Assad, Putin, Iceland and…David Cameron???

Since I’m too lazy to recap, this post will make much more sense if you read my last post, “Assad, Putin and…Iceland???

Having concluded that this Panama Papers spectacle could not be more contrived, I can’t help trying to figure out what the point is. There’s no careful study required when the person at the center of the scandal is Russian, Syrian or South American, but when an ostensible pal gets a drubbing, the point is less obvious. For the second time, identifying the target‘s connections to China reveals interesting possibilities, like this Vox post from a year ago, excerpted below:

How a Chinese infrastructure bank turned into a diplomatic fiasco for America

Last fall, China rolled out a new regional economic initiative — the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank — on which it was partnering with India and a range of smaller Asian countries. The United States swiftly announced its opposition to the plan, which it said would undermine the existing global financial architecture, and began leaning on allies around the world to give the bank the cold shoulder.

This March, America’s AIIB diplomacy suddenly and dramatically collapsed, as the United Kingdom — over the objections of the UK’s own Foreign Office — said it would join the bank. And that opened the floodgates. Germany, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Korea, and Brazil are now all on board. The US is isolated, America is sniping at its closest foreign allies, and the Obama administration has been dealt a humiliating diplomatic defeat.


So is this all David Cameron’s fault?

That’s more or less how it looks from Washington. The Obama administration’s pique is re-enforced by the fact that, as Jamil Anderlini and Kiran Stacey reported for the Financial Times, the United Kingdom’s decision to join the bank was made over the objections of the UK Foreign Office. As Thomas Wright of the Brookings Institution writes, “It appears as if David Cameron’s government took this decision because it wanted to be the first to join and to get the credit from China for doing so.”

This haste to obtain nonspecific commercial advantages at the expense of following America’s lead on grand strategy is seen by many in DC as crass and opportunistic.

You may recall, as my pal @lstwheel did, that a pig-fucking scandal, courtesy of this dude, afflicted Cameron half a year later.  Admittedly, Lord Ashcroft had possible reasons of his own — or so we’re told — but surely pissing off Washington and the Foreign Office gave the story the strongest of legs.

Perhaps it wasn’t punishment enough.


There’s this also, from last month:

Barack Obama says David Cameron allowed Libya to become a ‘s*** show’

Of course, every leader does things that the US is not happy about, but these are big. If nothing else, badmouthing Cameron for a year suggests the marriage is kaput.


Of course we’ve all been instructed by the leaknoscenti to never roll our eyes and say, “old news” but since posting this I’ve learned that there really is no way to credibly deny it this time. Here from 2012:  Cameron family fortune made in tax havens. The lede:

David Cameron’s father ran a network of offshore investment funds to help build the family fortune that paid for the prime minister’s inheritance, the Guardian can reveal.

Cameron mentioned the 2012 dress rehearsal in his early remarks to the Press, but it slipped by me.

That this scandal has come and gone before makes a useful point. The idiots that love these dramas are in thrall to the childish idea that it’s the leaks themselves that incite protests, investigations, resignations and reforms. But no, dipshits, like everything else in the spectacle, a leak lives or dies in accordance with its utility to people with power. You know, the people that own the story and all the means of telling it and stirring shit around it. The people without whom you wouldn’t even know what Mossack Fonseca is.


Clearly, the story of Cameron’s Dad didn’t make the cut of Really Important People Priorities the last time around. That seems to have changed and resources have been mobilized accordingly. Rubes are jumping through hoops predictably, starting with the “This Four-Year-Old Story is REALLY Important” hoop. That is, exercising their agency.

It’s amazing to me that there are actual adults wondering if this scandal is going to create a crisis for capitalism. This is just hilarious. The way playing practical jokes on yourself is hilarious. Seriously, even if this show isn’t entirely contrived, who the fuck do you think is in charge here?

You preening tools that sneer at people who are rightfully skeptical about what looks unmistakably like weaponized scandal,  I would love to know what theories about power, information and media you’re operating under. What history of spying, propaganda, blackmail and coups is your reference point? Put another way, do you know anything?

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23 Responses to Assad, Putin, Iceland and…David Cameron???

