cents some of it is not, and it is worth saying. Give and get, son. Now enjoy the boat and be safe out there. Use the radio if you need us!

    • Tarzie says:

      Give and get, son

      You have so much to teach us, Dad.

      Not to say some of the media criticism isn’t great because it occasionally is but for my 2 cents some of it is not, and it is worth saying

      That may be true, but you won’t put me in place with crushingly banal sales pitches for The Intercept in lieu of responding to what I wrote. Did I get anything wrong this time? If so, point it out. Quit with the dressed up Glennbot talking points.

      I actually agree with you that one can get into a rut constantly reacting to media, which is why I’ve branched off into other things. But I continue to wonder what the point is of The Intercept’s entirely fraudulent scoops and The Times whitewash of fascist scum interested me too. It was simply fodder for a conversation which people are at liberty to take up or not, this being an open thread and all.

      If you get more from this blog when it’s “off on its own groove” why aren’t you helping with that? I think I’ve asked you this before, but if commenting on the media is a dead end, perhaps even a waste of time, what is commenting on me commenting on the media? Sheer genius? You originate nothing. You’re lint on my fluff. No, a mite. Try another schtick besides derailing with empty splaining and banalities.

      • Sir Semi-Rancid says:

        I think PO should have incorporated it as a for-profit enterprise as it might have kept him more honest and made it less of a vanity project.

        As for the fraudulent scoops I think intercept is semi-consciously imitating the big conglomerates, who do it, and with whom they are trying to compete with for prestige (at least in their own mind).

      • Tarzie says:

        it might have kept him more honest and made it less of a vanity project.

        Yeah, nothing like profit to keep a billionaire honest.

        I think intercept is semi-consciously imitating the big conglomerates, who do it

        And what better way to imitate the conglomerates than to recycle their shit, like the Wall Street Journal and USA Today stories that talked about Stingrays and spy planes over a year ago. Isn’t Greenwald and co’s whole brand based on not being like the others?You work backwards from the desired conclusion that The Intercept operates in good faith. Which is why your comments are so entirely useless. You’re not being analytical. You’re an apologist for a billionaire and his lackeys. Such necessary work!

  6. Sir Semi-Rancid says:

    Going back to the original post and the phrase “ruling class reactionary”, is that redundant, or can you name some members of the ruling class you don’t consider reactionary? That paragraph I found interesting.

    • Tarzie says:

      Surely there are members of the ruling class that are genuinely liberal. There might even be a smattering of commies. Many of them, perhaps even most, genuinely embrace anti-racism and feminism. Reactionary connotes a specific kind of politics that aims expressly at going backwards to an idealized pre-reform past.

      Gelli was this explicitly and by his own account, in a way that, say, George Soros is not. People like Soros are happy to tactically ally with riff raff like Gelli when capitalism is in crisis but they don’t give a fuck about his ideals and might even find them disgusting.

  7. Sir Semi-Rancid says:

    The non profit angle just feels dishonest. The whole concept of non-profits seems dishonest. Someone is benefiting, it’s just less clear who. Another layer of shell game. It’s like making people declare, “do you want to be a good person, or a money making person? choose one or the other because combining the two is both illegal and frowned upon.” I.F. Stone charged 5 bucks or something and dug up stuff. He didn’t call it a non profit, he just found a balance between making a living and making it mean something, which seems like the far more normal and healthy way to do it, as opposed to dividing the world up into only leeches and saints, and keeping them forever walled off from each other, as if it’s the most normal state of affairs ever.

    • Tarzie says:

      Ah, you’re Pierre!

    • asmallweasel says:

      The Intercept is a giant self-important circle jerk that’s serving to distract the “left” from non-surveillance issues. Please stop.

      • Sir Semi-Rancid says:

        It’s hard to organize for other issues WHEN YOU’RE UNDER CONSTANT SURVEILLANCE. TI: It is what it is.

      • Tarzie says:

        You really are consistently ridiculous.

      • asmallweasel says:

        Left was already under constant surveillance, absurd to think otherwise. Privacy movement stuff diverts left from issues like homelessness, poverty, imperialism (though they are related) and puts us in an alliance with right-wing elements that honestly are not trustworthy. Intercept helps fuel this and is so smug about it I want to burn their offices down

      • Tarzie says:

        It’s such a stupid idea: we have to end the surveillance menace before we do anything else. As if there could ever be an unobserved Left. The idiot’s gotta be a liberal or a libertarian. The combo of banality and self superiority is all too familiar. He’s a glennbot straining to be well-mannered so he can continue to shill.

  8. Sir Semi-Rancid says:


  9. Sir Semi-Rancid says:

    @weasel, If those right wing elements are not trust-worthy, don’t trust them. You don’t have to have an alliance based on certain common interests, that’s politics. As for TI, TI is not in power and your anger, while understandable, might be better placed on those who are creating the policies which are creating the status quo, and the intercept, that is not. The anti-surveillance movement is the (proverbial,) baby, and the smug quality of whichever writers you may not like, *that* is the proverbial bathwater.

    • Tarzie says:

      as if a meddlesome neoliberal billionaire has nothing to do with power or the status quo.

