Yes, Throw the Celebrity Clowns Away

My current mood is toward throwing everything in the political realm away, including anyone calling themselves a leftist, but we can start with celebrities. The selection of videos at the end of this post is great.

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13 Responses to Yes, Throw the Celebrity Clowns Away

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  2. No soy yo says:

    Please put Stephen Colbert near the top of the list as well. The latest wikileaks dump has an email of a staffer from the Colbert Report writing to Podesta about two special episodes about the Clinton Global Intitiative the staffer “had them do,” so Colbert takes this opportunity to conflate wikileaks and Alex Jones, collusion with media with Pizzagate, etc.

    He says, “A conspiracy is what villains do. An agreement is what adults do,” making sure to include Bill Clinton, Podesta (and by extension of those two, Hillary Clinton), and also Trump in the “adult,” and not the “villain” category.

    [never mind that Trump is supposed to be a new Hitler and immature: consistency doesn’t matter as long as we only listen to the “adults”]

    “On Wednesday night’s Late Show, Colbert told his viewers, “I really hope you don’t get your news from me because, news flash: This isn’t news. This is entertainment.” He suggested CBS News’ John Dickerson or The Wall Street Journal as quality news sources, but added, “Don’t go to some anonymous guy on social media, because a lot of the news on social media is a lie.””

    So he’s there just for entertainment, yet take him seriously, and CBS and The WSJ don’t lie.

  3. Michael says:

    From the source: <>
    You Murricans lost any access to insightful moments and integrity to admit such failures when you became inherently anti-thoughtful and anti-intellectual. See any redefining that happened to liberal or just the daily usage of “literally”. It probably goes together with having no canon and having a permanent first learners generation of immigrants. Everybody else – except Germans, for certain reasons yet they begin to change that too – can question the sincerity of those doing the redefining by rightfully so pointing at their probably mutual age old culture. The only thing possibly left for the US are the times around 1776, I think, but that was taken away because Slavery.

    So now anybody with the loudest howl attract the most wolfs. And because money is speech in your country, it is clear who has the loudest voice. If the left of America admits that TV replaced culture and defined its and America’s culture and that this culture is intellectual trash, they in fact, or “basically” admit that culture is of importance and thus all those pesky Marxists at the universities got everything mixed up. Those who deliver can ask for something in return. Deliver something that resembles culture and not simulacrum or “progress” and the masses will behave.

    I laughed when I read that some busybodies thought that Jon Daily leaving in a decisive moment was important to anything election related, but who knows, maybe he would have been a voice of reason. But… you can all rail and hail about this and that, TFA mentions Sumner, and what is his “Early Life” in Wikipedia?
    “Sumner was born to a Jewish family”
    No further questions, your honor, pol is always right.
    Resolve that, America, and we can have honest discussions. Before that, nothing will happen. And I will guarantee you, there will be a even greater swamp, a even greater Generation Something revering a even more vacuous host-clown-hybrid for office and shows in 2020, 2024, 2028… if ownership of banks, media and production is of no concern. TDS went from really funny Jew to unfunny, even harmful Black. Why? Who decided that? All hand waving, rubbing and vague accusations don’t work. You have to name the cartel of power and who is in there, whoever and whatever group that may be. Why where the Kochs a theme in hm, was it 2012, but Soros was forbidden fruit in 2016?
    Just lamenting “ownership” or hierarchy is futile. But, as shown above, deliver some counterculture that works, not some muddy anti-anything.

    Oh, and btw, some article featured further down says Trevor is racist because he makes fun of Ebonics and black manners. Well then, as a European I can say you, making fun of other peoples accents and weird customs is far from racism, if anything, it is there to make others foam at their mouths and have a laugh at others expense, but none of it is scorn or hate. If you really want to hate somebody, their language is the last thing of disdain.

    • Tarzie says:

      Oh hello. You’re my favorite kind of vulgarian. The supercilious European too stupid to credit the US with culture. Tell me, which cultural paradise do you hail from? Is it the one that gave us X factor and Big Brother or one of the many that can’t even make a decent film every five years? “The daily usage of literally” LOL. That is the most antfucky and just plain stupid benchmark of culture I’ve seen in some time.

