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Michael Moore’s Lies of Omission @MMFlint #OWS

Following the state of Georgia’s execution of Troy Davis, self-appointed OWS media spokesperson Michael Moore issued the following statement: “I encourage everyone I know to never travel to Georgia, never buy anything made in Georgia, to never do business in … Continue reading

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This Occupation is Its Own Demand

Provoked by great comments on my last post from folks from other towns, I went poking around online at sites for different cities and came across this on the homepage of  Occupy Oakland: To the Politicians and the 1%: This … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street: Some observations and concerns #OWS

After three visits to Zucotti Park, one of which included participation in the General Assembly, a lot of live-stream watching and online engagement with adherents, my feelings about Occupy Wall Street remain somewhat mixed, though not so mixed that I … Continue reading

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