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Joe Catron Vs. The Gay White Bogeyman

The past few days have been truly bizarre in the depressing extent to which the Supreme Court inspired people to incoherently and stupidly bemoan queer failings and betrayals and to grossly overstate the negative impact of same sex marriage. This … Continue reading

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How Joe Catron Celebrated The Supreme Court’s Same Sex Marriage Decision

Here in all its glory, is the full shrine the asshole Joe Catron built to himself out of the RTs of his “No, gay white people. Just no” tweet. The full story is here. Subsequent exchanges Catron had separately with Glenn Greenwald … Continue reading

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Joe Catron, An Asshole, Leads Left Twitter in Pissing on Wedding Cake

Today as soon as I heard about the Supreme Court Same Sex marriage decision, I tweeted this: It’s become an unvarying tradition on Left Twitter that any advance for same sex marriage elicit a deluge of oh-so-correct complaints about how oppressive … Continue reading

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Meet The New Police Reform Bosses

This is a little Celebrity Left thing I call distributed co-opting: Fearless and adversarial critic of Eric Holder and state power says: Great passionate coverer of police abuse & race says: Here are some other things King has said: I respect … Continue reading

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Frosted Flakes: Heather Number One *Doesn’t* Attend Left Forum

What’s your damage, Left Forum? Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast??? Amber Frost thinks she knows the answer, and recently shared her findings with the world via “Flakes Alive”  in The Baffler. Mind you, she didn’t attend this year’s Left Forum … Continue reading

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