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What Strange Corruption

Originally posted on 100 Flamingos:
The Racist Venezuelan Bourgeoisie’s Accusations Against Chavistas Are Pure Projection Social media truly is the great democratizer. Where else can Twitter trolls and bot armies create a web of baseless rumors that make their way into…

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‘Nobody Wants Venezuelan Oil’

Originally posted on 100 Flamingos:
Just as people scoffed at the very idea of war for oil as Bush’s death machine revved to demolish Iraq, today the same conceit now rules in the discussion of Venezuela, where the United States is…

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Michael Parenti: Reflection on The Overthrow of Communism

Since putting work into this blog laboriously explaining pseudo-dissidence mostly makes me manna for trolls, intellectual parasites and plagiarists, I am free of all temptation to weigh in at length on Chelsea Manning’s rebirth as a 14-year-old fashion icon and … Continue reading

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Better Than Nothing: California @ACLU Chapters Break Ranks With Chickenshit Ass-Covering Statement

Since the ruling class will always periodically need paramilitary style fascist groupings, it surely won’t permit Charlottesville to be the death knell of First Amendment Absolutism, which is its main instrument for legitimizing fascism as a discourse and facilitating fascist … Continue reading

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Boycott the @ACLU

As the resignation of an ACLU Virginia board member attests, the horrific violence in Charlottesville has provoked long-overdue tactical thinking on defending the First Amendment rights of people who want to kill you. Charlottesville put the ACLU in the hot … Continue reading

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