Rethinking My Purpose


Say what you will about the last month and a half (you know, that post-electoral period of time where liberals suddenly woke up to the fact that fascism exists, then predictably made it all about them), but one thing it’s done for me personally is forced me to take a hard look at what my purpose as a leftist is.

I’ve spent most of my time in the last decade hung up on propaganda – here, on twitter, in real life political conversations, you name it. And ultimately, I can’t help but see it as 90% useless.

Now, before you jump down my throat, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be aware of propaganda – of course we should keep track of it.  Tactically it makes sense to try to understand empire’s motives, and it makes sense to try to use awareness of propaganda as a tool to wake people up.  But in…

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6 Responses to Rethinking My Purpose

  1. No soy yo says:

    Yeah whenever I spend a bunch of time online (like I have recently) I ask myself WTF I’m doing.

    It’s probably just an excuse for myself, but I can’t find anything in real life to get excited about: the left has been so hobbled. I never thought I was working for the non-profit industrial complex but I was, or the group I worked for later became part of it (before being destroyed), and since then I have mostly been in a very long pause. I feel like things that are more social service-y w/ a leftist bent (FnB like Roasty mentions) are the only things that make sense. We need so much more, so it’s disheartening, but at least those types of things can make a real difference in people’s lives in the short term. The tenant organizing Hummus does could be more militant, but still so local. I don’t really think block-by-block organizing has time anymore (other than making a difference now, like getting people’s heat turned on which is no small thing, it’s just not “revolution”), because of climate change.

    Or I think about having a vegan farm in South America, giving away food and at least checking out as much as possible if I’m not going to be actively fighting.

    I personally am very grateful for the Honeytrap, and found Roasty just in time for a few posts, and others (Chris Floyd, Arthur Silber, for example), but having access to more information and more ideas isn’t as a whole making us smarter, it’s making us dumber. Which of course is the point of screens.

    Anyway, good luck Roasty, and thanks for the reminder!

  2. Hummus says:

    “tenant organizing Hummus does”

    noooooo let’s not give me credit for anything because humility and selflessness and lack of ego are absolutely things we need to be sworn to, lest next thing you know I’ve got a fucking brand too and you see some MSNBC needledick interviewing me

    • No soy yo says:

      Don’t worry, I wasn’t saying that you’re my hero, Hummus…

      One thing I did appreciate about OWS was that there was both — you could read online or go a march or whatever or go to a march and while resting at home read Twitter. It was actually during that time that I joined Twitter just as a follower. (no need to jump in w/ critique/criticism of OWS, I know what they are and agree w/ some — just talking about the melding of real and virtual). Usually, though, people have limited time and it’s either/or, so people don’t necessarily live Tweet stuff in a way that’s more than just photos.

      But I’d like some of each. Now might be a good time to take a break from Social Media altogether if not all online stuff — FB is full of liberal crap re Trump and now this morning my Twitter feed is full of pro- Gary fucking Taubes. Low carb BS that is all in the name of anti-vegan pro-animal ag (even if folks in my Twitter feed think it’s all great health info & not political).

      • Tarzie says:

        FB is full of liberal crap re Trump and now this morning my Twitter feed is full of pro- Gary fucking Taubes

        Yeah, I saw that. And then you got subtweeted for “fat hatred.” The Left is insufferable. Burn it down with everything else. I can’t stand it anymore.

        Getting off the internet is definitely warranted. For one thing, it’s worse than it used to be. Twitter is all opportunists, operatives and cranks. There’s almost nothing else.

      • No soy yo says:

        “then you got subtweeted for “fat hatred.”

        Didn’t see that. I knew better than to get involved in the convo, sometimes I can’t help myself.

        And for a little while it was just like a FB convo though it got better then worse again.

        There are people who think it’s ableist to think obesity is a problem. I don’t actually understand it. Yes, some people shame the fat person and not the fat. I am not one not only because I have spent a good chunk of my life fat: I think being fat in this society with concentrated calories is the “normal,” adaptive response (The Pleasure Trap). We are programmed to seek out fat and sugar (and non-movement) because they’re relatively scarce, fat has lots of calories and natural sugar (fruit) comes with a bonus of antioxidants and especially vitamin C. Yes, I criticize low carb. authors for being fat, but that’s only because they’re making money allegedly telling people how to be thin.

        If I tell someone to wear a helmet to protect their head or a seatbelt etc., that is not in any way saying anything about people who already have brain damage. I don’t understand how promoting health is ableist, and it’s definitely giving a big FU to big ag, big medicine, big pharma. And, yes, there is a very small group of people who have disorders that mean they can’t be thin. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all be as healthy as we each can. And that number is so small, it’s almost like asking vegans if we’d eat meat on a deserted island. Everyone is so concerned about that fraction of 1% of people, and the Inuits who can’t grow plants and Gilligan, as soon as you mention veganism.

      • Tarzie says:

        It may have been lstwheel that got subtweeted. I thought y’all were being more civil than necessary, considering the meat saved my life proselytizing going on.

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