‘Nobody Wants Venezuelan Oil’

Sassy’s back.

100 Flamingos

Just as people scoffed at the very idea of war for oil as Bush’s death machine revved to demolish Iraq, today the same conceit now rules in the discussion of Venezuela, where the United States is focusing its efforts on finally uprooting and death-squadding a genuine socialist movement.

The US has absolutely no interest in securing democracy or freedom in Venezuela or anywhere else. This comically transparent lie is aimed at the armies of TV news-consuming mental defectives. One only need take one minute to see that the likes of Elliott Abrams is in charge of “restoring democracy” — yes, the same one who oversaw the butchering of hundreds of thousands of peasants and revolutionaries across Central America, not to mention involvement in the short-lived 2002 coup against Hugo Chávez.

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t require that much background, but just in case: In the aftermath of the…

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7 Responses to ‘Nobody Wants Venezuelan Oil’

  1. Greg says:

    Sassy!! and Tarzie!! Suddenly this winter ain’t quite so bad after all! You must drop in more often!

  2. Tarzie says:

    Ah, you’re sweet. But only Sassy’s really back. He’s got more in the works apparently, so stay tuned.

  3. John Puma says:

    The following link is the current executive order, of an apparent flurry (referenced within), regarding Venezuela. Link follows: EO-2019

    I’d suggest it/they are similar to the executive order 13303 of the Cheney-Bush administration regarding Iraq. Linked at an “unconventional” site here>
    The conclusion therein is that the EO of 2005 granted immunity to oil corporations for any and all of their activities in US-controlled Iraq.

    I have not read all the Venezuelan EO’s but will assume, until proven otherwise, that they are essentially a repeat of the Iraq version and certainly “inspired,” if not actually written, by Bolton

    Arendt’s banality of evil appears to have devolved into the superficial legality & civility of moral monstrosity. See moral monsters

  4. bholanath says:

    Tarzie, really missing your singularly exceptional voice, brother. But confident you are keeping yourself well. So grateful for your presence in our world.

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