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Yah Um So Like Guys? This Is Like Tewtally Not Okay. Okay?

Originally posted on 100 Flamingos:
Facebook is where I have been hanging out to get my daily fill of liberal tears over President Trump. It’s not all glee, I do take the time to make useful if inconvenient comparisons between what…

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Actually Existing Fascism

Originally posted on Dolores Vek:
With the election of Donald Trump, we’re being told that now is the time to fear fascism in America. What is this nightmare-vision of a fascist America supposed to look like? This alternate-reality USA, under the…

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Fuck Your Partisan “Anti-racism”

All right let’s cut the shit right now. If indeed there is ever a Democrat or Republican seeking the presidency that principled anti-racists and anti-fascists can support, neither Trump nor Clinton qualify.  Anyone who supported either candidate made a calculation … Continue reading

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