Bilious,  herbivorous, non-denominational communist. I’m much nicer than that probably sounds, but not always.

I write mostly political stuff here, focused primarily on intellectual policing, obstructionism, and propaganda at the margins by public liberals and lefts.

For more details, see The Rancid Honeytrap FAQ.

25 Responses to About

  1. Will says:

    Please follow me on twitter ♥ your fan VendettaStudies

  2. diane says:

    Thanks for the voice, if you and your sweety are ever out in the Sly Con Valley cess pool and feel comfortable noting it, would love to get together for a bleak tour of the area – especially the Federally Funded GoogleNasaThielCMUAIKurzweilSingularityMoffetMilitary Plex and the world record, still active concentration of Super Fund sites – followed up by high sarcasm and getting thoroughly toasted.

  3. I like your writing and thinking, though I don’t generally agree, you do make thought provoking points (well, a few here and there). I’ve bookmarked your blog and will become a regular (cause I like to be regular) during my Sunday browsefest. You give me pause to consider. Thank you.

  4. Henry Larsen says:


  5. Xavier Onassis says:

    Oh, bullshit. You do not have the best dog that ever lived. I do. Let’s fight.
    Nah, chuck that. Let’s don’t fight, and say we did.
    My dog wanted to send your dog a message, so he went to the newspaper office to place a personal ad. The clerk took down his words: “woof woof woof woof woof, woof woof, woof woof.” Then he said to my dog “okay, that’s nine woofs, but we charge by the 10 words, so you can add one more woof for no extra charge.”

    And my dog said “But then it wouldn’t make any sense.”


    ask yor husband if it’s ok with him if MissusComprehensivePerspective has a little crush on yor brawny brain, um k?

    and btw, my wordpress name is pronounced ‘Save yer own asses’.

    Howdy, Partner.

      • Xavier Onassis says:

        Well, at least now i know i do have a working wordpress account. Until a week ago when i contacted you above, I didn’t even remember that I did. But it looks like i should figure out how to change my old screen name, as there are scads of XO’s out there who are not me and they hold views i in no way share (so if anybody searches the name, it wasn’t me who wrote it unless the terms wealthpower giants, fairpay justice, and unlimited personal fortunes appear). Anyways, Tarzie, I’m wanting to share a couple of things i have written with you, if you’re interested in reading what I boldly assert is extremely valuable to you. if you find yourself so inclined, you can reach me at payjustice at fastmail dot fm – and i’ll mail you the intro piece to the world’s only no-downside plan for global peace, safety, maximal freedom and happiness

        be well

      • Xavier Onassis says:

        Oops. I had thought there might be a meeting of minds when I first read through your disqus posting history after coming across you at CF’s house. Now I realize that I completely mis-perceived you, Sir. I’ve made a mistake in coming here. Please remove my posts – and please accept my apologies for having bothered you. Thank you if you will erase the small traces of me from your site. Please know I still wish you and yours good health and happiness.

  6. debianwheezy says:

    Hi I enjoyed reading, about Greenwald i have been following the NSA shit. I totally agree with you on Manning and never noticed that until you pointed it out as for some of the other stuff. Im a computer geek any security person looking at those documents should have no problem figuring out what they say.

    1) Do they have direct access YES since one of the slides posted at first look clearly shows a direct access Google panel
    2) how can programers get around the NSA, Snowden himself has given this info many times encryption works, if what you are doing is not encrypted they are reading it- that simple
    3) If you are using Windows or Apple products, they are spying on you, it has been pointed out many places. Microsoft left un patched back doors for NSA
    4)name brand store bought encrytion products are back doored
    They can track you and trace you if you go from NY and then end up in Germany, your PC has a foot print they can see. This is why you see TAILS being used it creates a random foot print everytime you boot it.
    5) NSA has comprimised the SSL Certs
    For anyone that needs tech info about what they can do google or youtuube Jacob Applebaum or follow him on twitter @ioerror
    I will provide links to info if people are to lazy to use google
    Thanks Again
    The American

  7. Hi, I’m visiting your blog for the first time (via a link posted on CounterPunch). I’m really impressed with your commentary on Gary Webb and Philip Agee – the only posts I’ve read so far. Clearly you appreciate that the depth of the rot in the U.S. spying-and-lying industry is much greater than what is being widely reported. I have an archive of published news reports about domestic counterintelligence activities that might be of interest to you. It is a subject about which I have some first-hand knowledge. You can find it at http://FightGangStalking.com

    I would greatly appreciate any comments you might have about the site. Thank you.

  8. Xelcho says:


    I want to thank you, as you are one of the very few who are actually employing skepticism against the left spin machine. Since reading your blog and recalibrating my skepticism filter I have found that the censors from the intercept, naked capitalism, alternet.org, Rolling Stone, neweconomicperspectives.org and many others do not care for a thorough investigation and answering natural questions that spring from what they write. On many occasions my comments are up voted dramatically only to be removed shortly thereafter as they may embarrass the author or make uncomfortable inquiries. It would seem that critical thinking is too uncomfortable and logical conclusions are a step to far.

    So I would like to ask you what sources of information do you find the most accurate?



    • Tarzie says:

      I don’t really think that’s analogous. It’s a simple show of solidarity. And besides my issue is the dishonest shit-stirring and homophobia. I don’t do appropriation callouts, and even if he’s a hypocrite, it’s small by comparison to everything else.

