An Absolutely Clueless, Self-Adoring, Goofy Looking Asshole from San Francisco Tells Poor People How to Attract Capital and Assholes like her to The “Shitholes” Where They Live

Ok, with only ~8,000 Twitter followers, this woman is small potatoes, but her lecture to the poors — with its delicious blend of self-adoration, tone-deafness, class-unconsciousness, and, most importantly, infantile cluelessness about how capitalism actually works — is a masterpiece of unwitting self-satire of upper middle class liberalism in 2017. It would merit placement in a time capsule had she included a conspiracy theory about Russia and a shout out to the CIA. That she’s from San Francisco, where a once thriving Black community has shrunk by more than 50% since the 70s, and income inequality is among the highest in the nation, would be overkill if the joke were intentional.

Over two thousand faves. Of course. Enjoy! (h/t @gbelljnr).



Translation: I’m a conformist shithead that’s been shamed by high-status people into a perfunctory show of regret.



I love this woman. She’s perfect in her way.


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32 Responses to An Absolutely Clueless, Self-Adoring, Goofy Looking Asshole from San Francisco Tells Poor People How to Attract Capital and Assholes like her to The “Shitholes” Where They Live

  1. No soy yo says:

    “I can pick up the phone and talk to insiders at every major social media and marketing platform to get instant advice for your business. I’ve hand picked and trained a team of experts, all located in the United States and native English speakers, to execute the work you need, fast.”

  2. Rob Payne says:

    When I was buying some groceries yesterday the checker commented on the high price of food and told me that prices would rise even higher because of an increase in the minimum wage. I politely told her that “I’m sure they’d like you to believe that” and she asked me who profited from a higher minimum wage and I told her that the people who only earned a minimum wage (duh) would profit from it, and she didn’t like that one bit. Still, I felt sorry for her as I doubt she earned much as a checker and I see her as a victim of propaganda, the kind of propaganda that makes people stupid. Now it’s true that one of the highest costs of running a corporation is employees and of course that’s why there’s been an exodus of good paying jobs to places like China (no, I don’t blame the Chinese) after “Blow Job” Bill signed NAFTA into being, but there’s probably plenty of reasons why the cost of everything is getting higher other than minimum wages which has been stagnant for some time. Logically if wages have remained stagnant and the cost of produce rises steadily there has to be other reasons, like perhaps the super rich are just getting more greedy (Clintons). But upper middle class liberals like Melinda here listen to NPR while eating cheese and drinking expensive bottles of wine and they believe the crap they hear. In fact they’ll defend it till their dying breath. But mostly they’ll just refuse to talk about anything if you challenge them with facts or logic. Their favorite line is “I don’t want to talk about it.” Upper middle class assholes love to tell others how to live their life yet their own stupidity is their biggest blind spot. But you know I’ve felt for some time that stupidity is everywhere on all levels (indeed I feel stupid most of the time) and maybe that’s the nature of reality, all is stupid, maybe we just live in a stupid universe.

  3. gbelljnr says:

    You couldn’t pack the clichés in that tight if you set out to write it as satire. It really is a work of brilliant economy. Only a true pioneer, arduously mining the rich lived truth of oblivious bourgeois liberal shitstainery, could have produced it.

    • Tarzie says:

      Yes. Between seeing it the first time and uploading it to the blog I was struck by how short it is. I thought it was longer because it is so chockful of liberal douchebag goodness. The trademark liberal mix of vanity, paternalism and childish non-comprehension is at full strength.

      Liberals are the dumbest people in US politics. Even the Trump riff raff get globalization.

  4. gbelljnr says:

    I guarantee many of us would like to live a more rural lifestyle, or at least a less urban one, but we won’t sacrifice tolerance or diversity in order to do so.

    God’s gift to the working class.

    • gbelljnr says:

      There is such a rich texture of chauvinism. In this sentence alone there is:

      -commodifying living situation with “lifestyle”
      -parsing formerly industrial communities in the Midwest as “rural”
      -implying shared disgust for certain (which?) aspects of city life in “less urban”
      -invoking a collective “we” for moral authority
      -phrasing her preferences as an ultimatum
      -the presumption anyone would want her or anyone like her as a neighbour
      -the blind presumption of self-worth that entails

      • Tarzie says:

        the presumption anyone would want her or anyone like her as a neighbour

        Yeah, when she phrased it in terms of attracting “people like us,” I laughed. Liberals think their extraordinary intellectual and moral superiority is obvious to everyone. That she is being so particularly horrible makes it adorable.

