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Creepy! @mtaibbi Foretold His Departure from First Look!

A lot of people were shocked when Matt Taibbi left First Look a few weeks back, but on my way to calculating how much the world’s 126th richest person had spent on The Racket before Alex Pareene gave Greenwald’s nutsack its 1,897,456th public tongue bath (salaries + rent … Continue reading

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The Absorption of Matt Taibbi by First Look

As most of my readers probably know, Rolling Stone reporter, Matt Taibbi is the latest trophy taken in Pierre Omidyar’s conquest of the fashionably leftish. He is the first of Omidyar’s First Look employees that I actually read for pleasure, … Continue reading

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Matt Taibbi on Thomas Friedman

Today on Twitter, Glenn Greenwald tweeted: Tom Friedman has long been the single most ridiculous figure in our political culture, and nobody will ever catch him. . . Which provoked me to hunt down this classic quote that I recalled … Continue reading

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Chelsea Manning Is *Not* On Twitter

Contrary to much jubilation today, Chelsea Manning is not on Twitter. Her PR Agency is. There’s a difference! The official story is that she’s dictating tweets over the phone to a representative. Even if entirely true, which I doubt, a … Continue reading

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Another Rat Leaves The Bad Ship Omidyar

Veteran alternative media reporter Ken Silverstein has joined the exodus of staffers from Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media, resigning after just fourteen months. “[I guess you could say I was a complete moron with dollar signs in his eyes]”,  he … Continue reading

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