If Putin Did Rig the US Election: Good

100 Flamingos

6ddc93b8-ebda-49f4-a1e9-5b8d878f9ae9-1394-000002d18293cd32_tmpFirst, liberals laughed at the idea that the election could be rigged. And since this is a woke blog yes of course every election is a sham meant to allow the plebs to let off steam while the real decisions are made far above the pay grade of mere mortals. But some embraced the idea that certain, eh, corrections were necessary to achieve the correct result. One commentator on my Facebook, during the dying embers of the Bernie battle after Clinton was anointed, said yes, this is what Our Party does — they assure results that will give us the most electable nominee. Of course, her personal, professional, lettered, Brooklyned self naturally thought Julia Caesar more electable than someone who was obviously warm and passionate and approachable and likeable as a human being in exactly the same way people said about George W. Bush — despite the fact that she was…

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28 Responses to If Putin Did Rig the US Election: Good

  1. No soy yo says:

    Another great post. The fact that Jill is promoting this whole “Russian hacker” trope is nauseating. Jill says the FDA are bought and paid for (proven) and is attacked, but says “Russian hacker” (alleged) and is accepted?

    I haven’t seen even one person refer to the fact that the hacked emails also showed that the Clinton /DNC cabal siphoned money from the down-ticket races to Clinton who didn’t need the money (though she needed something). So in addition to the shocker of Trump we have the shocker of all the other races which those who think the Democrats are different should also care about — especially since we’re heading into change-the-constitution territory.

    • wendyedavis says:

      i’m glad to read sassy had as much fun w/ the clinton campaign reveals as i did. kinda unintentional self-parodies; clinton foundation pay-to-plays, too. the only part of the pre-election i paid any attention to. but check me out on this, no soy yo, if you would?

      now stein did retweet that fusion tweet, but if you look at the internal link, it’s not what fusion had in the graphic. no ‘foreign agents’, as i far as i can see, although my reading skills may be marginal by now. someone at the café had mentioned the effort, and my though was that she and baraka may have wanted greens to have reached the magical 5% thresholds for being ‘allowed into’ debates next time. but three states…maybe not, unless the recounts showed a trend. i hadn’t checked in w/ their campaign on twitter often, but i sure don’t remember any ‘the russians did it!’ rubbish.

      but where were the dem shriekers on the duopoly-only debate commission rules? sure, soros is urging the electoral college electors to switch their votes to the deposed queen (those who aren’t locked in by state law). talk about a constitutional crisis.


      • Tarzie says:

        now stein did retweet that fusion tweet, but if you look at the internal link, it’s not what fusion had in the graphic. no ‘foreign agents’, as i far as i can see

        Because she changed it.


      • No soy yo says:

        That splash page previously talked about foreign hackers, or foreign agents, but it’s been changed to “reported hacks.” I’m sure someone has a screenshot or archived version or something. I know I saw it. Glad she changed it, it was really bad. Though the whole thing is really bad anyway. Maybe as bad as her offering place on ticket to imperialist Bernie.

        But, “protecting our democracy”? Isn’t the two-party system evidence we don’t have democracy? Sorry, I just don’t understand how you can run 3 times as a third-party candidate from the left and be talking about “protecting our democracy,” and not about fact that we don’t actually have a democracy (or even a Republic in the sense people talk about).

      • Tarzie says:

        There’s no walking this back as far as I’m concerned and anyone attempting to do cleanup for the asshole here is going to be dealt with very roughly.


        This makes her extremely suspicious in my view. Not to be trusted ever again.

        Once again, for the record:


      • No soy yo says:

        I don’t think there’s walking back if that’s what you got from my comment (that I was submitted before seeing yours).

        But I do think that you have to take it alongside what else she says which I think makes it even worse. We have a democracy to protect is her message.