        I found myself wondering what she meant by “less urban.”

      • No soy yo says:

        Since “less urban” and “moral rural” aren’t synonymous for her, I have a feeling “less urban” means fewer people who aren’t native English speakers. If she boasts about not hiring any non-native speakers, she probably doesn’t want to live near them.

        While, of course, she claims that poor people (or anyone who can’t afford to, or doesn’t wish to, live in coastal cities) are the racist, anti-immigrant ones.

  5. Dan Donohue says:


    Did you see/ hear Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes? Thought about you and the line em up and shoot em celebrity left. Left a curdling in my stomach watching.

    • Tarzie says:

      I have not seen it. It came up in my YouTube Recommends and I deliberately avoided it. I saw “tearful” and “Trump” and thought, no. The masochist in me will undoubtedly get around to it.

      This is mass derangement.

  6. So Far Right says:

    @no soy you

    I don’t think she harbors any racial animus towards non native English speakers. Her company appears to be an online content mill/search engine optimization bucket shop of that plagues the Web nowadays. When non natives generate the content it’s painfully obvious.


    It wasn’t until we, the Trump ian Right, started getting reamed by globalization that we figured it out. You on the left figured it out way before us.

    • No soy yo says:

      Their main job is marketing. They also do technical stuff and things like SEO. I didn’t see anything that had to do with actually creating content. Analyzing content is different.

      She describes, “Whether it’s digging into your Google Analytics code to fix a problem, creating a dashboard that actually helps your business, or thinking big picture about how to expand your markets and creatively drive acquisition” none of which sounds like it requires a native speaker or to brag that she only hires native speakers living in the US.

      • No soy yo says:

        Sorry for double-post. Also, “urban” has always been code for non-white, and so it is interesting that she makes it clear she doesn’t necessarily mean “more rural,” but means “less urban.” Someone who is railing on entire cities and states and regions for being racist shouldn’t use racist codes whatever her meaning.

      • Tarzie says:

        Yeah, that’s always how I’ve read “urban.” Of course, it can mean all kinds of things — crowds, traffic, smog — but it’s a stupid choice for her purposes.

    • Tarzie says:

      You on the left figured it out way before us.

      Yeah, that’s true. I was thinking post-Clinton liberals, mostly. I guess they get it too, some of the time, but it behooves them to forget when they’re blaming the post-industrial poor or forgiving NAFTA. It’s clearly not a defining issue for them as it is now on the right.

  7. Michael says:

    She should appoint herself to Russian TV as the resident mad liberal idiot. But the way she gives away all weak points of attack makes it hard to be angry about what she is saying and I would regret to have sent her abroad, where the real world is crushing everybody. No, keep her where she is in that kind of zoo it seems.

  8. diane says:

    Yup, no one wants to live in a racist/and or misogynist shithole with stupid people (Jesus, she really does need to spend some time on historic census demographics for Cali Blue!™ San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Silicon Valley).

    That – along with the utter lack of civilian representation by the historically presiding Demorats, police brutality; classism; ageism, and unbridled: 24/7 Di$ruption™ of lives; arrogance; hubris; greed and rentier theft – is why those with the destinations and resources to do so are leaving the valley and surrounding areas in droves. Many just end up homeless, in gut wrenching housing accidents (the Ghost Ship Warehouse), or attempting suicide by increasingly suicide patrolled and barricaded: Golden Gate Bridge; highway overpasses; BART (Rapid Transit); Caltrain (17 or more ‘successful’ attempts in 2015, on the 47 mile stretch between Santa Clara and San Francisco; or deadly addictions.

    Utterly disgusting.

    • diane says:

      oh, and I forgot this priceless bit: Call Center Jawbs, really? That will certainly save those already educated and soon to be homeless, when the average rent for a one bedroom apartment is $2,500 and up.

      When big corporations think about where to put call centers, factors [factories? – diane], development centers [hmmm, as in? – diane], etc. …

      I hate this woman, especially since she’s female and should know better.

      • So Far Right says:

        She has no idea of how business decisions are made and zero knowledge of business history. Call centers were never located in San Francisco or any other big city. They were located in the low cost flyover country that she hates. Now they’ve been moved to India, the Phillipines and Colombia to save some pennies. They’re not moving back if Phoenix subsidizes fiber Internet.

