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In Conclusion

Though one could write a book about the Snowden meta-narrative, pretty sure the anarchists carrying water for a microfinance billionaire right now are the last Snowden Effect I care to contemplate. A lot of people, perhaps most, will be glad … Continue reading

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No, Pierre Omidyar Does Not Want To Topple The Government

The social darwinism of the commentariat is such that the most clueless tend also to be the fittest. Therefore, it should be no surprise that as the embargo finally lifts on questioning the overwhelming social good of an alliance between … Continue reading

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For Laughs: Omidyar Media Advisor Jay Rosen in His Own Words

On news last night that NYU Journalism Professor and ‘media critic’ Jay Rosen was the latest pick up for the Omidyar/Greenwald News thingy, ‘left’ journalisty Twitter erupted in the usual orgy of sycophancy that lately so characterizes this whole affair. … Continue reading

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Mass Surveillance and No NSA. It Happens!

As my readers must know, one of my many problems with The Snowden Leak Keepers is the extent to which they largely reduce a gigantic surveillance problem involving 16 government agencies, hundreds of contract companies,  a gang of corporate co-conspirators, … Continue reading

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Fuck These Google Guys

So there was this recent ‘bombshell’ about how the NSA has hacked Google and Yahoo, giving it an (allegedly) unauthorized ‘back door’ to these companies’ customer data to supplement the FISA-warranted front door they have via PRISM. Does this tell us … Continue reading

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