What’s Happening To Jim?

Via our pal, BLKDGRD, something visual for a change, from Honeytrap friend davidly.

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Professor Tarzie If You’re Nasty

Sheesh, the people they publish in academic journals these days. Like yours truly, for instance!

Yes, it’s true. The high-faluters who run the American Journal of Economics and Sociology have included me in a special issue dedicated to the CIA and Hollywood. How appropriate, too, given that I am the world’s leading expert on the film career of Edward Snowden, the Adrienne Barbeau of cliche-riddled, CIA-anointed spy movies and real-time facsimiles.

Finally, someone has given Snowden his due and that someone is me! No mere whistleblower, he, I argue, but rather, a movie star in the tradition of Gene Hackman and Will Smith, if you put aside the amateurishness of his performance and his utter lack of a single interesting quality.

More specifically, I situate the Snowden Affair in relation to Enemy of the State, the 1998 Tony Scott NSA thriller, which, like Snowden, had a great deal of assistance from the CIA and which disclosed a strikingly similar message: There’s no place to hide.  You can’t do shit about it. Spying is nonetheless necessary and good. On the way there I say unkind but much deserved things about this over-exposed, dishonest mediocrity; his cheesy, vulgar publicists; his unutterably stupid fans; and the unbearably shitty films Laura Poitras and Oliver Stone have made on his and the security state’s behalf. I also go 11,000 words without saying fuck even once.

A sample:

In light of Greenwald’s candid placement of the Snowden Affair in the entertainment world, it’s fitting that the whistleblower anointed a filmmaker, Laura Poitras, to be among the few custodians of his leaks. In addition to practically assuring at least one feature film about him would be made, Poitras offered a brand built on her own run-ins with the security state. A year and two months before Greenwald met Snowden in Hong Kong, he wrote a lengthy article about Poitras’s allegedly numerous detainments at airports by Homeland Security officials, ostensibly because of films she had made about the War on Terror. Because of this harassment, Poitras is reportedly a “digital exile” in Berlin, returning to the United States only when the extremely necessary work of collecting Pulitzers and Oscars needs doing (Cadwalladr 2014).

As dissident artists hounded by state authorities go, Poitras seems unusually well-connected to the people and institutions that could make a crucial phone call on her behalf. Her parents are multimillionaires who, in 2007, donated $20 million to MIT (Jennings 2007). She is a recipient of MacArthur Foundation and Ford Foundation grants. Her patrons include Pierre Omidyar—who funds The Intercept, an online newsmagazine Poitras co-cofounded with Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill—and Jeffrey Skoll, whose Participant Media produced Citizenfour. Omidyar and Skoll seem particularly odd partners in fighting state power, given that they both have very close relationships with USAID (2012a, 2012b, 2014), which for decades has been linked to the CIA as a front for covert operations (Ames 2014a). The Omidyar Network has been linked to both the Maidan uprising in Ukraine and the ascent of ultra-nationalist Narendra Modi in India (Ames 2014b, 2014c). Skoll’s Participant Media produced Charlie Wilson’s War, a film that enjoyed official assistance from the CIA (Alford and Graham 2008). Spy Culture’s Tom Secker placed it among “the most overt and obvious propaganda efforts” he had ever studied (Redmond and Secker 2015).

If Poitras’s ultra-connected patrons wanted a film in which Snowden’s secrets and the agency he stole them from hardly feature at all, then they got their money’s worth…

I regret that reading me this time around isn’t free, but surely the resourcefully cheap among you can get around that. I’ve already been paid, so it ain’t shit to me. Many thanks to Porkins Policy Radio‘s Pearce Redmond and Spy Culture‘s Tom Secker, who invited me to contribute and who have also written excellent pieces for the issue.

The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, March 2017



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LOL at The Macho Left

You fucking idiots haven’t got a clue, have you?

