An Open Letter to Jill Stein

Dear Dr. Stein:

Die, you ridiculous ass.



Stein NFZ Tweet

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21 Responses to An Open Letter to Jill Stein

  1. walterglass4 says:

    She’s playing the long game – utterly discredit herself on a national scale with the *purposefully* ridiculous recount effort, *then* discredit US intervention in Syria by lending the cause her now diminished imprimatur. Wow. Brilliant politics.

  2. RUKidding says:

    The only possibly “useful” thing that the recount in WI accomplished was highlighting that Trump actually got more, not less, votes. This highlights how baldly naked the present CIA attempt at coup d’etat here in our “homeland” is. So, eh? Maybe we can kinda-sorta (not really) “thank” Stein for that tidbit.

    I duly note that, unless I’m missing something, Stein didn’t really acknowledge the outcome of that vote re-count in favor of Trump. Instead, as noted, she does the loser’s pivot of pointing the proverbial bone at something else: HEY!! Look over THERE!!11!! Dastardly things!!11

    It’s a wonder Stein didn’t start spouting that the re-count in WI somehow proves that Putin himself personally hacked the vote machines in favor of Trump. A LOT of citizens would slavishly “believe” it. So why not say it?

    I guess Stein’ll enjoy a Holly Jolly Xmas with all of her new-found Gelt.

    • Tarzie says:

      The recount also exposed possible fraud in Wayne County, Michigan, which Clinton won.

      • RUKidding says:

        Do tell. I missed that, but color me unsurprised, esp given how Sanders was treated in the Primary, except all the slavish Clinton devotees will rush to chide you for ever daring to question the veracity of the (un)Democratic primaries which Hillary the Inevitable “won.”

  3. Hummus says:

    How uncouth, how uncivilized, you see this is the reason no one listens to you radicals. Your tone is atrocious. We don’t wish death on our enemies in the 21st century.

    *Conveniently forgets all “death to Trump” statements/actual dead people around the world courtesy of Hillary*

  4. Doug Colwell says:

    This really bothers me. If I lived in the US I would have voted for her. It is hard to imagine that she was placed in the party to wreck it, who would bother for 1% of the vote? That leaves the possibility of sheer stupidity. I suppose time will tell.

  5. Marina says:

    An independent Canadian journalist tells the truth about Aleppo Syria, exposing the corporate media’s lies

    The video lasts 10 minutes, and even if you know these things about Syria, watching Eva Bartlett destroy a smug Norwegian journalist makes it worthwhile:

    • 360nosnope says:

      …Seriously? You mean this person?

      It would be a very incompetent conspiracy of lies indeed if they ‘recycle’ victims repeatedly in different stories, yet failed to change the kid’s name.

      • Tarzie says:

        Seriously? Did you even read it?

        It only addresses one of Bartlet’s claims and then with the caveat, “It is unclear exactly who Bartlett is referring to…” It then goes on to quote the mainstream sources that Bartlett and others say are lying, consistent with how they do every time the US and NATO are angling for regime change. See Serbia. See Iraq. See Iraq again. See Libya.

        Notice they did not debunk her claim that the sources the mainstream media are quoting aren’t on the ground in Syria, nor her claim that the White Helmets were created and funded by the US and UK. Instead they likened her to David Icke. And, of course, we’re supposed to find it horrifying that she supports Assad and works for RT. Clearly she’s biased!!! Not like the disinterested corporate media! They come by their consistency with US foreign policy entirely objectively!

        The manufacture and duplicity of the White Helmets is documented extensively all over the web. Do your homework. Here’s Moon of Alabama on the staged images.

        Sneering with “seriously” and linking to blatantly disingenuous bullshit only works on conformist idiots and makes you look like a conformist idiot yourself, or someone paid to play one on the internet. Save it for your facebook pals, dipshit. The bar is higher here.

      • Russ says:

        The Snopes trolls are everywhere. Unfortunately, in my experience many people who are otherwise rational in how they reject the corporate media seem prone to take Snopes seriously even though it’s nothing but laundered corporate media. It seems that the pseudo-skeptic pose is still potent.

      • Tarzie says:

        the pseudo-skeptic pose is still potent.

        More than ever. The know-nothing knowing knower is the dominant rube now, serviced by an army of professional “skeptics” like Snopes and Greenwald to tell them what to not think.

  6. louisproyect says:

    How does a gay anarchist become a Putinite troll? That is like a Jew joining the Nazi party. Btw, this piece of shit Bartlett is a co-editor of Signs of the Times, a “newspaper” run by a bizarre cult whose figurehead has robbed her followers of hundreds of thousands of dollars. When you give credit to these vermin, you really show what drooling imbecile you are. You should finish high school before attempting to comment on Syria or anything else for that matter.

  7. Tarzie says:

    Louis, your drive-by ad homs are becoming the Good Housekeeping seal of good blogging. I wear your childish spew with pride.

    Your attack on Bartlett, like your typically unreadable blog post, is all guilt by association. Who are the moral paragons informing your infantile denunciations, dipshit? Do you Upper West Siders with sinecures at Columbia know what a fallacy is? I’ve yet to see anyone credibly dispute her claims about the White Helmets and the reliance of US media on operatives based outside of Syria.

    I comment very little on Syria, since my preoccupation is mostly fake lefts. I’d probably write about you if anyone gave a shit what you think, but you are unrivaled in how broadly unappealing you are. And no wonder. Look at how a little swipe at Jill Stein has made you apoplectic. Putinite troll? Had Stein called on Obama to help with anything of interest to humanity while invoking Samantha Power, I would have found it equally disgusting and ridiculous.

    It’s a wicked world and I have no heroes in public life. However, in my gay, very small-a anarchist priorities, Empire *not* getting its way is high on the list. But then, I think David Icke’s malevolent lizard theory of elites comes a lot closer to the truth in broad strokes than anything you’ve vomited up recently, you miserable fake.

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