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The Friends of Glenn

UPDATE for stupid people: The post below does not hold Glenn Greenwald personally responsible for all the many individual acts of debate-stopping bullshit committed daily in his honor on the internet. It simply says that these many individual acts of … Continue reading

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The Absorption of Matt Taibbi by First Look

As most of my readers probably know, Rolling Stone reporter, Matt Taibbi is the latest trophy taken in Pierre Omidyar’s conquest of the fashionably leftish. He is the first of Omidyar’s First Look employees that I actually read for pleasure, … Continue reading

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Arthur Silber Needs Your Support

Power of Narrative blogger Arthur Silber is in pretty dire straits on all fronts. He is having financial and medical difficulties and his computer is crapping out. His morale is in decline as well. You can donate to Arthur via … Continue reading

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Omidyar’s First Look Introduces The Intercept

The Intercept, the first of First Look’s many intended specialty magazines debuted today. It mostly sucks, but not in such an interesting way that one need belabor the details. However, since this is the debut issue, I’m going to pass … Continue reading

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