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Chelsea Manning Is *Not* On Twitter

Contrary to much jubilation today, Chelsea Manning is not on Twitter. Her PR Agency is. There’s a difference! The official story is that she’s dictating tweets over the phone to a representative. Even if entirely true, which I doubt, a … Continue reading

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Misremembering Gary Webb

[This piece has been substantially updated since it was first posted] I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked that eighteen years after Dark Alliance was published, the release of a film about investigative journalist Gary Webb would inspire a new round of smears. Nevertheless, I … Continue reading

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The Celebrity Left Wars

I think most lefty types who can still stomach Twitter would agree there is a trend toward increasingly bitter feuds over what some of us on one side call the Celebrity Left, though to call them feuds is somewhat imprecise. A … Continue reading

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Omidyar’s First Look Introduces The Intercept

The Intercept, the first of First Look’s many intended specialty magazines debuted today. It mostly sucks, but not in such an interesting way that one need belabor the details. However, since this is the debut issue, I’m going to pass … Continue reading

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Good Whistleblower/Bad Whistleblower

Chris Hedges, writing in TruthDig, has raised an issue that will be familiar to my regular readers: It is argued that Snowden, in exposing the National Security Agency’s global spying operation, judiciously and carefully leaked his information through the media, … Continue reading

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