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Here’s @DavidGraeber politely entertaining idea of CIA connection to Foucault

David Graeber sneered again today at speculation that he’s a CIA plant, based on his ambiguous support for military interventions in Libya and Syria, and his strange alliance with Freedom House troll Sarah Kendzior and career militarist Josh Foust in their red-baiting smear … Continue reading

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Citizenfour’s Astonishing Revelation: Greenwald is a “useless” “careerist” “boob”

From Rich Jones, on the Cypherpunks mailing list: The main revelation of [Citizenfour], however, is what an incredible boob Glenn Greenwald is. I had some idea of this after seeing him give an extremely disappointing talk earlier this year, but I don’t think … Continue reading

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Misremembering Gary Webb

[This piece has been substantially updated since it was first posted] I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked that eighteen years after Dark Alliance was published, the release of a film about investigative journalist Gary Webb would inspire a new round of smears. Nevertheless, I … Continue reading

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The Intercept’s Ryan Devereaux is No Gary Webb

Were it not something of a flop in the readership department, The Intercept might well be the U.S. ruling class’s highest achievement in propaganda. As the offspring of the Snowden whistleblowing event, it is forever identified with resistance to state authority, … Continue reading

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