  1. b-psycho says:

    Funny how blasé Matt & his ilk are about how meticulously structured & enforced global capitalism is. The contradiction between the rhetoric & reality just rolls off their backs.

  2. Oh well says:

    I say!


    Makes everything quite transparent. China immune so target weaker intermediaries with the “power to coerce” using amongst other things offensive cyber operations.

  4. diane says:

    In small, or large, part, the Panama Papers, seem to me, could be a half truth effort related to US Election 2016! and the Trans Pacific Pact [TPP].

    Those Banks, Corporations – and their political lackey office holder millionaires – who run the US, have always been Thieves and Tax Cheats at the expense and misery of millions of US citizens. That Theiving and Tax ‘Cheating’ – proclaimed as legal avoidance –versus the illegal, evasion – when the wealthy pay to legalize it for obscenely wealthy persons/entites] – has long been legalized in the US.

    Just ask Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, and Anna Eshoo, etcetera; fellow DOD/Techno Empire of California Federal Congre$$ Critter lackeys. Just ask, for one State, teeny eeny weeny, can drive through in about 10 minutes (population noted as under 1 million, in 2015) Delaware – where virtually 99.999% of US based Multinational Corporations Incorporate, as they Domicile in another State, miles upon miles away.

    • diane says:

      Why I listed all those females above – versus, Sly Con Valley’s DOD/CORP/LLC/VC Owned: Jerry Hill, Richard Gordon, Mike Honda, Paul Fong (oopsie that fucker Fong has been retired, though not before doing stunningly criminal damage), et al –
      some might ask?

      (And yeah, I do regret that I left Nancy Pelosi, Zoe Lofgren, and Jackie Spieres/Spires/ Speirs of Hill$borough, California …. [respectful , correct spelling?, who cares at this point] out of the above list).

      years after having moved to Cali for a jawb, and voted for utter mother fucker FEMALES!!!!, …I came to wonder had the Empire of California not mastered the ‘art’ of placing an utterly false representative of the voiceless (unless those females had a Big Papa husband, daddy or grand daddy somewhere), far, far before Obama was deliberately placed to announce that racism was dead (although it now appears at its most deadly, via AI).

      Just ask that female impersonator machine, [MS] Tay (isn’t that ‘sweet’ she looks possibly from India where the suicides and lack of computer access are off the fucking charts ……??????? ), who apparently stands in for millions of women shunned as unemployable, when they could wrap that fucking code around Gates sneering ugly venal mug and choke the fuck out of him:

      Adult Females, teens and children, of all races, are the most raped and violated of all humanity, appears …they have at least been so, …. from those times that male started recording his ‘accomplishments and aspirations’ …while proclaiming “her,” … hysterical! ….

  5. So Far Right... says:

    The Cameron hedge fund story is weird. The total assets under management(25 milion pounds) are miniscule. If the fund averaged 116 percent return on investment over 5 years they would have had people throwing money at them. Even a 16% roe would have been amazing.

    • Tarzie says:

      Any guesses about what it means?

      • So Far Right... says:

        Not sure really. As you noted in the second update, it might be Libya. Maybe the US was expecting the UK and France to commit significant ground troops to a long term occupation? The expectation that Libya would transition to a peaceful democracy after Quadafi was assassinated without any other stabilization efforts was insane. The Iraqi invasion wasn’t that long ago, was it?

        I’m guessing that reason Cameron was dinged was Russia. I’d need to look further to be sure, but I don’t think he’s been fully committed to the Ukrainian project. Too much Russian oil money ends up in the UK to get really tough. The protests at 10 Downing St. came about suspiciously quick.

        Secondary reason: shotgunning BRICS members to play along with US plans. I think the US government is realizing that other countries aND individuals are losing their fear of US sanctions. The Panama Papers are just trying to get everyone back in line.

  6. diane says:

    listening to Lee Morgan play the trumpet on “Petty Larceny,” with Art Blakey’s, band, might come in handy as a backdrop here …for those … for whom face to face music inspires ……………….