I can’t be bothered to waste words on how stupid everyone is.  Keep it up. Communism is only a few macho LIBERAL spectacles away. Looking forward to your no-platforming a single imperialist or corporate parasite in a spectacularly idiotic way. When’s that gonna happen, by the way?

PS: this means I love milo, and nazis and that I’m a liberal, not that clueless, antfucking juvenile adults addicted to violent television doing PR for reactionaries and begging to be played by the security state disgust me.

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Arthur Silber Needs Support

It is my very sad responsibility to report that sickness and fear are this month’s themes. I’m still very sick, and I’ve finally concluded that I should probably be in the hospital, at least briefly. The overwhelming fatigue and weakness that won’t go away (plus a number of other symptoms I’ll spare you here) would seem to require some medical intervention. So I’ll call 911, but probably not until next week, because…

Read the rest on Arthur’s site and help out if you can.

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Denver Cop Resists Magic Document’s Awesome Power

Among the most entertaining features of USian protest movements fads are the videos of protestors explaining The Constitution to cops. Invariably the protestors are flummoxed that state employees holding a veritable monopoly on extreme violence seem either unaware of, or fearlessly unimpressed with The Super Dooper Document’s magical power to keep them in check. The protestors in a recent video making the rounds have actually brought copies to the protest, perhaps to wield defensively if things get rough, the way one uses a crucifix against a vampire.

The cops in these rituals are usually silent, letting the young ‘uns blather to themselves from the cozy confines of the pen they’ve been caged in about the one thing they seem to have learned in school. But the officer in this video offers a novel twist by engaging to explain that the First Amendment protects only a certain kind of speech. The kind that requires a permit.

Oh har har, how stupid!!! But of course he’s right. If he’d said the First Amendment only protects vowels, or  “All Lives Matter” or the phrase, “I’m a conformist dipshit with laughably incoherent politics”  he’d be right about that too. That’s because, for the duration of the protest at the very least, the First Amendment protects whatever the fuck Officer Lopez and his colleagues say it protects. This should be entirely obvious to anyone with common sense, and certainly to anyone even casually familiar with any part of movement history, but USian protestors prove again and again that they are among the dumbest, most tactically and politically ignorant people on earth.

It’s not really their fault. They’re victims of Free Speech Doctrine, a brainwashing program which they suffer first in school and then later as wielded by admired public figures, which leaves them entirely unable to comprehend how power actually works, as well as deeply confused on what is and is not compatible with principled anti-fascism. This affliction needn’t be permanent, and for those who suffer from it, I wrote this. In honor of Officer Lopez, and those whom he has confused, upset or left overcome by feelings of liberal intellectual superiority, I’ll quote what I wrote about cops in that piece:

…in practical terms, the arbiters of civil liberties are less the courts than the cops. They can issue the permits or not. They can block streets or not. They can pepper spray protestors or not. The Bill of Rights, if it matters at all, frequently applies retroactively. It’s very nice that a lot of the The Occupy protestors who were pepper-sprayed, beaten, sexually molested and jailed won court judgments in their favor, but it didn’t do anything to revive the movement the brutality intended to crush or relieve the chilling effect the protestors experience might have on their political expression in future. The cops will do it all over again when social conditions require it and cities will pay the court costs and legal settlements with public money budgeted for that very purpose.

We see this at work in Ferguson, Missouri when, after a cop murdered Mike Brown, police fought protests with curfews, sound cannons, mass arrests, brutality, and the harassment and incarceration of journalists. It’s great that the ACLU and so many media liberals wring their hands over the First and Fourteenth Amendment violations — and there may be some successful lawsuits, too —  but in the absence of any political leverage to radically change conditions on the ground, and the absence of recognizing the need for such leverage, all the outrage is just vanity, fundraising and brand-building. It’s also toxically disinformative to the extent it depicts not-really-unusual police conduct as some horribly new “constitutional crisis” that can be resolved with Member alerts, opinion columns and court briefs.