      There is a whiff of anti-semitism here, but you’re either too chickenshit to come clean with it, or your communication skills need work. I agree that ownership of banks etc is important, but not for the reason you seem to. Your confirmation bias is getting in the way of a principled anti-Americanism. Let me help:

      The US Left, being made up almost entirely of morally bankrupt, status obsessed, upper middle class philistines, loves plutocrats non-denominationally, the way it loves humanitarian interventions and Beyonce. The Koches were a thing because unlike most meddlesome billionaires, they’re libertarian, isolationist Republicans, not neoliberal globalist Democrats. The fascist-enabling, joined-at-the hip-to-the-CIA Iranian Omidyar gets a pass for paying Greenwald a million a year to write the same prolix, tone-deaf column over and over again while holding out the promise of a job to everyone else. Soros’ immunity comes from being a cash cow for Democrats and leftish thoughtfluencers. That immunity disappears when the cash stops flowing. It’s painfully simple. The Left, like everything else in the US, is for sale, and since it stands for absolutely nothing anyway, comes very cheaply.

  4. Rob Payne says:

    Thanks for linking to this. I liked the author and the videos were excellent. I came across this quote by Mark Twain somewhere recently where he said, and I’m paraphrasing from memory, that if you don’t read the news you’re not informed and if you read the news you’re misinformed. In his book “Roughing it” he lampoons reporters and newspapers in his usual wickedly funny way. One gets the impression that the news media has always been a crock of shit. I also agree that the “left” is useless. Winston Churchill who was an evil bastard said something along the lines that if you’re not liberal in your youth you’re not human and if you don’t become conservative later in life you’re not an adult. The translation of becoming an adult would be that you approve of imperialism, murder and theft (state violence). Pretty much the same thing when assholes talk about honor. At any rate I think Churchill described today’s liberals. Growing up in the fifties and sixties I actually believed that being a liberal meant something, and naively believed that humanity was evolving into something better than mindless patriotism (patriot rhymes with idiot). Unfortunately today’s liberals have become Churchill’s “adults”. From hippies to yuppies has been a long and twisted road, and a disappointing one to say the least. If being left ever meant anything, which I doubt, I would say that the reason the left is useless is because there is no left.

    • RUKidding says:

      I believe we’re in the same age group. We were young and naive. Some of us truly tried, but at best, all we did was FLAIL and fail. There is nothing that could be called “left” in this country. I believe that there is a very small percentage of citizens who could be called true leftists, but our power is pretty much zero. There are citizens who think being “liberal” means something, and possibly at one point in time, it had some value. Nowadays it’s pointless. Whenever anyone attempts to defend the scurrilous dirt bag Clintons to me, I have to walk away.

      Sadly, a lot of citizens, who believe that they are better than Republicans, fall into this trap of supporting the Democratic party come hell or high water. The excuses I’ve heard about Obama and the Clintons are just pathetic, but it’s as impossible to awaken Democratic voters from their deep and propagandized slumbers as it is to awaken Tea Partiers from their deep and propagandized slumbers. Two sides of the same coin. All in for the perpetuation of the empire, which = inflicting pain, misery, torture, sickness, immiserating poverty, death and worse on innocents here and abroad. USA! USA! USA!

      • Tarzie says:

        The right wing rank and filer is far more woke than the average liberal. Wokeness on the right, being more inclined to incite fascism than anti-capitalism, is much more tolerable. Both the right and liberal wings of capitalism are graveyards for dissent. They bat for the same team, regardless of how their individual members see it.

  5. RUKidding says:

    I chucked out my tv about 10 years ago and listen sparingly to the radio – and what I do read and listen to is mainly to learn what the propagand du jour is. I have watched bits of Jon Stewart & maybe have seen a few bits of Tevor Noah. I never saw them anything more than court jesters. Less sure about Noah, but Stewart could be quite funny sometimes if one ignored the underlying intent of his shenanigans. I believe Stewart is some sort of scion of some type of richie-rich Wall St family, so, really, how anyone expects someone like that be some sort of “champion” of the masses is risable.

    Most US citizens are woefully lacking in any really knowledge or understanding about how the US govt really “works,” what’s really going on behind the curtain, and how incredibly propagandizing nearly every media outlet is. There’s only a tiny percentage of citizens who’ve managed to climb out of the matrix and made enough effort at self-education to at least have some insight to how things are really work in this failing, fading, falling apart at the seams empire.