    • AmishRakeFight says:

      “…your anger, while understandable, might be better placed on those who are creating the policies which are creating the status quo.”
      Is this the part where you suggest we sign a petition? Or vote for Rand Paul?

  10. walterglass4 says:

    At the end of The Intercept story some guy from the ACLU says that the story “fills an important gap in our knowledge.” I’d have to check but I feel like every time I read one of these aggregated stories some schmoe from the ACLU or EFF comes along to talk about how The Intercept is filling a gap. The Intercept is always filling gaps. It’s great, I love it.

    • Tarzie says:

      Since the ACLU, EFF and The Intercept are part of the same conglomerate not surprising that they reflexively play along with The Intercept’s idiotic self-hyping. The Intercept might even write their quotes for them.

      What do you think’s going on here, with these reblogs touted as new revelations. Is it just laziness? I noticed that Josh Begley was credited with “research” which presumably means Scahill and Margot Williams didn’t even do their own Googling for the rehashed material. They just pasted it together. Nice work if you can get it.

      • walterglass4 says:

        I actually had the opposite question for you, how did you put together all that research for the post you wrote a while back (and linked above) about Section 215? That was very thorough.

      • Tarzie says:

        how did you put together all that research

        Just web searching. It was thorough because the issue has been written about a good bit. The Intercept should truly be embarrassed. Oddly enough, the Wall Street Journal is frequently a very good source for this stuff. And the AP story about the FBI’s spy planes provided a lot of leads.

        One thing I did, that The Intercept didn’t do, was poke around in the data analysis realm, which is, of course, hugely important. There’s less written about that, so I used company web sites and promotional videos. What these companies say is often more explicit than The Intercept’s stupid documents, because, of course, they have to sell their product. As I always do when looking at the commercial side of surveillance I looked for connections to the intel world and, unsurprisingly found In-Q-Tel all over the place, and lots of patronage from federal agencies and cops.

        If you go to In-Q-Tel’s website you can see the projects they’re funding and it’s quite clear data analysis is a very high priority. And no wonder. With the right tools, it’s possible to get more useful info on a target with publicly available information, including what the target happily posts online themselves, than you can from digging in their email. The other thing this software does is map social relationships, which you can only do effectively with large amounts of data. So you can theoretically identify who the shit disturbers are, and who’s riding along, just by analysis of their call, messaging and social network patterns. This stuff will make the NSA’s hamfisted breaking and entering look quaint.

  11. Ryan C. says:

    My circles are different then yours, but The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work just came out:

    Feel free to digest how it seemingly ignores cryptography is under attack while expounding cryptographers to be more moral (go on the offensive). Naturally this is a very weak argument, everyone knows Goering said the common soldier has nothing to gain from war, but is willing to go to war if everyone says you’re under attack.

    On a different subject, I find fascists to be poorer liars than communists, but both are equally evil. Communists perhaps are more dangerous, because there is evidence that they are better at engaging in disinformation campaigns.

    I am equally disturbed that Che Guevara and Ronald Reagan are seemingly praiseworthy.

    • Tarzie says:

      Yeah, I don’t do the Fascist/Communist peas in a pod thing. Fascists are worse, just by virtue of what they aim for. To put Che Guevara in the same class as Reagan, at the very least, ignores scale, and is therefore exceedingly clueless.

      “Better at engaging in disinformation campaigns.”

      Yeah, Hitler only hypnotized an entire nation into believing genocide and taking over the world were peachy ideas. Fascists are just too honest for their own good. But those wily commies…

      What next? Allende = Pinochet? Don’t answer that.

      What have I done to attract all the libertarian boys? How can I undo it?

      • Ryan C. says:

        From 1984:

        The aims of these three groups are entirely irreconcilable. The aim of
        the High is to remain where they are. The aim of the Middle is to change
        places with the High. The aim of the Low, when they have an aim–for it
        is an abiding characteristic of the Low that they are too much crushed
        by drudgery to be more than intermittently conscious of anything outside
        their daily lives–is to abolish all distinctions and create a society in
        which all men shall be equal. Thus throughout history a struggle which is
        the same in its main outlines recurs over and over again. For long periods
        the High seem to be securely in power, but sooner or later there always
        comes a moment when they lose either their belief in themselves or their
        capacity to govern efficiently, or both. They are then overthrown by the
        Middle, who enlist the Low on their side by pretending to them that they
        are fighting for liberty and justice. As soon as they have reached their
        objective, the Middle thrust the Low back into their old position of
        servitude, and themselves become the High. Presently a new Middle group
        splits off from one of the other groups, or from both of them, and the
        struggle begins over again. Of the three groups, only the Low are never
        even temporarily successful in achieving their aims. It would be an
        exaggeration to say that throughout history there has been no progress of
        a material kind. Even today, in a period of decline, the average human
        being is physically better off than he was a few centuries ago. But no
        advance in wealth, no softening of manners, no reform or revolution has
        ever brought human equality a millimetre nearer. From the point of view of
        the Low, no historic change has ever meant much more than a change in the
        name of their masters.


      • Tarzie says:

        Orwell? Dear God. Well at least you didn’t cut and paste Ayn Rand.