This explains why cops vigilantly protect Nazi and KKK marches from assaults by counter-protestors, but routinely beat up leftists, in keeping with the state’s historical bias toward fascism and against radicalism generally. We’re headed toward one of those periods when this disparity is particularly profound. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.  Read the rest if you haven’t already.


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#J20: What Is The Point?

Aggregated below is a tweet storm by Phil Greaves today which I offer for discussion. This should not be construed as me coming out as a Marxist-Leninist. I don’t classify myself as anything but an anti-capitalist anti-imperialist vegan anymore, and Greaves calls me variously an “ancap weasel” and a “petty booj” LOL.  However I ratify any intelligent discussion of strategies and tactics and Greaves says a lot of smart things.

Among the things the absolute worst people of the internet ‘Left’ are most insistently resistant to, is any serious critique of protest politics or the motives and affiliations of the “leaders” that spontaneously emerge during the periodic upticks in this kind of activity. This resistance is all the cause one needs to regard these assholes with extreme suspicion at the very least and a strong indication of how necessary is intelligent discussion of what we do, why, and for/with whom.


The inauguration is the spectacular self-celebration of the spectacle, please save me from any commentary/hot takes/pointless chatter. YAWN. If your protests are being even implicitly supported by the BBC, CNN etc you should seriously make it a priority to seek out leaders & aims.

Advice for those unaffiliated, whose genuine anger is more than understandable & a good thing, even if belated &/or ideologically skewed: Little point in any individual just turning up to “the streets” without at least the nucleus of an organised leadership to work with. Why “to the streets”? What are the leaders immediate & long term aims? How are these aims commensurate with the needs of the working class? More importantly, how do these proposed aims of said leadership relate to the current situation & the ‘mood’ of the wider working classes? In the core, with the apparent increase in well-publicised protests & civil ‘events’ that often seem to perform a marketed pressure valve…..another question dying to be asked is of such ‘events’ is: where are all the workers over the age of 30??

There can’t be any general rules ofc, but as general as one can be wrt core ‘protests’, 2003 showed us that numbers are largely irrelevant. In that there can be ‘millions in the streets’ but without a concrete plan, & disciplined, organised leadership, they wont achieve anything. Masses will be where they will be, yet despite an ‘organic’, disparate and/or ‘spontaneous’ appearance, there are always leaders among them. (Even amongst the so-called ‘anarchists’ there are definite leaders, though they’d never admit that to their fine individual selves). Half the trouble with bourgeois subversion of working class dissent is that bourgeois leaders hide themselves amongst ‘spontaneous’ masses.

If like us you want leaders willing to wage war against & overthrow the ruling class then make sure they’re knowledgeable in the art of war. As it seems (often hidden) leaders in the core habitually exhaust & demoralize potential armies before they have even found formation. An army minus a general staff is already defeated, an individual protester without a Marxist-Leninist leader is a lamb to the opportunists.  As individuals & collectives we must keep in mind the imperialists consciously employ revolutionary methods for counter-revolutionary ends.



For laughs.

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New Republic Moron Jeet Heer Has A Plan to Fix the Democrats!

Yes, these people really do believe we’re on the brink of fascism. You can tell by how very serious they are.

Democrats Should Run a Celebrity for President, Too

Cool how the managerial class understands the problem is how to best package ruling class poison as opposed to giving people material reasons for voting. As if the real problem with the thoroughly corrupt, Wall Street-owned, racist, war-monger Clinton was her lack of charisma. That the New Republic senior editor credits Ronald Reagan’s success to celebrity is a measure of how deep the stupid goes. I won’t belabor it.

Of course, the best liberal self-satire is in their extremely important Twitter strategizing sessions and this one doesn’t disappoint, as Jeet and pals consider various celebrity savior possibilities.



We should be grateful, really. These people are merely dirt on the Democratic Party’s grave. An ever-tightening circle jerk of irrelevant nitwits. Burn down “The Left.” All of it.

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