    It’s good to see websites like Popaganda, which are doing a real service in attempting shake citizens awake and give them good information. The link to Richard Pryor is insightful. Do you think someone like Pryor would get significant air time these days? Would citizens even know about him? Who knows? Maybe there are others out there telling a similar message to what Pryor says, but how would we know?

    • Tarzie says:

      Do you think someone like Pryor would get significant air time these days? Would citizens even know about him? Who knows?

      No. Not “Who Knows.” The answer is no. Footage from 60s pop culture is fascinating because it reveals a system that still had pores through which dangerous ideas and people could creep in. Media consolidation no doubt had a lot to do with killing this, but I also think there has been a cultural shift in the ruling class. It’s less confident than it was then, and commensurately more repressive. I have no factual basis for this. It’s just a hunch. For whatever reason, the system is much more efficient at keeping people like Pryor on the margins.

      • RUKidding says:

        Well that is it. Stuff did happen in the 60s & 70s that you would never see now. Of course, you know that much of what’s going on now eminates from Nixon and his accolytes down through people like Dick Cheney, etc. Combine that with the media consolidation by the Oligarchs (including, but not limited to, Murdoch), and here we are. The elites, it’s posited, got scared with the various movements in the 60s and 70s because public opinion really was swayed, and a bigger portion of the population woke up to what was going on. I think, also, it had to do with being closer to JFK being assassinated by the CIA (or similar) bc more citizens were at least a tiny bit thinking that they couldn’t really trust the US govt. The CIA’s dirty wars in IndoChina also awakened some citizens that things weren’t all that peachy-keen, even though the propaganda at that time really pushed the narrative hard that the “gooks” were most definitely very inferior and unworthy, and so we shouldn’t care about murdering them by the score. They deserved it! Ugh.

        But with Nixon and his hench men, they vowed to fight this thing called enlightement, and that’s exactly what they’ve done with great success. A lot can be laid at the feet of the Family/Fellowship which is a propadanda tool utiling so-called “Christian churches” to spread propaganda via the “church.” This led to Xtian broadcasting, which is really putrid but effective. Back when Roe v. Wade happened, most churches (I don’t know about Roman Catholics) really didn’t have an opinion on abortion, and it was really no big deal. Witness where we’re at in 2016.

        And so forth. You get to issues like Occupy, which may have been stupid on some levels, but had some effectiveness. And what happened? So-called “Democratic” mayors across the country simultaneously spent tons of local tax dollars sending in expensive heavily militarized SWAT Teams to beat up and arrest Occupiers for doing….??? What? Pointing out the truth of what was going on.

        And yet, when Occupy happened most of my Demcratic voter friends and acquaintances were just as quick to lable Occupiers as lousy, lazy, worthless deadbeats too lazy to get a job and looking for a free handout. They were no different from any rightwinger I knew in that regard. And I hear the same crap about Black Lives Matter and issues surrounding the unconscionable murders of black men in this nation by the cops.

        And so on… ad nauseum. Oh the propaganda and other operations have been most effective, and very few remain who are truly “left.” The Democratic party began spitting on the working class and Unions beginning with Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton just kicked that up by 350%, and Obama, feckless worthless idiot, pretty much stood around doing nothing except kissing up to his Wall Street Masters.

        Home and hosed. Done & dusted. There may be comedians around these days like Richard Pryor, but they will certainly not get any national or local air time.

    • Rob Payne says:

      Interesting, I gave my TV away years ago like you. It wasn’t just the news media it was the programming as well. Propaganda is EVERYWHERE as in books, movies, the whole entertainment thing, and in this form it’s much more powerful than the news media ever was because it’s better at framing the lies. It’s not all intentional, though some of it is. It’s the constant repetition of lies like the military is full of heroes protecting Americans, or the CIA and FBI is protecting Americans, these murderers are HONORABLE and HEROES according to the entertainment industry. It’s fucking endless, all encompassing, we’re drowning in it. People don’t think about what they’re being fed, they just don’t question it. It’s disgusting. And when liberals defend Obama and ilk its partly that they aren’t aware but that’s just an excuse I think, and I suspect that they really do know that they are talking crap on some level, it must be making them uncomfortable in some small dark corner of their brain but they are too lazy to want to deal with it. They bury that little spark even deeper and go on their merry way. I think it has something to do with if they face up to what’s going on they might lose some of the stuff they own. They might have to get by with less and they like their stuff because it makes their life more comfortable, or so they believe. They don’t realize that when you own too much stuff it owns you because they’re too far gone. I think they just don’t give a damn about anything or anyone other than themselves but they want to keep up the pretense that they do.