    • Goldfish Training Institute says:

      I am equally disturbed that Che Guevara and Ronald Reagan are seemingly praiseworthy.

      Are you just yanking chains here? Because this is the worst kind of propaganda. You’re covering both sides of the street without clear explanations of class analysis or struggle or an explanation of what your “version” of social construction would even look like. And come on with the Orwell, you should have stopped quoting this comforting liberal source of bourgeois propaganda years ago. Nobody’s biting.

      What is the limit of your political views? Government bad? Corporate America bad? This looks like another parsing of Chomsky, like “any revolution that succeeds is a bad one.”

      Although I don’t know what Reagan’s “revolution” was. Dismantle the Soviet Union. Murder as many Central American workers, peasants, activists, students, and priests as possible. Destroy unions and the lives of the working class.

      Che died serving a proletarian struggle that continues today. Don’t equate Guevara with Reagan. It’s just offensive.

  12. diane says:

    a note to Yasha Levine,

    Nice to see you recently taking jabs at California DemoRats, Gerald Junior [Methane] Brown and Zoe [Lean In on the voiceless Populace] Lofgren (they deserve far, far more than jabs; along with all of the other Cali (particularly Silicon Valley), DemoRats); but it would have been even nicer had you acknowledged that Mike Honda, whom you highly touted, just sent out flyers bragging: Delivering Results for Silicon Valley, which included this:

    Led the effort to bring jobs and innovation to Silicon Valley
    Honda and Department of Defense Secretary Ash Carter announce a New manufacturing Institute to be led by Silicon Valley-based coalition. [India Post, 9/2/15]

    It would have been a far better choice for you to note that everyone should stay home and not shame themselves by voting, or, write on the ballot: I do not see anyone representing the populace, versus MIC/Tech Oligarchies, to vote for.

    I mean really Yasha, I’m pretty sure you remember this Pando/Dan Raile piece a few months ago, which you promoted:

    Sec. of Defense to Silicon Valley: “There is no limit to what we can achieve together” – Ash Carter announces a new public-private project and delivers a recruitment pitch
    By Dan Raile
    written on August 31, 2015

    The US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter paid an official visit to Silicon Valley this weekend, his second in only six months atop the Pentagon chain of command.

    When Carter came in April – delivering a speech at the Stanford Business School and meeting at Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg and later with Ben Horowitz – it was the first visit by a sitting Secretary of Defense since the Clinton Administration.

    On Friday morning, Carter returned to Silicon Valley, landing on the tarmac at Moffett Field, the former military airfield in Mountain View now leased by Google. Carter was whisked to the far end of the NASA Ames Research Center, a stone’s throw from another parcel land Google has leased from NASA, to give a short speech within the National Full-scale Aerodynamics Complex – the world’s largest wind tunnel, operated by the Air Force to test both military and commercial aircraft, located on a shrinking island of DoD land amid the rising waters of Google and its ilk.

    On his way, he passed a Google-NASA experimental quantum computer, Singularity University, and any number of technical wonders to delight the former theoretical physicist. Carter proceeded to the wind-tunnel with a hawkish focus on his goal: to develop stronger private partnerships in Silicon Valley.

    The ostensible reason for the press event was the announcement of a new manufacturing “institute” in San Jose, the product of several years of wrangling in D.C. to establish a consortium of industry, government and academic partners (and $171 million in up-front funding) to be put towards the development of “flexible hybrid electronics manufacturing innovation.” The manufacturing institute is one of many across the nation that have been set up in response to a White House initiative to revitalize American manufacturing.

    The Department of Defense came up with $75 million from its own budget for the San Jose facility, the rest was put up by the 162 partners of the project, which include “companies as diverse as Apple and Lockheed Martin and major research universities including Stanford and MIT” according to the press release.

    And, oh lookie there, at those Sly Con Valley DemRat, Congressional “ FEDERAL [!] House [!] Reps” (bolding mine):

    Also in attendance were the Peninsula’s “troika” of US congressional representatives – Anna Eshoo, Zoe Lofgren and Mike Honda – and San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, who each delivered statements cheering the new public-private initiative.

    Carter said the manufacturing institute was just one facet of his wider mission to “rebuild the bridges between the Pentagon and Silicon Valley.”

    “There is no limit to what we can achieve together, which is why I am pushing the Department of Defense to think outside the five-sided box,” Carter said.


    • diane says:

      (interesting WordPress change: it used to always be that a comment number was always atributed to a comment one attempted to post, whether it ‘posted,’ or not; it no longer is. I noticed that change when posting on the last ‘thread,’ over a week ago, to my recollect.)

    • dian says:

      ewwwww, and speaking of Gerald Methane Gas ‘Brown’ Family Junior – BiPartisan Familial Dynasty; “Je$uit Schooled;” Military Camps for the abused; Reagan Worshipper – trigger alert (most of you who sniff at trigger alerts, are non elderly white males (so many times ‘coders’, ‘author/clever pundits’, lawyers, ) mostly without ‘college age’ kids who can’t get a job, despite ‘college educations’) with no terminal and deadly physical illness and still gainfully employed, and/or still potentially supported by your elder parents who did fairly well, versus desperately attempting to keep your parent out of a skilled rehab/’nursing home’ facility, and or support your young adult kids who can’t get a job, no matter how ‘intelligent’ they are … and the kinder they are, the least likely they will be able to stay employed.)):

      I mean, no harm directed towards Downey Junior, but the vast majority end up dead, let alone unpardoned, when they follow that path, without having ‘connections.’

