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Seymour Hersh is badazzzzzzzzzzz

I will admit to a knee-jerk skepticism when it comes to widely revered white dudes, a class of people I almost never like outside of pop culture, so it follows that where a shocking number of others see a bold, life-long … Continue reading

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Greenwald on Chomsky and Staying In the Mainstream Without Compromise

I’m nowadays content to leave the Snowwald cult to their increasingly bizarre yet indefatigably dull devices except when something unusual or particularly illustrative comes up. Such a thing did come up on a recent episode of Blogging Heads where Robert Wright and Greenwald discussed … Continue reading

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White Supremacy and Magic Paper 3/7: Magic Paper Theory

The usefully infantilizing role models of the left like free speech absolutist Noam Chomsky conjure a U.S. that has made huge strides since the bad old days of overt and often murderous state repression. While admonishing leftists for “paranoia about concentration camps,” the world’s most … Continue reading

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White Supremacy and Magic Paper

White Supremacy is having a good month: On March 5, the ACLU put its weight behind Pro Football Inc’s fight to keep its Washington Redskins trademark.  A few days later, legal scholars from the right and permissible left along with The … Continue reading

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The Celebrity Left Wars

I think most lefty types who can still stomach Twitter would agree there is a trend toward increasingly bitter feuds over what some of us on one side call the Celebrity Left, though to call them feuds is somewhat imprecise. A … Continue reading

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