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Glenn Greenwald Still Covering for Omidyar on PayPal

I truly promise to stop blogging about Greenwald when he stops writing my blog posts for me or when lefts, media critics and transparency advocates start holding him to the same standard to which they hold everyone else. In this … Continue reading

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Another Snowden News Story. Another Lesson in Proper Whistleblowing.

Among the many things I have grown to detest about the Snowden Leaks spectacle is that for every heavily redacted page that’s been revealed — a meagerĀ ~300 pages in five months according to — we rubes seem to get … Continue reading

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A Harbinger of Journalism Saved

The NSA Leaks spectacle continues through the Looking Glass of remaking compliance and profiteering as glamorously dangerous defiance, on its way to becoming the Obama ’08 of mass surveillance reform. It continually vindicates everything I write on this blog, while … Continue reading

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Viva The New Journalism

Some asshole who works for an establishment newspaper with a right-wing editor pronounced the death of Establishment Journalism. To which I reply: Viva the new journalism of Alan Rusbridger, dutiful smasher of computers on government orders and sender of David … Continue reading

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A Heat Vampire in Search of a Movie Deal

One benefit of monopolizing state secrets is that if someone criticizes you because they believe you are acting in a way that is inimical to the interests of all the billions of people those state secrets affect, it is very … Continue reading

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