      • diane says:

        a person could write at least ten, door stopper thick, volumes regarding the symbolism that the above photograph portrays, regarding the Global Banker/DOD Subsidized [AI (Artificial Intelligence!, sans both kindness and wisdom) controlled] Republic [Empire] of California, residing in the Top Ten of the Whirled’s ‘Economies’.

        If I even had the energy, I would start with that not so subtly bone pale, subtly Robed though, not at all so subtly smirking (perhaps smug to say the least?), subtly sadistic contempt filled Male image (in my subjective, and decades of living experience filled thought) of that spirit of California[!]

        The STATE [Empire] of California, where all minorities (most particularly native ‘indians’ and ‘mexicans’), females, and elderly, have a far, far lower per capita population (of those considered to be Legal Citizens) than makes any sense whatsoever, and certainly far lower than the average US population, let alone The South (for fucks sake????????), because those populations, cannot really afford to live in the Pwogwessive (Genderist, Racist, Ageist, CLASSIST), Empire of California, even though their parents, grandparents, etcetera, previously could at least struggle and afford to …when their sweat and labor hadn’t been obsolesced yet.

        and then, i really near vomited … there is … is … that highly deliberate, sickeningly faux, lighting a candle in the night imagery …

  13. spyculture says:

    Very good article. I like the Times line that Gelli offered a ‘promise of stability in turbulent times, when the Communist Party was advancing at the polls’. This is more or less exactly what the Gladio training document FM 30-31B says is the function of Gladio operations, and here are the Times lauding not only this fascist asshole but also the overall strategy he was a part of.

    As to the Intercept – like the saying goes, what do you expect from a pig but a grunt?

  14. Jacob says:

    Samuel L. Jackson is boosting Hillary.

    ///“I’m forever a Democrat, you know, and I’m gonna vote for Hillary,” he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    “I mean, I love Bernie — Bernie’s a man of the people — but he can’t win,” Jackson continued. “So I gotta cast my vote for a person that can keep those other people from winning, okay?”///


    I read his wikipedia bio to find out more about his life. It turns out as a youth he was an armed black power activist and was part of a group of students that locked the board members of his college in a building until they met their policy demands. Doesn’t really sound like a lifelong democrat.

    ///“I was in that radical faction,” Jackson said. “We were buying guns, getting ready for armed struggle. “All of a sudden,” he said proudly, “I felt I had a voice. I was somebody. I could make a difference.///

    More striking though is what seems to have been his conversion moment:

    ///“But then one day,” he added quietly, “my mom showed up and put me on a plane to L.A. She said, ‘Do not come back to Atlanta.’ The FBI had been to the house and told her that if I didn’t get out of Atlanta, there was a good possibility I’d be dead within a year. She freaked out.”In Los Angeles, Jackson worked in social services for two years. He applied to Morehouse and returned in January of 1971 as a drama major. “I had done a play and fallen in love with acting,” he explained. “I decided that theater would now be my politics. It could engage people and affect the way they think. It might even change some minds.”///


    • diane says:

      sounds like a ‘rattler snake’ hole – far, far less than even half heartedly disguised as a ‘bunny’’s nesting hole – in a sane and kind world he would not promote any of the bipartisan ‘snake’ assholes “running for [U$ [!] Presidential] OFFICE”.

      my gut instinct: generally 4 possibilities, not at all necessarily in the order portrayed:

      1. his arm is jacked up against his back in order to maintain the life he’s become accustomed to (after all, all humans are capable of being stunningly self absorbed).

      2. his arm is jacked up against his back because someone he cares about has been slyly threatened in return for his vote which many of the ‘african american’ populace may well take to heart

      3. He’s witnessed so much ♪ ♫ Musical Chairs ♪♫ misery among the ‘african american’ populace set against one another in trying to stave off homelessness that he has given up on what he used to feel was the thing to do.

      4. He’s a fuckin paid, utter ‘snake’ … which I somewhat doubt.

  15. diane says:

    pretty fucking horrifying … those who proclaim how horrid facebook is, yet still have a facebook page[!].. what? cover their asses? what? …. they ‘validate’ facebook by using it, even though they don’t at all need to.

    and should anyone really waste their time attempting to discern what their actual message is?

    • diane says:

      and should anyone really waste their time attempting to discern what their actual message is?

      especially, when facebook™ users are so prone to sucking facebook™ ass, … as they blatantly suck in every one who contacts them into their facebook [what the fuck is a Face Book?]™ ‘contact,’ and biometric tracking,list without even asking them whether that is acceptable.

