The Celebrity Left is Still the Enemy

Stupidity Tries

It seems the electoral spectacle of 2016 is never going to fucking end. This interminable state of affairs has long been dragging this country even deeper into a reactionary abyss, but since the Washington Post reported the CIA claim that Russia hacked the DNC/John’s Podesta’s emails to help Trump spoil Clinton’s coronation, the liberal meltdown has really reached a fever pitch. This video of Sorkin caricature Keith Olbermann channeling all this reactionary outrage into one of the most absurd rants I’ve seen all year is a pretty perfect illustration of the liberal transition to an open embrace of their latent fascism:


Since the initial story broke, the Post also reported the FBI has signed onto this assessment as well and NBC reported Putin…

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8 Responses to The Celebrity Left is Still the Enemy

  1. bholanath says:

    Just awesome. Thanks for reblogging this masterful piece. You da man! Also hilarious that you “explained” to commenter moron. You’re the go-to source for the best minds.

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  3. No soy yo says:

    She’s a liberal, not a celebrity leftist, but I noticed that Rebecca Solnit didn’t want to be out of the running in this year’s worst-article-of-the-year contest.

    A “more beautiful America.” Vile. I love how she mentions Cambodia, Chile, etc., without mentioning “less beautiful” America’s role. And the nauseating clip of Michelle?

    “In easy times, we grow slack; this will require us each to find our capacity for heroism. Some will, and my hope lies with them. Or us.”

    Another liberal who thinks that a fascist Trump came out of nowhere, out of “easy times.” Their problem with “Make America Great Again” isn’t that America was never great and must be destroyed, but they think it’s great now, like the sign the protester is holding: Have Courage, Save America, Stop Trump.” Barf.

    • diane says:

      oh lord it always horrifies me how the only female voices predominantly plastered all over the nooz, are the likes of Solnit’s:

      American people will stand up for ideals of humanity, from lawyers and tech workers to the Californian [US] senate

      Lawyers/Tech/and the California [Empire] Senators [Faux Boxer and Feinstein and those, $nakes, State Senators]; all three being main drivers of US Fascism (and yeah, apparently DIFI/BLUM hold secrets on everyone, I can’t wait to read that Dianne Feinstein actually accidentally shot and killed herself and her lethally (“white” gloved, ….. and white scarved by no ‘less’ than the well fed, forever grinning in all the misery, Dalai Lama™) predatory husband, with that monster pistol she carries in her evening bags.

      The only reason why Cali voted Blue™ was definately millions of GDP oppressed and poverty ridden who rightfully didn’t vote for any of the murderous, or those rightfully afraid of Trump (and they certainlly are not dumb™, after all they are still surviving on next to nothing), nothing at all to be proud of, since the California DOD Technocracy created the faux Trump option.

      FUCK ‘BECKY’

  4. diane says:

    off topic, yet not really at all, …. ‘at the end of the day’:

    Right after the airport shooting nice…
    1:46 PM – 7 Jan 2017

    which refers to:

    The Obamas threw an epic going-away party at the White House last night that ran until 5:00 a.m.:
    1:38 PM – 7 Jan 2017

    Given his ‘nationality’ and physical features, I’m at the point where I don’t doubt that it was possible the young, twenty some year old victimized, as war for Capital fodder, Puerto Rican American male was targeted by the DOD as a potential ISIS front man, which he’s on record as stating (and then ‘being [forcibly] treated for’), nearing a year ago.

    • diane says:

      (Slight correction: I misread, it was apparently November 2016 when he stated the ISIS targeting and was subsequently ‘treated’. Doesn’t change my thought though.)

    • Tarzie says:

      Good Whistleblower/Bad Whistleblower will live forever. So disgusting to watch Greenwald and Snowden re-aligning themselves now that her brand is hot again while creeps like this guy recapitulate their pernicious anti-Manning talking points. Snowden barely said anything about her since coming on Twitter until the commutation chatter started.

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