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Snowden and The Place Where No One Would Look

Hey yinz, have you heard the NEVER-BEFORE-TOLD, LIKE-SOMETHING-FROM-A-SPY-NOVEL, FEATURED-IN-AN-UPCOMING-FILM story of how Snowden hid out in the slums of Hong Kong at the start of his amazing truth-telling journey? It goes like this: As Snowden made his way from Hong Kong to … Continue reading

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While You Gloat About Snowden, The FBI is Watching You

You know, I hate to rain on the little “courage is contagious” Snowden parade currently marching through the internet in all its idiotic, chest-beating glory, but unfortunately the Associated Press doesn’t share my reluctance. Today it reported that: The FBI is … Continue reading

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Snowden Lays an Egg, a Statue Grows in Brooklyn and Manning Wins a Round

Seems like Snowden and his colleagues have been upstaging Chelsea Manning since the very first day he arrived on the scene. In June, 2013, Manning’s court martial had only just begun when boom, the first Snowden stories were published the same week, followed … Continue reading

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Another Snowden News Story. Another Lesson in Proper Whistleblowing.

Among the many things I have grown to detest about the Snowden Leaks spectacle is that for every heavily redacted page that’s been revealed — a meager ~300 pages in five months according to — we rubes seem to get … Continue reading

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Dr. Rosen and The Snowden Effect

Jay Rosen is a professor of Journalism at NYU with a fairly large following, who, like most left media critics, never critiques establishment liberal/left media, and whose anodyne media analysis perpetuates myths about press freedom in the guise of critiquing … Continue reading

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