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Good Whistleblower/Bad Whistleblower

Chris Hedges, writing in TruthDig, has raised an issue that will be familiar to my regular readers: It is argued that Snowden, in exposing the National Security Agency’s global spying operation, judiciously and carefully leaked his information through the media, … Continue reading

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Confronting Edward Snowden’s Remarks on Bradley Manning

Note: This is the first piece I wrote regarding what became a recurring motif in the Snowden Spectacle, which I call Good Whistleblower/Bad Whistleblower.  There are links to other posts about the same topic listed in the topmost update below. I … Continue reading

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The Tarzie Snowden Reader

Though early notices suggest it may come and go very quickly, Oliver Stone’s Snowden will nonetheless generate renewed interest in its title character. As one of an extremely small number of writers that criticize Snowden from the left, I feel a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on The Intercept’s new Leak Policy

While box office receipts for Oliver Stone’s upcoming biopic may prove me wrong, Greenwald and Snowden no longer matter, however hard they try.  By my reckoning, the only people who are still interested is a smattering of careerists and spooks in … Continue reading

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Assad, Putin and…Iceland???

The Panama Papers “leak” is blatantly a propaganda op, with ties to soft imperialism’s usual suspects — Open Society, USAID, the Ford Foundation etc — and leading off with the most crude attacks on Putin and Assad. It’s so blatant … Continue reading

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