        Off topic: hey look, Code Pink is back.

      • Tarzie says:

        She’s a liberal so she gets to make shit up as she goes along. It’s a perk of being a member of the smartest, most virtuous political class.

        hey look, Code Pink is back.

        How could they not be with so many Psy Ops afoot?

      • diane says:

        … Code Pink is Back

        Pleeease, I still can’t stifle my outrage at Melinda, let alone adding more fuel.

    • Tarzie says:

      Yeah. It would have been ridiculous no matter what coastal mecca she lived in, but San Francisco makes her smug obliviousness surreal.

      • diane says:

        yep, smug and deadly to the psyche of those millions victimized, living in either the rust belt, or Sly Con Valley area. A well known Attribute™ of utterly lethal and Blue [Red]™ Sly Con Valley.

      • Tarzie says:

        I’m sure she has no idea why there are so few Black people in San Francisco and cares even less. That’s what’s so disgusting about these people: vanity as a by-product of not knowing anything.

  9. diane says:

    Here are some more San Francisco gentrification links, in a series of comments, Melinda might want to educate herself with, if she cared to.

    01/16/15 Today the Fillmore went dark! – Open letter to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors by Fred Jordan, San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce

    One year ago, the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce threatened to establish a national tourism boycott of San Francisco for activities that represented an insidious exclusion of African Americans from the economy of this city. One obvious result of this gentrification, discrimination in jobs and contracts and a general lack of resources allotted to the Black community has been the decrease of the Black population from 18 percent to less than 6 percent.

  10. diane says:

    02/25/15 Whither Black San Francisco: A Story in Pictures By Amy Alexander

    Growing up in San Francisco, I never felt out of place or otherwise special for being a black native. That isn’t the case any longer. As I’ve walked through the city of my birth over the past couple of decades, I’ve seen fewer residents and workers who look like me.

    This is not just anecdotal. Between 1990 and 2010 San Francisco’s African-American population decreased by more than 35 percent, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. Today, the black population is less than 6 percent of the city’s total population of more than 805,000. By contrast, in 1970 blacks comprised 13.4 percent of the total population of almost 716,000 San Franciscans.

  11. diane says:

    04/09/15 As Tech Giants Push For Diversity, Blacks And Latinos Are Fleeing Once-Diverse San Francisco By Salvador Rodriguez

    Latinos, meanwhile, have seen similar losses in San Francisco’s Mission District, a historically Hispanic neighborhood that has recently become an attractive hub for young tech workers. In 2000, more than 30,000 Latinos lived there, making up 50 percent of the Mission’s population, but in 2013, that number fell to 21,893, or 38.5 percent of the neighborhood’s total population, said a study by the Mission Economic Development Agency and the Council of Community Housing Organizations.

  12. diane says:

    This meaty piece speaks to the gentrification of the Bay Area in general, which has a long history of racist policies on where Blacks could live:

    04/07/14 Pushed away from the Bay – Michael Chase provides the background for understanding the large out-migration of African Americans from San Francisco and other cities of the Bay Area. By Michael Chase

    Former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom‘s [he’s now Lieutenant Governor of California – diane] African American Out-Migration Task Force was charged with finding remedies for the long-term rise of unemployment and decline in the city’s Black population. Its efforts came to naught. In fact, Newsom presided over a period of real estate redevelopment that increased Black migration from San Francisco. African Americans are at present 6 percent of the city’s total population–yet they are 56 percent of inmates in San Francisco jails.


    The experience of the city of East Palo Alto is an instructive one. It is located in San Mateo County, on the edge of the high-tech corridor that stretches from San Jose, north toward San Francisco.

    During the 1960s, East Palo Alto [which neighbors Zuckerfuck’s Facefiend – diane] was a majority Black city–community leaders once considered renaming it Nairobi after the Kenyan city, in honor of its residents’ roots in Africa. But East Palo Alto’s African American population suffered the same fate as those in San Francisco and Oakland–the city of around 25,000 people was economic depressed in the 1990s.

    From that decade to the present, there has been a sharp decline in the Black population, which today accounts for less than 17 percent. Real estate redevelopment, rising rental costs and lack of employment are the major causes.

    In the new century, East Palo Alto has been partially remade. Major retail outlets such as Ikea and Home Depot provide low-wage jobs for the most part. As part of the redevelopment process, around one-quarter of the city was bulldozed–including a section known as “Whiskey Gulch” that was home to Black-owned businesses. Now a Four Seasons luxury hotel occupies this space.


