Paying to Play in the Strategy of Contention

100 Flamingos

My but how quickly liberal political correctness is jettisoned when the sweet-talking wing of the fascist party doesn’t get its way! By which I mean to say, loses. LOSES! I cannot contain my glee but then I’ve never pretended to be anything but that which I am: a very vindictive, schadenfreude-driven self-ordained spokesperson for the proletariat. The kind which it may now be polite in liberal circles to call an effete bitchy little faggot. I’ll take it with a pirouette.

You may have heard the most recent Trump-era outrages — NODAPL protesters doused with water in frigid temperatures despite, well, Obama still being president and in favor of the pipeline. Oh wait that’s not it. Oh it’s this scary bunch of waddling brownshirts seig-heiling the new Fuhrer. No that’s not it either. Oh yes! It’s the daughter of president-elect Trump and new chief of his businesses Ivanka Trump being given…

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5 Responses to Paying to Play in the Strategy of Contention

  1. Richard says:

    Tarzie, long time reader. Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher.

    Enjoy this rant. Finally, finally, someone rips the curtain back with with appropriate level of ferocity.

  2. No soy yo says:

    That was a great post. I try to avoid Think Progress, but got there via a link in that post, and saw they are having a fundraiser for “The Trump investigative fund.” They say, “Support Think Progress’ Efforts to Hold Trump Accountable,” and “Resist.”

    Trump is definitely a boon for almost all media — from the center-right, “serious” media to the Dem. Party fronts to the fake left. And I bet Breitbart won’t do so shabbily either. The news election night was that this would be so bad for mainstream media. (but then again, the news the day before election was that the Republican Party was on life support)

    • So Far Right says:

      The center-right media shot itself in the head during this election cycle. David Brooks, Ross Douhat, the National Review(nearly all of them, but in particular Kevin Williamson) et. al. revealed themselves as morally bankrupt cowards without any ideas. I don’t see them recovering from this election. Those of us on the fringes of the right were done with them before the election cycle, but I think now mainstream right is as well.

      • No soy yo says:

        Well, I’m not talking about individuals journalists; I don’t pay enough attention to any of them to know or care who’s who and how they’re doing. By center-right I mean mainstream publications like NYT, WSJ, Wapo, etc. I know the NYT has had the biggest jump in subscriptions in 5 years (since they started with the breachable paywall). I’m a little unsure, though, because right when I was going to erase the cookies to go back to zero, I was offered a free trial “subscription,” no credit card (or real name) required. So I took it, but I’m not planning on switching to a paid one, and the only personal info they have of mine is an unimportant email address. I don’t know if they’re counting these free subscriptions.

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