Actually Existing Fascism

I think I have found my soulmate, here, giving global capital’s newly minted antifa morons the drubbing they so richly deserve:

Dolores Vek

With the election of Donald Trump, we’re being told that now is the time to fear fascism in America.

What is this nightmare-vision of a fascist America supposed to look like? This alternate-reality USA, under the uniquely vicious reign of the Trump regime, is one in which minorities have to fear for their lives. The president will speak in openly white supremacist language. Black Americans will have to fear death at the hands of police and vigilantes; latin@s will have to fear deportation; Muslims, Islamophobic violence; and so on. The good people of humanity will tremble as Trump wields America’s fearsome armed forces, secret police, elite death squads, drones, and surveillance technology for the good of himself and his cronies. Earth’s ecosystem—the very promise of a habitable planet—will be sacrificed by men who put profits ahead of human needs and the good of mankind.

Truly, fascist America would a terrifying place. This vision…

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20 Responses to Actually Existing Fascism

  1. Harpfool says:

    Can’t thank you enough for this link! First Arthur, then you, now Dolores – all bearers of light!

  2. raved says:

    She’s right about the Democrats calling wolf on fascism. This is just liberals calling others fascist because they are not democrats. But talking about “actually existing fascism” under Obama dodges the issue of what is fascism.

    • Tarzie says:

      Thanks for the link. Only scanned it so far but it looks good.

      I don’t think d vek dodged anything. I think hairsplitting over what exactly fascism is is at best tedious and at worst kinda toxic in that it creates a binary that ultimately minimizes everything on the “not fascist” side of it.

    • No soy yo says:

      Thanks for the link, Tarzie, this was great.

      I haven’t red your link, raved, or the ones Delores gives, but she says this, with included links:

      “Contemporary America doesn’t look like Nazi Germany for the simple reason that it isn’t Nazi Germany (J. Sakai argues that “Settlerism filled the space that fascism normally occupies”). What the Democrats offer is a slightly more “woke fascism,” in which the slave-owning settlers are remade in entertainment media as cool black guys, with all the “problematic” racist history elided via a harmonious multi-ethnic makeover….”

    • So Far Right... says:

      Mea culpa from Bill Maher about literally crying wolf one too many times:

  3. Hexbreaker says:

    Damn, thanks for that, Tarzie!

  4. No soy yo says:

    “Democrats are cursing Sanders fans, third-party voters, and non-voters with a hatred usually reserved for vegans.” Ha ha. And what if we’re vegan also?

  5. parink says:

    Great link, Thanks.

  6. No soy yo says:

    While not as strong as yours and DoloresVek’s, I liked this counterpunch article because of this line:
    “Perhaps there is a place where American liberals fight racism, sexism, and carry out glorious humanitarian interventions, which bring an end to genocide, persecution of minorities, and authoritarian regimes: in your mind.”

  7. RUKidding says:

    “So where the fuck were all these protesters when Obama was actually doing what Trump says he’ll do?”

    Indeed. Or, for that matter, when Clinton was doing what Trump says he’ll do? We (I include myself here) “liberals/progressives” whine about IOKIYAR, but what about IOKIYAD?? All I see and hear these days is how very SAD it is that “wonderful” Obama is leaving office. Oh really? What, pray tell, has been so wonderful about it, especially from the POV those living in places like, Yemen, Honduras, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, etc? Oh? That “doesn’t count”? Or something?? What, pray tell, has Obama and his vaunted DOJ done for Black Lives Matter? Oh, it’s because the nasty Rs obstructed him? Yeah, No.

    Thanks for that post. Most bracing. Glad some citizens are awake and alert. Unsure what the next steps are, if any.

  8. Crosley Bendix says:

    I’ve read a bit about fascism and one of the key roots of it is racist ideology born of colonial wars, particularly in the Spanish and German examples. If Trump is a step down the road to fascism for our society then the Clintons and the Democratic party are substantially to blame.

    • Tarzie says:

      That’s really interesting. Certainly the WOT has fostered Islamophobia.

      • Russ says:

        For a good example of that, lately I’ve been reading (for other reasons) whatever books are at hand at the library about the evolution of concepts of religion and god, including the “problem of evil”. These books are mostly by what you could call liberal Christian or secular liberal academics.

        One thing that leaps out from all of them without exception is the assumption that the US existential presence in the Middle East is somehow normative (no one ever argues this or even asserts it, it’s just the unnoticed water in which they swim) and therefore does not in itself constitute an aggressive war. So from there they all agree with the NYT in regarding something like 9/11, not as the equivalent of a U-boat sinking one of your battleships (when you start a war, things like that happen), but as some mysterious act of “evil” which has nothing to do with a war THEY in the US started.

        And of course from there it goes to earnest discussions of whether or not Islam is “inherently violent”. (Answer – less so than Judaism or Christianity. Indeed even after such extreme provocation the Arab man on the street preferred Nasser-type secular nationalism and only turned to Islamic fundamentalism when their first choice got quashed by the West.)

        Meanwhile I remain astonished that it never occurs to these Westerners to come to a full stop at the existential fact of US cadres being present in the Middle East at all. To this day I’ve never been given a coherent answer to the question, “What are you doing in the Middle East at all? Just withdraw your army completely.” Because there is no answer.

        Which is because liberalism is an absolute fraud in every way, and every value it claims is a lie.

        So Islamophobia has to be part of its toolkit. After all, all liberals are neocons.

      • Tarzie says:

        It’s not just the Middle East. US Special Ops are in 134 countries now. That’s more than double what it was under Bush. The US military is everywhere.

      • Russ says:

        I should’ve added: Most self alleged “radicals” are like this as well where it comes to Islam (i.e. where it comes to the war for oil). And I can’t say I’ve been surprised at all the people I’ve seen who claim in theory to agree that there’s no difference between the two factions of the Corporate One-Party, but who now are openly admitting to feeling traumatized by the outcome of the kangaroo election.

      • Russ says:

        Yes, I know that. In the US as well. But the Oil Crusade seems to be the most iconic Western war in the minds of everyone I’ve seen, and it is the most physically important war for capitalism. I’m trying to figure out how to talk to people who are rightly feeling great economic anxiety but who are prone to let the government and media feed them the “war on terror”/prison-complex party line. For them the “terrorism” fear flows seamlessly into unthinking support for the militarization of the police and for the imprisonment system, and of course from there to unthinking support for the Wall Street finance system.

        I’d like to figure out how to carry out the opposite operation, to express the truth about a gratuitous war and its self-destructive effects so that people would viscerally turn their fear and anger against the corporatists. It’s an unfortunate fact that almost no one cares about the moral evil of aggressive war so long as the war is successful. But history proves that people will become actively angry against a counter-productive, stupid war, once the liars lose credibility.

  9. Hummus says:

    “But the Republicans are the Real Racists™!”

    Brought to you by Coca-Cola

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