      Same thing goes for G[oogle]Mail.

      sigh ….weep …

  16. diane says:

    W o a h

    Nothing qualifies a person to target another with lies – put them in further danger, and get away with it – quite like an editorship of a decades old, MIT of MA approved and supported, liberal, satirical (i.e. if you don’t find yourself in tears with laughter at an article’s subtle, and not so subtle patronizing targeting of the voiceless, unable to find the humor, you’re likely one of the non ivy leaguer, oppressed billions), elite table decorator rag.

    And nothing qualifies a person to attain that editorship of a decades old – MIT of MA approved and supported, liberal, satirical – elite table decorator rag quite like being the young, sole white male heir of a banking heir editor/journalist[!]/publisher who can address the Clintons and Obamas of the world on a first name intimate basis; who was once guarded by Pinkerton Security in childhood (because apparently Dad couldn’t think of a better name in the Detective business, and unlike, say, Gary Webb’s family); who, like Dad, can afford to annually buy at least 110K of DemoRat political favors at a ripe young age; and, last but not least, whose Daddy significantly supported the rag while intimately fundraising for Clinton 2016.

    (Not at all surprised that Dad’s banking inheritance isn’t even noted on his wiki page currently because, of course, he ‘succeeded’ by his bootstraps, just like his heir has.)

    • diane says:

      (that above mentioned ragrag, as in (as there are many definitions/prefixes in use, many ironic to each other) corrupt, diseased and deadly – should have been named, A Prime Baffle,… oh wait! ….and, …. let’s make it as out loud, yet far more subtle, so those non ivy leaguer oppressed will feel too ‘uneducated’ to question why we chose that blatantly odd Trade Mark; …. since we engaged so much pretense as to be portrayed as the Wise and Valid Spokespersons for the voiceless (stunningly despite the fact that the predominance of those voiceless …actually can write circles around those spokespersons, and, predominantly, still have their vocal chords intact.)

    • diane says:

      ♫ … and the beat™ goes on …, the beat™ goes on, … [electric] drums keep poundin rithm[s] in my braiiin … ♪

  17. Goldfish Training Institute says:

    Good backstory on McCarthyism by Roger Keeran. It’s in two parts.

    • diane says:

      Thank you, not enough can be relayed about the shutting up of those voiceless who have always understood that Capitalism is a deadly pyramid game, built for potential sadists who never think about anyone (not even their parents or offspring) but themselves; even when, mostly when, they are not even suffering.

      Are you aware of any transcripts of the above? My barely affordable online access, precludes (and has, for some time) watching videos, though I am quite interested to read what he had to say.

      (c.c. someone far younger and, per their own words, doing okay financially, who portrayed me as off the hook on a widespread online ‘platform’ which I’m pretty sure they were aware I was not a member of, while blocking the only means I had of explaining my comments.)

  18. diane says:

    something about a person twitting that they’re a human rights enthusiast ™ makes me simultaneously want to: [fill in the blanks].

    For one thing, that terminology, enthusiast, so equates with a currently proclaimed hobby, versus an innate and continuous state of being; for another, it always feels, to me, that they’re implying they see themselves as a superior observer from above (the word uber comes to mind and never fails to remind me of a Nazi), versus being human themselves.

  19. diane says:

    anyone else wondering why that Head Lining Oxfam Inequality Report stopped at 62 of the world’s wealthiest persons as to how much those people own compared to everyone else (yes I did a ‘search’ and came up with an unsurprising nothing); nipping off such Silicon Valley Thought Leaders as: Peter Thiel, Pierre Omidyar, Elon Musk, et al, … within a hair’s breadth?

    And who knows how the accounting was done, when clearly the wealthiest are aware of every means possible to hide their wealth; … perhaps DIFI/Dick Blum would make the 200, or even 150 wealthiest list?

    Further, why are those stats not (while everyone proclaims that the US has the most POWER) also highlighted as to the US Wealthiest, and how much they own, versus the US citizens they rule over,… so many of whom, despite their ‘overtime’ (and wisdom and empathy), could never imagine even having the finances to bother owning/afford to make use of a Pass Port.

    It always sickens me that the US is never considered to have stunningly wide swaths of poverty which have existed for over a century, closing in on two centuries.

    Lastly – because The Republic of California is considered to be around the 9th, or 8th (last I checked), largest economy in the world – I’d love to see it even further broken down as to the The Republic of California stats, which would finally put an end to the sadistic GDP (Gross Domestic Product Output = Human Well Being) utter fucking lie. I.E. the five largest GDP states (CA, TX, NY, FL, IL; the last I checked) have the most outrageous comparative poverty rates to that proclaimed: high GDP equals human Well Being.

  20. diane says:

    (yep, the exThe Exiled [Female Ridiculers:….Unbearable Smelly Yeast Infections of the poverty ridden women who should know their offending me in trying to stay alive! ….Wanted to get in that teen’s Panties! ……], now Pando Author[s]’, have a hell of a lot of nerve slamming anyone for defending some Ron Paul trui$ms; especially since Pando (Exceptional Free Markets[!] Female Lean Iner, Sarah Lacey , along with that Brit who amazingly stayed employed (where others never could get a job again had they done what he did), Paul Carr, at that Seasteader’s Helm) emanated [was funded by] from the most horrid Silicon Valley Libertarians that ever existed (Wilson Sonsini’s Michael Arrington/TechCrunch, et al, Page Mill Road And VC Sand Hill Road, etcetera).

