Yah Um So Like Guys? This Is Like Tewtally Not Okay. Okay?


100 Flamingos

Facebook is where I have been hanging out to get my daily fill of liberal tears over President Trump. It’s not all glee, I do take the time to make useful if inconvenient comparisons between what Trump claims he’ll do and what Obama already has done. For example, people calling Trump a monster for his deportation plans don’t realize it’s actually just taking the immigration baton straight from Obama in one uninterrupted pass.

You know how liberals love to object to things not by saying THIS IS BAD but instead, wagging finger at the ready, solemnly proclaiming something “not ok”? There’s been a rash of this but one example in particular is the self-flagellation over this one instance in which some true human bag of shit held up a sign saying RAPE MELANIA at one of those NGO-organized and -paid protests outside Trump Tower.


Discussion on Facebook has endlessly recycled this…

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10 Responses to Yah Um So Like Guys? This Is Like Tewtally Not Okay. Okay?

  1. robertmstahl says:

    Know the truth about how dirty this game is and how long, just this, has gone on.

  2. wendyedavis says:

    great stuff from sassy! thank you. ““So they’d probably approach this scum with their hands on their hips and frown at him when they should, in all honesty, be killing him.” lol.

    john hand: he begins with a brief ‘if they really cared about…’ chronicle similar to sassy’s, then:

    “The march also had a noticeable authoritarian vibe, with white people yelling at other marchers, including Black participants, not to participate in certain chants — “We reject the president-elect” was shouted down by participants as anti-democratic — because they worried such words would alienate any Trump supporters or other people within earshot.

    After a campaign of Democrats constantly comparing Trump to history’s worst leaders, there wasn’t a sense of urgency one would have expected. Many of the marchers had already internalized the Democratic Party establishment’s call for national unity. Seriousness and resolve proved difficult to detect among the participants despite the claimed threats posed by a Trump presidency.
    The march was eerily reminiscent of 2008 when the Democratic Party faithful serenaded Barack Obama with love. Obama was following in a long line of Democrats who would bring more of the same neoliberal, war-like ways to Washington, and yet they adored him because he was charismatic and polished. The march also was similar to the attempt by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to curb political activism through their Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on the National Mall. For many in the crowd, the march was probably the first time they had attended a political event since the faux Comedy Central rally of 2010.” youch, zing. i’d forgotten their gate-keeping fukkery, to say the truth.

  3. Hummus says:


  4. robertmstahl says:

    That stuff about the red star is propaganda all the way! All. The. Way! Are you, Tassie, trying to hook up with Sassy? Come on. Evidence! One REAL red star, please?

  5. Rob Payne says:

    Obama’s billion dollar contract:
    “For the first time in modern American history, the government decides to detain all Central American women and children seeking asylum in the U.S., instead of allowing them to live freely until their days in court. The policy change is intended to send a message to anyone else seeking refuge from a plague of gang violence below our southern border: Don’t believe everything you read on the Statue of Liberty.
    And to implement this draconian proposal, the government awards a well-connected private prison company with a $1 billion no-bid contract — one that promises to pay the firm $20 million a month, no matter how few migrants its facility is responsible for housing at a given time. Then federal courts rule that this policy of mass detention isn’t actually legal. But the contract is already signed, and so the Corrections Corporation of America collects millions in taxpayer money to maintain a nearly empty detention center.
    This may sound like the kind of cruel, incompetent policy-making you’d expect from Donald Trump’s administration. But it’s actually the work of Barack Obama’s. Per the Washington Post:”

    Liberals is the best! And Trump gets blamed.

  6. robertmstahl says:

    All I am asking is, ” Where is Ishmael on this, Bill Clinton’s (BC’s..) Pequot? BC &c.

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