        So basically she’s been running as third party candidate just because of some differing ideas just like Dems and Repubs have some (many alleged) differing ideas. The fact that she was excluded from debates and the accepted ways elections are routinely rigged isn’t mentioned. The ways elections are rigged that we may not have known about explicitly, that are revealed in the hacked emails, aren’t mentioned. Alleged hacking (and for several days on her site this was “foreign agents” doing it), that showed us exactly how undemocratic our system is, is somehow worse than the actual open and hidden ongoing rigging? If there were zero hacking, and zero irregularities on election day, does that make elections in the US “fair”? Democractic? Defensible?

        And, if she is only concerned with the “integrity” of the results, and these are Hillary supporters funding it (they’re not Green supporters or she would have raised more money over the years) then why is she doing the dirty work for Clinton?

      • Tarzie says:

        Nope. Not about you. Just warning anyone reading, I will not generously suffer anyone making excuses or conjuring 11 dimensional chess theories about what is essentially Democratic propaganda in Green clothing. I see a weird indulgence all over the place of Stein’s disgusting recapitulation of Dem talking points, which, with or without “foreign agents” is reprehensbile for the reasons you cite and others.

        She was fucking held captive in 2012 to keep her from getting to a debate. Handcuffed. This fucking idiot is now going to whitewash the crookedness of the whole process while doing the Democrats busywork for them? Cleqrly she’s a complete fake. She should be trolled, harangued and hate mailed into oblivion.

      • Hummus says:

        Stein deserves a Greenwalding.

        Anyone who gave money to this is a fucking idiot. If you’ve somehiw wandered through here as a Green and read this and did donate, charge them back and welcome to the revolution comrade.

        Or argue with us about how there’s a really good explanation and this is all a big misunderstanhahahahahaha

      • No soy yo says:

        Yeah I see people doubling down for Stein using language they never would about “democracy.” Hideous.

        Speaking of “hide,” I wonder what the point of all this is. I don’t think there will be a change in official results. To continue the hysteria? Is it to distract us from stuff that’s already known, or is something else coming? I have had a feeling ever since the election and the Moveon et al protests started, that something is coming that they want us distracted from. But having people already on the streets can’t be a good thing, unless it’s so bad they want us on street fighting with each other. Of course maybe I’m wrong and it’s the usual: War, climate change, inequality, etc. that we need to be distracted from. But I feel like it’s something specific that’s coming.

  2. Hummus says:

    Friends don’t let friends let hummus drink after 3 hours sleep:

    In response to this pathetic horseshit:



  3. wendyedavis says:

    how utterly slimeball rat-fucking of her; thanks for digging into the wayback machine and exposing that she’d freaking changed it. past infamous. further proving your ‘clinton talking points’ is that i just checked, and those three states are ones that she lost by one percentage point. yeah, when she’d offered top of the ticket to the bern, i’d been sick knowing who she was. then hedges? and when baraka accepted, i reckoned i’d vote for him. has he been coopted this far as well, then?

    nope, she didn’t mention any of those actual failures of a false democracy you mention in that statement. interesting that it’s got your spidey senses tinging, no soy yo. another bank meltdown, perhaps? the extend-and-pretend by fed negative rates can only last o long, i think.

  4. No soy yo says:

    “Your Friendly Neighborhood Propaganda Identification Service, Since 2016!”

    Somehow, despite going to the Wapo, and seeing Chris Floyd’s Tweet and post about Counterpunch etc., I didn’t get to that group’s site. A fake organization talking about fake news on the real fakers’ (Wapo) site.

    So weird. So beyond creepy.

    They have nutritionfacts.org there! Hahaha. Apparently promoting veganism and eating whole foods is a Russian plot, too. Veganism has definitely always been one of the biggest, if not the biggest threats to the status quo, as discussed here re. animal rights activists. But nutritionfacts.org? Is today April Fool’s Day? No, just all fools day like 365 days a year.

    • roastyagain says:

      This came directly from how transparently bullshit that is: https://stillroasty.wordpress.com/2016/11/25/the-list-usausa/

      How ANYONE can read that and not see IT as propaganda- ye gods.