    • diane says:

      after listening to Lee Morgan on Petty Larceny, listen to him on Tell It Like It Is, from that same Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers Freedom Rider album. After that, listen to the last ‘track’, but not at all least, Art Blakey’s drum solo, Freedom Rider ….. words can’t express …… listen to the entire album …. priceless.

      best if you’re able to hear it on an original analog album, though most people felt forced to trash their turn tables and albums. …. Now, only the wealthy can afford such deliberately obsolesced pleasures, they ‘collected’ those albums all else felt utterly shamed and obliged into getting rid of.


      • diane says:

        oh and my, and A Night in Tunisia (also the Album title)..recording of Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers…starring, on trumpet, Lee Morgan.

        accoustic – non plug in required – instruments ….seem so infinite, timeless …and devine;…, they will be the only instruments remaining, …in the event of a huge Solar Storm.

      • diane says:

        that Art Blakey snare drum….the rim shots …… the cymbal sizzlers …the snare drum and cymbal brushes …. the “tom tom” …..the bass …drums….

        that softly uttered: play your instrument [Lee] ……..

        in back of that screaming trumpet ….. what to say …..left utterly speechless ……

        play your instrument , no matter how seemingly out dated, never mind that horrendous DEATH CULT of Capital$m, etcetera.

      • diane says:

        to follow up on that softly uttered:

        play your instrument [Lee] ……..

        it was followed, less than one second later – directly by:

        … get mad.

        all together now:

        play your instrument, ….get mad.

      • diane says:

        I digress, it was about three seconds after ….

  7. Goldfish Training Institute says:

    Sounds like a psy op right up the CIA’s alley. I don’t know why inter-imperialist takedowns would surprise anybody. There’s too much at stake, Washington elites would throw their own kids under the bus if it meant staying two steps ahead of the global game. Looks like they got the U.K. and Icelandic masses to do their dirty work for them.

  8. pim says:

    It might also help usher in super US friendly Johnson as the next party leader. Johnson is shown to be a high wage earner far outperforming his rival Osborne, a beneficiary of family trusts and shares.

    However, the main game here at the moment is the EU referendum. Cameron and Osborne are the remain in team whilst Johnson heads the out campaign. If this is an op it seems to undermine US interests (UK in) at a dangerous moment.

    • Tarzie says:

      That’s interesting.

      Is the switch likely to happen before June, when the referendum happens? And even if it does, will Johnson’s support be decisive? If Brexit figures into this, my guess is that the US is displeased with how Cameron managed the referendum.

      • pim says:

        It would take an earthquake for the leadership change to happen before the referendum. Maybe soon after if the vote is to leave. But Cameron looks likely to win. The UK will stay in. This seems to be what the US wants.

        Yet. Johnson is ambitious above everything. So why is he taking this position? Possibly, the vote will be close and having lost he will start a war of attrition. Every migrant crime could have been averted if only. Every lost job could have been saved if only. Every…blah blah. The only obstacle to his ambition being a soaring economy. Exactly.

        Who knows with the referendum. It could go no. One bomb in London would do it. I am just not sure why the US would risk undermining the pro EU side at this moment.

      • pim says:

        Post referendum there is a hint of an explanation that accommodates your suggestion.

        Johnson’s sudden conversion to an anti-EU position was an opportunistic power grab. Having won he looks uncharacteristically dazed and subdued. Colleagues are calling him out as a fraud. Nothing too much to go by but maybe a clue.

        Perhaps his intention was to lose by a margin thin enough to topple Cameron. In which case he has seriously fucked up. He has enabled the reactionary right and the angry working classes to stick two fingers up to the establishment. Johnson must be getting his ear bent by his chums in the City of London and the US.

  9. Oelsen says:

    I know Switzerland still exports lots of goods, and even more services. So called services. It is just that the IRS now knows everything and Murricans here suck at banking, i.e., they don’t do it. But anybody else, np. Russians, South Africans, Brazilian Wood Money, why not. But expats, pay your dues. Now.

    Maybe they had to correct the more nationalistic representants like Iceland and Britain, to get them in line with vassal EU.
    Putin was more of a reminder. Too bad Poland and Hungary are SO poor, that they lack offshoring.

  10. Luther Blissett says:

    Reportedly, Cameron and Netanyahu are mutual admirers

    So Obama probably takes it personally.

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