    WHAT HAS happened in East Palo Alto is reflected in the experience of African Americans in San Francisco, only on a bigger scale and over a longer period of time.

    By the 1930s, the Western Addition neighborhood, better known as the Fillmore, was already a Black cultural center. Because of an increase in redlining, Blacks remained concentrated in certain areas of the city, to become the victims of different real estate trends. The Fillmore, once known as the “Harlem of the West,” would succumb to redevelopment in the 1950s.

    Many of the Fillmore’s residents moved to Bayview Hunters Point, in the southeast section of San Francisco, to be near the Hunters Point Shipyard. But the most recent trends have hit hard there.


    West Oakland in particular has attracted young white singles and families. Condominiums and renovated Victorians abound–the gentrified neighborhood barely resembles the center of African American culture it once was, let alone the birthplace of the Black Panther Party. Meanwhile, “Oakland’s Uptown district…benefited from artist-related activities,” analyst Darren Smith told the Chronicle, “but only took off after an infusion of middle-class and upper-middle-class housing units that brought in more affluent consumers.
    The consequence of this, of course, is the displacement of large numbers of working-class residents. As of the end of 2012, rent in an Oakland apartment complex with 50 or more units averaged $1,825 a month–a reflection of an overall jump in average rental prices of 19 percent in a single year.


  13. diane says:

    Don’t care for the horrid Public Media Org!™ mambsy pambsy title, as only an utterly self-absorbed dimwit would be surprised if they’ve been living and working in the Caifornia Bay Area, but there are some very good visuals at this link:

    11/18/16 Mapping Bay Area’s Resegregation: What You See May Surprise You By Devin Katayama

    As Bay Area cities scramble to find housing solutions to prevent displacement, a new report warns that the region is resegregating by race and class.

    Urban Habitat, a nonprofit located in Oakland that focuses on equity issues, released a report [pdf file] this week that takes a closer look at where the demographic shifts are happening within the nine-county Bay Area, as well as Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties.

    “The most dramatic increases in poverty, from a regional scale, are actually happening in suburbs and cities outside of the traditional regional center,” said Tony Samara, the Oakland-based group’s program director for land use and housing.

    Between 2000 and 2014, more people have become renters, commutes have become longer and poverty in most Bay Area cities has increased, the report says.

    The report contrasts with the older American narrative of white flight and concentrated affluence in the suburbs and is meant to stimulate a regional conversation about the impact of gentrification, displacement and policy.

  14. diane says:

    I can’t recollect whether Melinda used the culture word (her Twitter feed is now private, oops!), though she did imply it, and how dare her. Everyone who make positive, life enhancing – intangible and tangible – contributions to a Bay Area Culture are being unrelentingly made transient (or being subjected to dangerous, sometimes deadly, living conditions), many in their elder years:

    01/06/17 Berkeley’s beloved homegrown artist Mildred Howard priced out By Sam Whiting

    Half a century ago, artist Mildred Howard was given a warning by Mable Howard, a well-known South Berkeley community organizer and activist.

    “My mother said, ‘Watch. These people who are running away [from Blacks in ‘mixed’ neighborhoods – diane] from us are going to get sick of commuting and come back, buy up this property and you won’t be able to live here,’” Mildred Howard remembers her mother saying.

    Howard, who is 71, has been thinking about that lately as she packs up her live/work studio off Adeline Street, around the corner from where she grew up.
    A doubling of her rent is forcing out Berkeley’s beloved homegrown artist, a woman so revered she was honored by a city proclamation five years ago. Unable to find anything affordable, she is leaving the city where she attended public schools, up through Berkeley High, class of 1963, on her way to a career as a sculptor and public artist.

    “So much for having March 29 as Mildred Howard Day,” she says, a few days before Christmas, as she sits at her desk boxing up glassware. “I really thought I would be in the People’s Republic of Berkeley all my life.”

    via Jenya Cassidy

  15. higharka says:

    If only there were some way to wed your kind of sociocultural awareness with the nationalists’ kind of genetic awareness. They don’t understand what you understand, and you don’t understand what they understand, so they’re busy worrying about gays and Christ, and you’re busy pretending genes and evolution have no effects on human behavior. If only you could combine your respective knowledge and eliminate your respective blind spots, we might actually be able to stop the bankers.

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