      • No soy yo says:

        It is so ridiculous I keep thinking it’s a joke. Or, I think that the organization does exist but they didn’t have a website and someone created a joke website under their name, or, conveniently, hacked their site. Then I realize it isn’t a joke. Mostly I’ve seen ridicule, even outside my limited bubble, but the Washington Post has kept the story there — which is why I think WaPo deserves an extra special place on everyone’s list, though I love your post!

        The creepiest part of the propornot page is the YYY stuff:

        “it does not matter whether they are being knowingly directed and paid by Russian intelligence officers (although some of them undoubtably are), or whether they even knew they were echoing Russian propaganda before being called out: If they continue to do so, for whatever reasons, their willingness to uncritically echo Russian propaganda makes them a tool of the Russian state…. The YYYcampaignYYY is the crowdsourced application of “manual analysis”, which is what we call the remarkably easy-to-do process of methodically checking to see whether a particular social-media account, commenter, or outlet qualifies as Russian propaganda, and calling it out it if it does. Anyone can join this campaign, and we hope you will do so.”

        And I looked at their Twitter feed and their logic, similar to the YYY page, is that because we’re not calling out the Russian Propaganda this shows something relevant (I guess that we’re agents?)

      • wendyedavis says:

        oh, roasty, it’s sublime. such well done parody! ‘spangled flag’ reminded me of greewald’s ‘come the end of summer, i’ll send off fireworks’….a-yeah.

        i had my fingers crossed you wouldn’t leave out ‘pierre’; goodness, he’s selling so many new faux-lanthropic goods these days. i think he may have been a key player in the #africanbizinvestment Big Conference or some such, too. bloomberg, gates, and of course our old friend paul kagame.

        now i never watched syriania (sp), but what i know about clooney is as the nestle frontman, and this. wish i could shorthand it so as not to be a blog-whore, but…when the shoe fits, and all that jazz. http://alturl.com/8szwg

        now as far as the imperium’s ‘liberation and democracy projects’ for profit and resource grabs, afrcom and the related whores like clooney, gates, bono, soros, avaaz, the round lot of em seriously burn my toast. ‘destabilize via cia and agitprop, then rescue! if yan make a little $ on the way, that’s okay… and of course now w/ all sub-saharan africa, western control is about preventing china from establishing infrastructure beach-heads there. will there be a chinese version of ‘prop-er-not next as the shanghai cooperation org and the AIIB bank grow? currency rigging! south china seas!

        pretty weird seeing what some of your flag decal media sites are sayin’ about fidel’s death, instructive. anyhoo, thanks for creating that it made my day.

    • wendyedavis says:

      yeppers…er…how ’bout judith miller? and coverage of colin polyp’s “saddam’s wmd, stolen incubators, and mobile bio-chemical labs at the UN”? ah, yeah, ya could go on forever,,, but natural news is on the list, too, and i clicked in, and they know. but see: roosia didn’t want no part of them franken-foods, did they? and monsanto and other gen-tech companies bought ukraine land to beat the band.

      the current eu vote to push back against russian #fake news created ‘the list’. and wouldn’t we ♥ it if cory morningstar did some heavy diggin’ into who funds all those ‘partners’ w/ the crazy/juvenile names? one i clicked was radio free europe, that’s easy. no doubt the funding for the others is mainly any or all of the compromised NGOs, a few cia front fakes, etc. i loved at the wapo piece their saying that the chief of the prop-er-not psyop would only be quoted ‘anonymously’, because: terrified of roosian retaliation. right.

      but really this ploy started last year in earnest in may 2015 over: russian propaganda over ukraine. Nato (via spox “Oana Lungescu tries to set the record straight via emails, tweets and the alliance website over what she sees as inaccurate and misleading Russian news stories”, and the eu helped a hella lot not only on the Nato spox twit account, but on the #euromaidan and related hashtags. “we took our cameras into kieve neighborhoods; do you see any nazis here? or here?” almost too charmingly clueless for words.