    My moment for the Ron Paul truism was that horrid push for public schools surveilling of youth, by The State, for “mental defects” ….

    Ron and his dwarf son spoke/speak a whole lot of truisms …. but let’s pick on those it is easist to slander – years later, and utterly out of context?

    fuck ya’ll, despite my not at all liking or agreeing with Charlie Davis, who apparently doesn’t make enough money to change that utterly worn out robins egg blue t-shirt.)

    • diane says:

      (oops just to perfectly clarify, Ron Paul is even more of a Dwarf than his his offspring is /are, yet cunning enough to rile up millions, just like Trump.

      do I really nead to clarify that I am not speaking to physical appearance ?)

    • diane says:

      woah, speaking of charlie davis, looks like he’s chosen a new Avatar! [what the fuck is an avatar other than a false ‘front’; whether for protection, or deception] …dropping the technicolor to gritty “black and white”; as he now Reports – FROM Quito, Ecuador -…to weirdly highlight and attack (with no seeming provocation whatsoever) someone (not at all connected with Ecuador) who came to to the obvious conclusion (given pretty blatant evidence) that the CIA has been way too entrenched in the most popular of US Daily TV Series:

      01/25/16 10:54 PM EST https://twitter.com/charliearchy/status/691831488397099008

      fuck you charlie.

      • Tarzie says:

        can people please stop obsessing over that asshole. just fucking stop.

      • diane says:

        can people please stop obsessing over that asshole. just fucking stop.

        Excuse me? I’m unclear, as to whether your comment was directed towards me, but it feels like it was?

        (If your comment was directed towards me: I have only made 2 online comments about him (both above, the first in support of one of your Twitter comments regarding him) over the few years I’ve been familiar with his pontifications; far, far, far less commentary than you’ve made about him on “Twitter”, so how does that make me obsessing over him, particularly when my last comment regarding him was calling him out on most blatantly defending the CIA while attempting to target gbjnr?)

      • Tarzie says:

        It’s not just you. I’m just sick of hearing about the guy. He’s a nobody. Why focus on some asshole who is entirely without significant influence?

      • diane says:

        It’s not just you.

        It’s not me at all, I don’t even have a twitter account. I’ve only written 2 comments about him (both above), one of which actually defended him for defending one of the Ron/RAND/Paul trui$ms used to dupe people who have no voice.

        My second comment (above), I still feel was warranted.

        It was a frightening, horrid (on charles davis’ free, presumably unpaid, time), utterly unwarranted ‘insanity implication’ he made against gbjnr.

        As if mocking gbjnr’s totally valid communications regarding the cia twitter ‘account’ and xfiles’ twitter ‘account’ recent twits, was not enough, charles upped the sadism:

        hmm… feels like a psyop.

        [ source: https://mobile.twitter.com/charliearchy/status/691858525631442944?p=p ]

        on the other hand,

        I really do get your frustration regarding the absolute reality that the mostly “no ones” lackeys (like Charles, Sarah Jeong, and Crab Apple) are the ones being predominantly called out, …

        because the employers of their employers, etcetera, …. the biggest, most silent and deadly, MONSTERS, have no need to even use Social Media, and never, ever, do, in the ‘first person.’ Their necks and spinal columns are far too dainty to cripple by texting all day long, they would much rather have a lackey destroy their slave body, as they go about enjoying being OFFLINE.

        I’ll bet my life that near every one of that handful of DEMENTED MONSTERS still have land line phones – which will still work when the power goes out (unlike cell/mobile phones) – in which case, I’ll bet my life that the Laws are far, far, far more stringent, as regards ‘listening in.’

      • diane says:

        wow, deep, and how could I ever prove it?

        I had ‘block quoted’ the entire post charles made, to make my point, but a silent AI hand made an edit?

        At any rate, and not blaming you ‘Tarzie,’ the above quote of https://mobile.twitter.com/charliearchy/status/691858525631442944?p=p, is utterly incomplete, despite my very best efforts.

  21. Hummus says:

    Hi it’s everyone’s favorite chickpea puree asking if anyone had those pieces criticizing ‘The Wire’ for being liberal bullshit. I had them once upon a time and lost them. I know RK has them but I’m not on Twitter.

    My roommate just name dropped Zizek and there needs to be a reckoning.

  22. diane says:

    welp, I guess the, currently mourning (of melvin AI minsky, likely best buds with chomsky?), elite pale ‘males’ at MIT of MA[!], CMU of PA[!], et al in CA’s sly con valley, still haven’t acheived their horrid doomsday – part machine 1, part animal – physical immortality wet dream.

    A Free Market$[!] Physical Immortality wet dream, which, when one meditates on it, seems to exlude all – currently (non filthy wealthy via a Shaming Daddy inheritance) alive – biologicial female identifying beings, along with 99.999999999999999999999999999999999% of biological male identifying beings.