  9. diane says:

    caught your back and forth with “Umfeld” and found it interesting that Umfeld seems totally unaware that Levine, and Ames, have bewilderingly shilled for some Silicon Valley Demorats (Mike Honda, for just one example) who have been presiding over Silicon Valley – for decades – while absolutely profiting off of, and licking the asses of those same “Libertarians”: Gates, Ellison, Page, Brin, Bezos, Thiel, Musk, Zuckerberg, etcetera, from day one.

    I mean, for fucks sake, Pando is quite the Techno Libertarian/Techno Capitalist/Free Marketz Rag, always has been; though now days, it’s a bit more subtle.

    Valleywag, despite focker Denton, produced far more CURRENT (versus retropsective) condeming commentary (though they still licked Libertarian ass, As Denton, just like Sarah Lacy, is clearly quite the Libertarian), of Libertarian Monsters, than Pando ever has.

    • Tarzie says:

      umfuld is a very confused person

      • diane says:

        that seems so, and don’t mean to pick on him but I’m rather mind boggled by the whole, underneath it all, DemoRat support, certainly including Sanders..

    • diane says:

      I guarantee Umsfeld – if I felt safe in sharing my experiences desperately calling Sly Con Valley, DemoRat, Federal Congress Monsters’ “Interns” regarding crucial, life saving issues, only to be not only blown off, but to be stunningly insulted, and one time threatened, while wasting hours of my life to do so – he/she would have a hard time defending those DemoRats which Levine and Ames bewilderingly shill for.

      Then again, I don’t think Levine and Ames lived in those specific Districts – if they have, clearly not as I have as a single female – and certainly not as long I have, three decades.

      Much to my shame, I previously voted for near all of those DemoRats, never again,; I only vote on “petitions” now.

  10. The Kidd says:

    Hey I wanted tell you that your perspective has taught me so much. I could read your writing all day. While reading your posts, I constantly find myself wishing you’d elborate more on a particular idea you only touched on briefly; I find myself wondering what process you went through or what books, articles, or stats YOU read that made you so sure of your analyses. I still haven’t found the words to describe the impact you have had on the way I view the world. Or how cathartic it was to find bullet proof critiques of the liberal class that betrayed my younger 22 year old self with seemingly no where else to go. That shit mattered.

    I would love to read your analysis on racism and why black urban and southern communities are still in shambles as well as your views on why capitalism is inherently corrupt. Only requests. I know you’re busy. As I said, I really appreciate your perspective. Thank you for giving it. And I seriously hope you do not stop. It’s too important.

    • Tarzie says:

      Thanks. I really appreciate when people reach out and tell me they found this blog useful. It’s a thoughtful thing to do.

      I don’t really think I could pinpoint any indispensable influences apart from my family, which is what I think made all the difference. Both the dynamics of my family and my parents political and intellectual inclinations had me looking at power and authority with a very skeptical eye from an early age. I supplemented that with reading, but it was the usual lefty stuff that doesn’t take everyone to the same place. My guess is that when you read here, stuff that you mostly know already is just congealing into something you can describe and recognize. Having gotten to this point, I don’t think there is any risk of going backwards.

      Power is really quite easy to understand, which is why there is so much time, money and effort devoted to complicating it. Once you realize that you’ve been lied to constantly, practically from the day you were born, thinking gets a lot easier. When you get to grips with what power is and who has it, a lot of things just logically fall into place.

      I tend to be a bit of a magpie where reading is concerned, with no single writer being The One. Off the top of my head, I recommend being a regular reader of the Black Agenda Report and checking out Michael Parenti. I say a lot of mean things about Chomsky, but Manufacturing Consent is pretty helpful. Chomsky (and co-author Ed Herman) simply erred in neglecting to apply their critique to themselves. Most of Chomsky’s other writing is worthless. Boring handwringing on topics covered much better by people like Parenti. William Blum’s Killing Hope is good. Howard Zinn’s People’s History is also worth reading.

      Reading about the intelligence apparatus is a good way to get an idea of what the Ruling Class is really up to and the lengths they go to. I strongly recommend Whiteout by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair. `Philip Agee is good too.

      I’m sure I’ve been influenced by Marx and Lenin, but mostly by osmosis through Marxist Leninist writers, rather than the source material itself. My learning style goes better with applied theory as opposed to theory in mostly abstract form.

  11. Sam Husseini says:

    Sam Husseini here. Thought of you with Trump floating idea of pardoning Snowden. Hope you’re well. Always interested in your thoughts.

    • Tarzie says:

      Sorry just saw this. I haven’t considered this at all. I’ve been scrupulously avoiding politics for the past several months. Just about every sect in the US disgusts me at this point. As for Snowden, whenever he’s in the public eye, there are shenanigans afoot. I have nothing to offer besides that.

      I enjoyed your piece on Covid and the Unherd interview you did alongside it. Lately I am especially appreciative of people like you who require evidence for shit they believe. I am only just noticing how rare that is.

      Anyway, thanks for dropping by and the kind words.

  12. Roderic Day says:

    Hey! I wonder if I could get permission to re-post “White Supremacy and Magic Paper” on a new site that collects my favourite pieces of writing in a standardized, archive-friendly format. Also, if I have time, I will translate it into Spanish. I would link back to the original, of course.

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