      • RUKidding says:

        Yes, we are surrounded endlessly by propaganda. As you indicate, some may not even know that what they’re promoting is propaganda bc it’s just so commonplace and accepted narratives. People who stop watching tv usually are better at seeing what’s going on, although NPR is a really devious and effective propaganda tool of the Oligarchs, as well. I have had to disabuse many friends that listening to NPR is basically listening to bs propaganda that is in no way trustworthy. And most definitely the propaganda is evident even in some of their “entertainment” programs. I do listen to NPR but very sparingly.

        As for people not caring anymore? That’s really true. Well I’m still lucky enough to be in the mdidle class, and what I see are friends who are also mostly middle class. We’re all struggling to hang on the tattered remains of our “good lives.” So people are (rightfully) afraid of losing what little they have, and it might worse for those who lived beyond their means (when they had a real option not to do so) and are debt, etc.

        A lot of my friends and acquaintances have been brainwashed to feel very entitled to their cozy little lifestyles. Screw everyone else not as lucky as them; they’re probably lazy and unworthy and too bad. And while they like to pay some sort of homage to the poor, both here and abroad, and they love to think so highly of themselves that they really “care” about these people… they just don’t. Sure, they’ll toss some bucks towards the local soup kitchen, or they might even volunteer there sometimes (although my friends mostly wouldn’t be caught dead volunteering for human soup kitchens; they mostly only want to volunteer at animal shelters! Animal shelters have a place, but I’m continuously disgusted by how many people anymore place animals higher on their chain of values than humans; happens a lot; another effective brainwashing tool much like getting citizens not to care about murdering “gooks” in Indochina), but that’s about as far as it goes.

        They think if they vote for some murderer like Obama and Hillary, who have a “D” by their name, that they’ve done their duty, and then they come up with endless amounts of rationalizations why Obama and Hillary have been “forced” to do whatever evil awful thing it is that they’re doing/have done. I’ve given up even having such pathetic conversations with these people. Frankly, I’d rather hear the rightwing propaganda from my Tea Party relatives. They really don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves, and they pretty much make no bones about it. At least that’s more honest.

        Trump will be a horror show, but I’m not at all sad that the House of Bush/Clinton was defeated. Very very slim cold comfort, but ya gotta take your comforts where you can.

  6. Rob Payne says:

    “Frankly, I’d rather hear the rightwing propaganda from my Tea Party relatives. They really don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves, and they pretty much make no bones about it. At least that’s more honest.”

    The right is as confused as the left. Talking to one right wing acquaintance he told me that he had respected Bernie Sanders because Sanders admitted he was a communist. (ooh, a commie! Notice the insult mixed in with a supposed compliment). I told him Sanders wasn’t a commie rather he is a fake socialist and my acquaintance replied “same thing”. Where do you start with that? I’d have to write a book. He’s aware of a lot of stuff and sees the hypocrisy of the left, I’ll give him that much, but the baggage he carries with him from listening to his own brand of right wing ding-a-ling ding-dong propaganda (probably Rush Limbaugh) keeps him dumb as a door nail. Of course the left has their ding-dong propaganda in NPR. I tried listening to it once but I couldn’t stomach it. So many clever well educated liberals with scintillating conversation capabilities! Who wouldn’t be impressed by that? NPR only employs the most clever and witty people even if they couldn’t find their own ass with the help of three mirrors and a few friends. Regarding animals I admit that these days I prefer their company to most humans. At least animals are sane. And besides, I like animals. I also feel that if humans have one redeeming quality it is that some of them do things for the benefit of our fellow travelers, our animal cousins. Animals deserve the same respect and consideration humans do. I don’t like to see humans or animals suffer. That’s why I’ve become a vegetarian. I agree about the Tea Partiers. They are more honest about themselves than liberals are. But that wouldn’t take much.

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