    Can’t wait till ray kurzweil, like minsky, has dust mites, earthworms, sea snakes, or space snakes sorting through his – pathetic, U$/LONDON, Nazi Germany, et al, ‘DOD’ [actually DOO, the Department of Offense] MILITARY Supported for Decades – remains, and spitting them back out as toxic waste.

    Get over it Ray Kurzweil, even you will get to be disrupted – physically die (be utterly silenced, in the physical realm) – like MIT Minsky, at the end of the day, … after you promoted utterly horrid and inhuman premature DI$RUPTION for so many others who did not need to be disrupted at those horrid moments they were prematurely disrupted.

    1 special elite pale animal males at MIT, CMU, et al …. created and controlled machines. Why yes, those animal males who proclaim computers are smarter than animals, also believe they are the elite animal exception to that rule who should be the elite who ‘create’ those animal controlling machines. Fucking $emitic Nazis? … what the fuck is wrong with you Kurzweil?

    and, say Ray K., you can crawl in Marvin Gaye’s ‘shadow’ as he sang: distant lover, ….

  23. diane says:

    welp, Sly Con Valley’s Holy [50th!] Sunday™ is just daze around the corner, can hear the war adoring super sonic F15s (sorry if 15 is the wrong number, who can keep track?) over head, prepping to kill any body who sneezes without a permission slip – on their way back to Google[’s] Moffett Field [once, ……. apparently still, a major US Naval “Intelligence” Hub] ….

    For the first time in decades, The [Local “Hopeless “, I™ tell you!, criminals and mentally ill (unlike any of the horrifying presidential candidates, or tech billionaires, etcetera)] Homeless – so many of whom, not so long ago, made sure to have those requisite jawbz to afford a roof over the head of not only themselves, but Those They Loved – are a key concern. The power brokers would shoot them if they could, without batting an eyelash.

    Anyone who can afford the full price of that Game of Thrones/Super Bowl ‘Ticket’ (can anyone even afford a’ ticket to attend’ any ‘major’ sports ‘events,’ or concerts anymore?) will, for a certainty, not be in the class of humans who live in that stadium targeted ‘area’ of the City of Santa Clara, California neighborhood (loaded with ultimately Shabby Ass, Condo/Apartment Rentals and Mobile Home Parks), who will be having to deal with snipers on neighborhood roof tops, license scanning and K9 [Nazi Perfected] Units patrolling.

    And now, some sickening, utterly unquestioned, … rabid froth, ….. from PA’s Tom[b] Ridge!, courtesy of Stephen Stock [1], Head of the Investigative Unit[!] of Comcast Owned NBC Local Bay Area [Sly Con Valley, California] Noooz:

    02/04/13 Former DHS Chief Tom Ridge: More Cooperation Needed for Super Bowl 50 Security
    By Stephen Stock, [and those interns he requires to kiss his ass in order to pay their rent/mortgage and be on his investigative team] Michael Bott, and Mark Villareal.

    [1] Had the extreme, highly traumatic, misfortune (upon calling regarding a decades old Silicon Valley/DOD (Department of “Defense” ) environmental toxin issue) to have a brief phone conversation with Stephen Stock.

  24. Goldfish Training Institute says:

    Super Bowl 50: The most expensive single sports game on Earth kicked off under unprecedented militarization of the police and the highest levels of inequality since the Great Depression.


    • diane says:

      somewhere on paper, and on some never frequented On Line[!] site[s], there’s likely a detailed 1965-1966 timeline of Financier/Corporate/DOD/CIA horror stories which culminated in that first billionaire’s party –The Enlightenment’s far more deadly and subtle version of human slaves versus caged lions – the $uper Bowl.

      It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if things get so bad, before the next decade, that it goes back to that ancient raw, caged feline versus caged human, version.

      It is so very appropriate that the $uper Bowl 50 was held in a state with a US record for eugenics, nazism, cop deaths per capita, and incarceration; amongst the currently highest population of billionaires.

      • diane says:

        priceless, speaking of that 50th Holy Sunday Anniversary, I’d love to be a fly on the wall aas regards that unexpected upstaging of tomorrow’s front page hard copy newspapers, if former (January 2001 to July 2003) White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer (no, one won’t currently read on that wiki page that Ari was – as of December 2015, and may still be – Peyton Manning’s crisis management consultant) is still Peyton Manning’s crisis management consultant.

        Ari and Daddy, Archie Manning, probably popped quite a few corks, while warning Peyton not to get into any domestic ‘incidents’ with wife, and undo their unexpected ‘good fortune’ of Scalia’s demise in the bed of an exclusive Texas Hunting Lodge.

        Meanwhile, Ari is currently silent on his twitter account …fine linen hanky in hand, faux but expected –as that’s the way The Game Is Played reverence for that focker, Scalia, while wringing his hands in glee at that CAPITALIST good luck.

    • diane says:

      some horrid remnants of that recent day in time:

      02/25/16 Homeless ordered to vacate camp they were pressured into before Super Bowl Now declared a public health hazard, the 21st-century Hooverville under a highway overpass became a symbol of San Francisco’s gaping inequality

      yep, followed by a record year (20 minimum, with a very high potential of at least 18 of them being suicides, what kind of trauma has one committing death by train: potential, or oncoming, HOMELESSNESS ) of deaths via Caltrain in 2015, deaths which Caltrain has been informing, for over a decade, are predominantly adult suicides (who would want to be sleeping on cement as the cost of living becomes utterly unaffordable?).

