What Strange Corruption

This is how you call out fascist scum.

100 Flamingos

The Racist Venezuelan Bourgeoisie’s Accusations Against Chavistas Are Pure Projection

Social media truly is the great democratizer. Where else can Twitter trolls and bot armies create a web of baseless rumors that make their way into the empire’s leading publications? For example:

“Maduro is a murdering criminal starving Venezuelan children while he loots the country like Chavez did. When supposed socialist Chavez died the richest Venezuelan in the world was his daughter w billions. Same w Maduro. Looting Venezuelan wealth. Giving it to himself & Cuba!” (source)

So much to unpack, but this is a template used throughout social media in various forms. Make unsourced allegations of mass murder, purposeful starvation (especially of The Children), corruption, and looting. This is a more sophisticated version (really!) in which Chávez is separated from socialism with the word “supposed,” meant to give the accuser some leverage on the left. You…

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7 Responses to What Strange Corruption

  1. Philippe Forest says:

    very much miss reading your take on things, tarzie. hope you be well.

  2. Man, the shit is really going down now. Troops in Europe. Borders closing. Big lies. Big show; they have that shit down like a motherfucker! And the marginalized that were marginalized have yet again been marginalized. Sure is lonely. There should be a hotline. “I wish to speak to someone who is awake, please.”

  3. Bot Nabq says:

    I see it’s been a while since you posted here, but I thought you might be interested to know you got a shoutout re Glenn Greenwald criticism from some left-liberal types after Greenwald’s “Tucker Carlson is a socialist” episode

    (Start video at 1:15)

    • Tarzie says:

      Ha. Thanks for the heads up. As usual, I was characterized wrong. The monetizing was more Pando’s beef than mine. This whole Greenwald thing going on now is so stupid. Greenwald’s actually less of a reactionary than he was when the same people cancelling him now spent every day on Twitter fighting for purchase on his nutsack. It’s so cute how social climbing conformists really believe its principle that makes them do what they do. At least GG’s a vegan and a vocal animal advocate now which has tempered my own famous dislike.

      Anyway, thanks again for thinking to let me know. It was kind of you.

      • Bot Nabq says:

        I feel the same way. I’ve been torn on all the Greenwald drama in recent years because most of the stuff people complain about him for nowadays are the areas he’s actually somewhat reasonable (eg Russiagate, intel skepticism, etc). The Carlson comment was admittedly ridiculous though.

        Belated thank you for maintaining this blog back in the day. Sharpest place on the web.

      • Tarzie says:

        Yeah, the comment on Carlson, Bannon et al was stupid. However, only slightly moreso than applying the s-word to Sanders and The Squad. I’ve noticed the emergence of a political subclass on social media of nominal Marxists, adjacent to the Dirtbag Left, who reject right and left in favor of working class vs bourgeoisie. They’re often accused of flirting with the right. I know Greenwald has been on a few of their podcasts so I think he’s pilfering from them and dumbing it down at the same time. Greenwald is a political magpie. The Madonna of leftoid punditry.

        Thanks for your kind words about the blog. Now that I’ve found other, more satisfying interests, I kinda regret all the time I spent on the internet left. If I were going to do it over, I’d still write but I’d spend far less time in social media. That people found what I did here valuable takes some of the edge off my regret.

        I’m likely to start writing again at some point but it will be different than what I became known for.

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