      but now with syria/putin/assad/wikileaks/#clintonWon!/no-fly zones, it’s ginned up again. but of course the real reason is that the Imperium is terrified that it’s lost control, and will fight a multi-polar world till it dying breath.

      but in a way, i see the ‘white helmets’ psyop as sort of iconic western intersection of it all of it, all known to have been funded by nato/eu nations. there were of course several debunking sites that didn’t make the list, like 21century wire, and ooopsie: ‘the indicter’. question though: in the tankie twittersphere i’d seen this: “They’ll start showing up in DNS block lists and nanny software. Plausible deniability.” what are dns block lists?

      via wikileaks: ‘why is sweden giving an award to the white helmets?’ kinda chilling, esp. w fascist carl bildt. edward bernays is laughing from his grave about what collective rubes we are.


  5. teri says:

    Stein has also claimed in one actual interview that I read (but not in subsequent ones)
    that the election results were caused by foreign governments’
    interference and hacking into our election systems. I.e., blame the
    Russians. This is so stupid I can’t believe she said it. The voting
    machines are not hooked up to the internet. No-one can “hack in”. They
    can have malware installed in them at the factory or at the polling
    place; are we to believe that the Dread Russians sent over so many
    agents that they were able to install malware in the machines
    nationwide? The D’s and the R’s, on the other hand, DO have access to
    all the machines right here in the US. As do the companies that
    provide the machines. Any tinkering with the machines is done right
    here by good old Americans.

    I voted for Stein (and voted for her in ’12, as well), but almost
    didn’t this time. Want to know why I almost didn’t? This may sound dumb, but
    here goes: She was the only presidential candidate to speak out on
    behalf of the protesters at the Dakota pipeline. That was very good. (You go, girl, etc.)
    She went to the DAPL protest site at Standing Rock and joined with the
    protesters. During her brief visit with them, she got herself
    arrested. She had spray-painted some graffiti on the pipeline
    company’s bulldozers. This ended my rah-rah Stein phase right then and there. It pissed me off to the point where I began to think that she is just another fraud who is using anything and anyone she can to get attention. I know it’s hard for the third-party
    candidates to get any mention in the media, but this stunt hurt the
    credibility of the protesters. The tribes and the other protesters
    have been extremely careful to avoid anything that even hints at
    violence, illegal acts, or destruction. They want it obvious that they
    are intent on protecting the land, the water, and their rights, by
    peaceful means. By defacing equipment (yeah, I get it – it isn’t like
    she blew up a bunch of equipment with dynamite), she went directly
    outside the stringent guidelines and limits the protesters decided to
    impose on themselves as they seek to exhibit their principles and
    peacefully protest.

    So she actually cast the protesters in a bad light – she is the only
    person on the protester’s side to date who has done anything
    destructive or illegal at Standing Rock – and she did it for a
    self-serving attention-getter motive. She only went there to get
    attention for herself. Afraid that just the being there wouldn’t encourage the media to cover her participation, she committed an act of petty crime to get herself arrested.

    It just struck me wrong, that she’d put them at risk of being labeled
    “rioters” or “eco-terrorists” or as destructive in any way, just so
    she could make the newspapers.

    Maybe that makes me a purist, I don’t know. She’s gotten arrested
    before, protesting third-party exclusion from the debates; that didn’t
    bother me. I thought she had a point and was correctly directing her
    protest actions against the two major parties. But I am sick of the
    politicians using us as their pawns in their quest to control the
    country. And she was using the Sioux in this case. I found it

    In the end, I voted for her anyway; who else was there to vote for? I wish I hadn’t bothered, though.

    By the way, the Indians have a day of remembrance on what we call
    Thanksgiving Day, too. They call it “The Day of Mourning”.

