Manufacturing Normality

C. J. Hopkins in Counterpunch:

Sometime circa mid-November, in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s defeat (i.e., the beginning of the end of democracy), the self-appointed Guardians of Reality, better known as the corporate media, launched a worldwide marketing campaign against the evil and perfidious scourge of “fake news.” This campaign is now at a fever pitch. Media outlets throughout the empire are pumping out daily dire warnings of the imminent, existential threat to our freedom posed by the “fake news” menace. This isn’t just the dissemination of disinformation, propaganda, and so on, that’s been going on for thousands of years … Truth itself is under attack. The very foundations of Reality are shaking.

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18 Responses to Manufacturing Normality

  1. So Far Right says:

    Late stage imperialism is ugly, yet hilarious to watch. Gross tactical and strategic mistakes, and a complete lack of awareness. We know Russia haxxored the emails to influence the election… we don’t give a shit.

    • Tarzie says:

      Could you elaborate? What gross tactical and strategic mistakes? Who’s the ‘we’ in “we don’t give a shit”?

      Also, could you point to a reliable source for the claim that Russia hacked the DNC emails? Everything I’ve read is extremely speculative and from dubious experts tied to the national security apparatus. I think it’s quite possible Russia hacked the DNC, but no one’s satisfactorily demonstrated it to my mind.

      • So Far Right says:

        Sorry, I typed up a quick comment on my phone that I shouldn’t have bothered posting. The schadenfreude watching Rachel Maddow melt down last night was too strong.

        Strategic mistakes: Nominating Hillary, assuming she was going to win, and then not releasing this ‘bombshell’ before the election. Not realizing that among the mainstream right, that the intelligence community has so badly damaged its reputation over the past 15 years that no one takes them seriously. Not realizing that a big chunk of America doesn’t like having globalization crammed down its throat, and are willing to elect a dangerous clown like Trump to stop it.

        Tactical: This smear campaign should have started on a Monday. Kicking it off on Friday means that it loses its punch over the weekend. Trying to smear Mitch McConnell as an apologist for the Russian smear. Insinuating that Trump was actively working with the Russians.

        We= the mainstream right, the outside the mainstream right and probably most of the outside the mainstream left. I may be assuming too much here, but I don’t see any traction to this story outside the hardcore mainstream left.

        Obviously there aren’t any reliable sources for the Russia smear, but they’re by far the most likely perpetrators.

      • No soy yo says:

        Well, they know about news cycles, too, so one possibility is that it was kicked off on a Friday because that’s when the latest Wikileaks dump happened. Could be that there was something specific there, or just generally they prefer attention on the Russians than the content of any leaked emails. Or, it was just a sort of trial balloon.

  2. Robert says:

    SunCell (TM) in 2017! Being awake starts there, and carries the Sapiens part of Home Sapiens with it. Too bad, the recognition was noT sooner, albeit of something other than just this science, finally made R E A L (e.g. Margulis, Varela… (gary webbed?)). I, simply, get so tired of the BS, the shifting without the TECTONICS! Evolution is substitution. Why can’t Home Sapiens act out the sapiens part? I watch a lot of Sunny in Philadelphia…

  3. No soy yo says:

    A lot of people have pointed out all the “fake” news that’s in MSM, but he makes a great point that just the discussion of “fake” news supposes that there is “real” or “authentic” news. So really, even having that discussion is playing into their hands.

    Liberals are one of the most authoritarian groups of people there is. Thinking in binaries is right up their alley: right and wrong, fake and real, etc. And they’re happy to let people like Zuckerberg, or Twitter or Google execs tell them what’s real and fake, when they’re not being told by Snowden or Maddow or the WSJ. As a matter of fact, they’re upset that Zuckerberg didn’t do more to curate news during the election (though talking about the election in the past tense doesn’t feel right).

    Propornot gives them a list, nay or yay, and even the fact that a group can get off the list just by talking to the secret Propornot folks makes sense – another gatekeeper. This is why identity politics were so vehemently taken up by liberals, since they were able to say racism, no, boo, without actually doing any analysis of the role that racism plays in our capitalist system, (or the relationship between homophobia and patriarchy, etc.). And of course without promoting any real changes that would challenge their beliefs and their status.

    One of the most common answers to climate change deniers is that 98% of climate scientists think that global warming is happening and is anthropogenic. This is the thinking of a liberal – oh, those smart and accomplished people say it, so it must be true, instead of analyzing the nature of groups (like scientists), and the interests of power. And sure enough, we have discussions about a few tweaks to the system, a “transition” from oil to sun, and the outcome each year is almost always worse than the mainstream climate bodies say it will be.

    All of the members of the list are anti-authority, and that’s a no-no, for empire and for liberal sensibilities, even when the content seems pretty tame, like crystal healing, etc.

    On a related note, as part of the propaganda amendment (Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act) to the NDAA, the government will be spending $20,000,000 in grants, including:

    To support local independent media who are best placed to refute foreign disinfor- mation and manipulation in their own communities.

    So, if media is getting funding from the federal government to say specific things, how are they then independent or local?

    • Tarzie says:

      So really, even having that discussion is playing into their hands.

      Yeah, and this is especially evident when you assess how certain outfits are coming out against the “Fake News” campaign to authenticate themselves. Look at The Intercept, for instance. The shamelessness of the intelligence community betrays its utter, but sadly justified, contempt for the audience.

