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Professor Tarzie If You’re Nasty

Sheesh, the people they publish in academic journals these days. Like yours truly, for instance! Yes, it’s true. The high-faluters who run the American Journal of Economics and Sociology have included me in a special issue dedicated to the CIA … Continue reading

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With or Without Section 215, Mass Surveillance of Cell Phones is Pervasive

Snowden’s piece in the The New York Times yesterday is a fitting epilog to the vulgar, cynical performance of democracy we have just been subjected to these past few days, wherein Congress and the commentariat rechristened The Patriot Act as The Freedom Act and … Continue reading

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If It Isn’t Anti-Capitalist, It’s Astroturf

I ratify everything Lorenzo has written in this post, which by way of examining Daily Show alum John Oliver’s Last Week, superbly lays out the problems of ostensibly “left” media celebrities and their confused fans. Just about everything Lorenzo has written about Oliver … Continue reading

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Greenwald on Chomsky and Staying In the Mainstream Without Compromise

I’m nowadays content to leave the Snowwald cult to their increasingly bizarre yet indefatigably dull devices except when something unusual or particularly illustrative comes up. Such a thing did come up on a recent episode of Blogging Heads where Robert Wright and Greenwald discussed … Continue reading

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Cornel West’s Impermissible Opinions

So the smear campaign against Cornel West continues apace, and still far too many people — including people I like and respect —  are talking about envy, grudges and ambition, Michael Dyson’s motives etc. This is a minimizing, individualizing approach to what seems like a … Continue reading

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