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Meat is For Assholes

“Chicken nuggets are my family” joked a “leftist” on Twitter in between very truly sincere, deeply important and useful hours and hours of handwringing over US imperialism. Of course chicken nuggets have everything to do with imperialism, and even fucking Thomas … Continue reading

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If It Quacks Like a Fascist…

Below, from Twitter, the excellent @gbelljnr on why what is charitably known as “irony” on what is charitably known as “the left” is not meaningfully different from its fascist antecedent. Only social climbing bullies and would be bullies countenance this shit. … Continue reading

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And The Ruling Class Trembled

Yesterday a billionaire’s clerk updated his brand started a circle jerk joined a movement of truly revolutionary proportions. I, for one, welcome the consolidation of previously separate pseudo-left factions into the DSA (Democrats of Something Awful).  It’s clarifying and hopefully helps clueless fucks … Continue reading

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What’s Happening To Jim?

Via our pal, BLKDGRD, something visual for a change, from Honeytrap friend davidly.

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Professor Tarzie If You’re Nasty

Sheesh, the people they publish in academic journals these days. Like yours truly, for instance! Yes, it’s true. The high-faluters who run the American Journal of Economics and Sociology have included me in a special issue dedicated to the CIA … Continue reading

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LOL at The Macho Left

You fucking idiots haven’t got a clue, have you? I can’t be bothered to waste words on how stupid everyone is.  Keep it up. Communism is only a few macho LIBERAL spectacles away. Looking forward to your no-platforming a single imperialist or … Continue reading

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Arthur Silber Needs Support

It is my very sad responsibility to report that sickness and fear are this month’s themes. I’m still very sick, and I’ve finally concluded that I should probably be in the hospital, at least briefly. The overwhelming fatigue and weakness … Continue reading

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