    • No soy yo says:

      I’ve been wondering about Assange myself. Here’s one of the only other people who have spoken to the leaker(s):

      • Tarzie says:

        The one problem with Murray is he doesn’t acknowledge multiple data dumps. That some of the leaks came from inside the DNC seems highly credible. However, unless the entire story was fabricated, Podesta was hacked. This is not to say Russia did it, but it makes Murray look disingenuous. All the people with inside knowledge about this are repping factions of the ruling class or the Intelligence Community. I don’t trust any of them.

      • No soy yo says:

        As far as I understand it, the CIA briefing was only about the DNC email, and they said someone tried the RNC as well (whether they were successful is different in different stories) — I thought that’s all Murray was talking about, too, but I’ll have to go back to read it again.

        From what I understand, Podesta was phished and/or his physical phone was hacked when he left it in a cab and/or someone broke his password (p@ssw0rd or something like that).

        So, yes, they seem to be different people (though he gave his p@ssw0rd to his staff, so it’s possible that one of them was leaker for both though I don’t think so), but while I’m leaving open the possibility that the DNC was hacked, and that people with contacts to the Russian government did it, the Podesta emails seem almost surely to have been accessed by a different source, and almost definitely not Russians.

      • Tarzie says:

        You’re probably right. I wasn’t reading carefully.

        Yeah, when I said Podesta was hacked, I was using it expansively, to mean breaking and entering as opposed to leaking. He was socially engineered into disclosing his password. I don’t think the “p@ssw0rd” of legend was anything but a temporary password assigned to him by someone else. Stupid, yes, but not quite the same as having it as a reg password. Obviously security for these people made them vulnerable to any and all. It’s surprising that people this corrupt aren’t more careful.

      • No soy yo says:

        So apparently the reason the CIA says the Russians specifically wanted Trump to win and they weren’t just messing with us generally, was that the hackers hacked the RNC too but those documents weren’t released.

        Let’s say that part is true, then it is also possible that they gave everything to wikileaks, and wikileaks hasn’t released the RNC stuff (yet). A reporter asked Assange a while back why he wasn’t going after Trump as hard, and he said something like it didn’t look like Trump had a chance of winning. And the same could be true of whoever the leaker or hacker or whoever was — they wanted to harm the incoming president, who everyone told us was going to be Hillary.

        This article also makes it clear that the CIA is in a tizzy over Trump, so it seems like that’s the main thing going on.

        Not only are liberals now seemingly in love with the CIA, they also appear to be crazy about a Pence or a Ryan presidency. The Republican House is not going to hand it to Hillary. I guess that between the three who would each continue to accelerate us on our destructive path, I’d take Trump just on the basis of the CIA hating him so much.

  4. diane says:

    One thing I haven’t seen addressed, anywhere, is that many of the sites black listed at the propornot site were and are – albeit a tad more subtly – utterly self serving …and stunningly Capitalist … at the end of the day, just like who ever runs that propornot site.

    And why am I not surprised that I can find no articles regarding the 12/08/16 sponsored: H.R. 6489, the Social Security Reform Act of 2016 (what a fucking cadaverous ghoul, ewwwwwwwwww) from either WAPO and NYT,…. OR, from: Common Cause; AlterNet; Naked Capitalism [1]; Zero hedge; Dr.[!] Ron Paul; AntiWar.Com; ….etcetera. Utter silence, ….although, … that act, … or anything born from it, … will most surely murder the majority of those disabled and old folks in the us™ worth keeping alive.

    I did find some commentary, on these two sites (not that I’m a fond fan of either sites, but at least they covered it:

    120916 Key House GOPer Introduces Bill With Major Cuts To Social Security

    120916 Are Republicans Crazy Enough to Go After Social Security

    [1] I searched the Naked Capitalism website from 12/08/16 through 4 hours ago, and found nothing whatsoever addressing the stunningly naked capitalist: H.R. 6489, the Social Security Reform Act of 2016.

    • Robert says:

      Solvency is the issue. They say that Trump is going to do what Hilter did and build our way out of the quagmire of insolvency, but, they pro rate anything that is solvent with greater future value [any real solvency!] backwards, and into their coffers, and it is mechanical rather than managerial. It is, really, just a simple relationship between symmetric and asymmetric contribution to productivity more than likely, winner take all at all “splash” moments, and its diligence is to funnel a redistribution of created wealth, of a pure distributive property based on productivity, particularly in hindsight, and, likely transitional if the company stays in business [as was my case, but now, having shifted to the SS issue you talk about, all of it “construction” I bet], and apply it by turning the pyramid over in the one-percent’s favor. And, the beat goes on. It is not natural, or distributive, but redistribution, and upside down. It is married to the system, the traditional one. “What are these traditions?” is what we should be asking from every angle.

      • diane says:

        Deep in December, …….. our hearts should remember …

        as sung by Judy Garland, and so many other of us ……….,

        (yes, utter thievery going on, historically, attempting to kill and destroy anything of worth … so horrid to witness.)

      • diane says:

        (my sincere apologies, ……… as sung by Judy’s daughter, Liza, …… birds of a feather……. ;0) …)

  5. robertmstahl says:

    Actually, I believe Big Brother is at His maximum apex right now. I believe Julian Assange is being co opted into that role, meaning that he has, no longer, any control whatsoever, besides some legacy. Artificial Intelligence has, or is becoming, so gifted, today! So, say welcome to the New Julian [Calander?] What song is that?

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