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Usefully Dumb and Usefully Dumber: Naomi Klein and Glenn Greenwald

I can’t think of anyone more qualified to hold forth on the Proper Way to Oppose The Ruling Class than wealthy clerks who work for oligarchs. So we who agonize over how to end capitalism while respecting the privacy rights … Continue reading

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Greenwald on Chomsky and Staying In the Mainstream Without Compromise

I’m nowadays content to leave the Snowwald cult to their increasingly bizarre yet indefatigably dull devices except when something unusual or particularly illustrative comes up. Such a thing did come up on a recent episode of Blogging Heads where Robert Wright and Greenwald discussed … Continue reading

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Citizenfour’s Astonishing Revelation: Greenwald is a “useless” “careerist” “boob”

From Rich Jones, on the Cypherpunks mailing list: The main revelation of [Citizenfour], however, is what an incredible boob Glenn Greenwald is. I had some idea of this after seeing him give an extremely disappointing talk earlier this year, but I don’t think … Continue reading

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Greenwald’s Free Speech Absolutism and Twitter’s Foley Ban

Sometimes I’m glad that Glenn Greenwald won’t heed my calls to just shut up and count the money, because, as the living embodiment of everything philistine and dishonest about the celebrity left, he is endlessly educational. Today’s lesson: the bogusness and stupidity of … Continue reading

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Do Glenn Greenwald And His Fans Really Care More Than You?

In his zeal to embody everything execrable in contemporary leftish discourse, Glenn Greenwald has newly metamorphosed into The Rich White Guy Playing A Self-Serving Race Card. Greenwald and his roving crew of asskissers and disciplinarians are very concerned about the way the … Continue reading

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