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Cartoon Friday: Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf, in honor of the #munkdebate

Twitter suggests there's a debate being broadcast between a major asshole, a major grifter, and a major war criminal. Meh. — BLCKDGRD (@BLCKDGRD) May 3, 2014 So as I post, this debate in Toronto is already fifty minutes underwazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Of … Continue reading

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The Friends of Glenn

UPDATE for stupid people: The post below does not hold Glenn Greenwald personally responsible for all the many individual acts of debate-stopping bullshit committed daily in his honor on the internet. It simply says that these many individual acts of … Continue reading

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Good Whistleblower/Bad Whistleblower

Chris Hedges, writing in TruthDig, has raised an issue that will be familiar to my regular readers: It is argued that Snowden, in exposing the National Security Agency’s global spying operation, judiciously and carefully leaked his information through the media, … Continue reading

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In Conclusion

Though one could write a book about the Snowden meta-narrative, pretty sure the anarchists carrying water for a microfinance billionaire right now are the last Snowden Effect I care to contemplate. A lot of people, perhaps most, will be glad … Continue reading

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No, Pierre Omidyar Does Not Want To Topple The Government

The social darwinism of the commentariat is such that the most clueless tend also to be the fittest. Therefore, it should be no surprise that as the embargo finally lifts on questioning the overwhelming social good of an alliance between … Continue reading

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