    • wendyedavis says:

      i hear you on stein’s arrest stunt, teri. especially stupid and careless since she’s a wasichu, unlike ‘cherokee’ liz warren. /s i tend to distrust most all of the big stars who show up there for their 15 minutes of ‘caring’, as well, or like the big stars of the climate change (not) movement who are all over the related hashtags. (i won’t mention any names, but their initials are b. mcK and n. klein)

      you’ve likely already seen that the army corps of engineers have announced that they will shut down the aceti sekowin camp north of the river on dec. 5 and create a ‘free speech zone’ south of the highway. mr. wd wondered aloud which sort of police they will use for that ‘removal’. same ones who have been doing the corporation’s bidding, only federally deputized? or US marshals (as at wounded knee ’73) leading, deputizing the others (plus xe-mercenaries, whatever their name at the camps is).

      some of the lakota have said they will metaphorically stake themselves out (meaning fight to the death in the lakota warrior tradition; some may even mean it, especially the grandmothers. they will be armed w/ prayer and council fire circles.

      dunno if this will work, but it’s from indigenous rising media, with the late john trudell’s ‘crazy horse’ talking song in the background. https://www.facebook.com/Indigenousrisingmedia/videos/1512340718782749/

      but adding mystery to the stein calumny is that when i grabbed the fusion tweet for my home website, among the subtweets or whatever they’re called…several said that the votes in MI and either WI or Pa have already been recounted, and trump still won. so wth?

    • Harpfool says:

      Stein has just proved what I’ve thought for years – that you have to be flawed to participate in the process. Many say it, and then give her a pass – simply on the strength of her never actually having attained power. I find it particularly ironic on the BAR website, where they generally have such a clear view of the systemic and foundational nature of racism and class-ism in American society, but buy on faith that the State would be transformed by a Green government, so go vote Stein. Now they’re scrambling to explain/justify her antics.
      I think we’ve turned a political corner with this election, and Trump was just a catalyst, at most. The way the game was played this time around, right out in the open, is the big step downwards – and I suspect would have happened regardless of the candidates.

  6. No soy yo says:

    “Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Saturday said that it would participate in a recount initiated by Green Party nominee Jill Stein in Wisconsin and said it would take similar action if a recount was initiated in Michigan and Pennsylvania.”

    “The campaign had not planned to call for a recount, Elias wrote, but now that one is underway, it felt an obligation to participate. The extent of the campaign’s participation was not immediately clear.”


    • wendyedavis says:

      ha ha ha; they’ll just be generous and throw old stein a bone, huh? saw a headline this a.m. that it was O who’d told her to concede. who told HIM to do that, if it’s so? someone on high? goddam, in switzerland the cabinet heads rotate turns at being prez. the power we give to prez elections is so bogus.

  7. wendyedavis says:

    @ tarzie. good gawd all-friday, i’m slow., but sometimes i get there eventually. “Just warning anyone reading, I will not generously suffer anyone making excuses or conjuring 11 dimensional chess theories about what is essentially Democratic propaganda in Green clothing. I see a weird indulgence all over the place of Stein’s disgusting recapitulation of Dem talking points, which, with or without “foreign agents” is reprehensbile for the reasons you cite and others.”

    you’d meant me. well, sorry for not seeing all that you or others here ‘don’t see’ in something.

    • Tarzie says:

      Soy thought it was soy Now you thought it was you. As a matter of fact, I had just come from Twitter where there was a lot of 11 dimensional chess splaining going on. Hence “a weird indulgence all over the place” which does not locate it in any particular individual.

      • wendyedavis says:

        ah; t’was i who’d gone on here about the missing ‘foreign agents’ rubbish, though. but if you’d kindly remove my ‘rat-fucking’ profanity from my comment up yonder, i’ll give off figuring that you might have torn off one of my two heads. “and you know two heads are better than o-o-one…” ~ joni mitchell

        turns out when i’m extremely vexed, my verbal temper flares too often as well.

        oh, and at the tag end of one past thread (i’ve forgotten which) i left you some ethnic food recipes sites.

  8. No soy yo says:

    Well, she’s put “foreign agents” back, so it’s absolutely purposeful and despicable.


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