      I’m sickened that Ms. Hannah Lean in Rosin did not at least mention the 17 Caltrain Adult pedestrian trespassing incidents in her Silicon Valley Teen Suicide report, no one lives in a total vacuum …could it be possible those teens were not the ones with a mental illness? that they were in fact highly sensitive to the sociopathy in Silicon Valley at a time when some other straw fell upon them? (I’m pretty sure, that … that is the case, for the most part.)

      It needs be highlighted, over and over again, that perhaps the mental illness, so bandied about in the above circumstances, was the Sociopathy of – and Sociopathic handful of individuals who run it – Silicon Valley.

  25. diane says:

    sigh, so utterly true re Omidyar and the sadism of the India (et al) micro loan cesspool …but why does it feel that Andreesen/Facebook, et al, horrors are so subtly being swept under the rug in that process?

  26. diane says:

    In a sane world, it should horrify everyone that many news outlets, large through tiny, no longer offer phone numbers to contact them – with millions, even in the US, not connected whatsoever ……

    file under clueless and/or duped Web Activism and the ♫ Musical Chairs♫ of Capital$m.

    (Oh, and thanks! …., all you self absorbed, asshole Facebook [Pager$] who – had the access to know better yet validated – keep validating this nightmare by maintaining (exactly why?) Facebook Page$:

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cbw_bXzWAAIt_ap.jpg:small ………..)

    • diane says:

      Facebook [Adverti$ing Page$]™, … which utterly violate the privacy of those you proclaim as loved ones, … while you horridly post their photos world wide … and tell your –always not fully informed – view of their private lives, …. without even bothering to ask them for their permission??????????

      and worse, after that insanity, you want everyone to follow all of your other wise advice on the twitz and then, that utterly neglected WordPress site which you find too lame and old fashioned to respond to regularly? …. or what (clearly I’m not talking about you Tarz)?????, …. which leaves your followers utterly no time in their own lives but to read your Pearls of Webtavism?

      yeah, I am heading on toasted, it is so painful, I can’t write these things while totally sober, if you really want the truth.

      • diane says:

        bits in the following ‘link’ of what was wrought when Zuckerfuck and his horrid FaceBook deliberately located itself in two powerless age old neighborhoods of ethnic minorities – the majority of whom were either born there, or were there for decades – who, all of a sudden, were no longer able to stay there:

        April 7, 2014 In Silicon Valley, a New Investment: Eviction

        I’m outraged, particularly at White Facebook Pagers with passports – who can still afford to travel miles away, quite frequently – who apparently don’t have a fricking clue about the misery Facebook has caused in this country, yet mostly pontificate about the misery in other countries from their Facebook Pages.

        And I fucking despise the EFF (The Electronic Frontier Foundation, that full title a dead giveaway to their ill purpose, to my mind, particularly when someone bothers to research its stunningly ‘connected’ ‘heavy weights’) and the ACLU – who both clearly, according to their very own commentaries, know how deadly Facebook is – for maintaining Facebook Pages, versus providing PRIVATE one on one phone conversations with the stunningly victimized.

  27. diane says:

    I believe one of the dead giveaways (there are many, to my mind) that [Online!] Social Media was an intended surveillance and propagandizing trap, is the psychological effect of conversations being visually represented as top > down.

    One’s Online response is always visually under another’s proclamations (particularly when that initial widely read! Verified! proclamation is unhindered as to: its tone; ‘fearless’ use of actual full name and middle initial; and frequency – due solely to economic power enhancing – despite the fact that maybe it should be considered on, at the very least, the same level; versus in offline commentary, where it’s a whole different reality.

    Worse, in [Online] Social Media, it was sociopathically accepted, early on, that it was okay to neglect even responding to a human peer (despite their clear lack of ill will) with a valid response, which still is not considered acceptable, offline. I’m positive the powers that connive and thieve, with the utmost malice, love that emotionally destabilizing factor that comes into play when a ‘nobody’ keeps asking valid questions which are repeatedly treated as too unworthy to even respond to.

  28. diane says:

    oh, Sly Con Valley (which San Jose is in the gut of, with a National Record for Unsheltered Homeless, just minutes away from millionaires and billionaires), and the UZ … by extension:

    Reviews of the Downtown San Jose Social Security Administration Office

    …. It is a Federal Building so you must come prepared to take off shoes, belt buckles, etc. [before you can even get in the building, despite having been forced (and didn’t mind paying into, speaking for myself) to plant your safety net funds with them – diane]…..

    Trigger alert, …. the above quote, from Lina, was – horrifyingly – a five star review.

    This horrifying 12/02/15 quote is from Tiffany’s four star review:

    …. They let only ONE person in at a time, that one person must take their clothes shoes etc. off as they would at the airport. It would be nice if people actually prepare themselves as they’re waiting in line but NOPE! They wait until they get inside to start stripping and make the process longer for EVERYONE!

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