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Hollywood Trolling Hard with Snowden and Obama biopics

These are some gifts for anyone who’s feeling blue. Up first, the trailer for Oliver Stone’s, Snowden biopic, about which the @Snowden account manager tweeted this: For two minutes and thirty nine seconds, everybody at NSA just stopped working. I reckon if … Continue reading

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Assad, Putin, Iceland and…David Cameron???

Since I’m too lazy to recap, this post will make much more sense if you read my last post, “Assad, Putin and…Iceland???” Having concluded that this Panama Papers spectacle could not be more contrived, I can’t help trying to figure … Continue reading

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Assad, Putin and…Iceland???

The Panama Papers “leak” is blatantly a propaganda op, with ties to soft imperialism’s usual suspects — Open Society, USAID, the Ford Foundation etc — and leading off with the most crude attacks on Putin and Assad. It’s so blatant … Continue reading

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